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Issue dated November 1989.

Chicago staff welcome VP.

Zachary Clark, Vice President, Passenger International, made a trip to Chicago and met with local staff.

Seen in the photo are (from left to right): Dick Griffith, Public Relations Consultant; Pat Moore, Load Services Manager; Ron Waters, Manager - Chicago; Art Thrun, Senior Account Executive; Zack Clark; Al Zeller, Airport Manager; Janice Rowe, Sales Representative; Jim Arrigo, Sales Manager, Cleveland; Mike Podrasky, Sales Representative and Ernie Konstas, Sales Manager - Minneapolis.

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Purchasing picks ping-pong.

Purchasing & Supply (Dorval) employees looking for a challenge during Fitness Week were able to join in a ping-pong tournament organized by Carole Lowe and Lois Pickford.

The participants are pictured here after the awards ceremonies.

They are (back row. left 10 right): Ken Green, Mike Legault, Bob Monks (Men's Champion and overall winner); Kay Lajoie (Women's Champion); Bernie Lapointe, Gail Cawson and Ingrid Young.

In the front row (same order) are: Bob Doret, John Dickie and Bernie Gillies.

tmb 550 purchasing picks ping pong

Issue dated December 1989.

Clark visits San Francisco staff.

Zack Clark. Vice President. Passenger - International, paid a visit to San Francisco.

Highlights of his busy schedule included a get-together with sales staff' to review results for 1989, which year-to-date reflect a positive 30 per cent increase in revenue over the same period last year, a luncheon meeting with eight of Air Canada's top revenue producing travel agents, a tour of the cargo facility and meeting with airport customer service staff.

In the photo, Zack Clark is shown (centre) with (back row. left to right): Jim Gould, Susan Grohulski, Neville Fong, Lynn Gosney, Michele Stevens, Joyce Jercinovic. Steve Gabel, Mike Garzouzi and John Rimel.

Standing in front are (same order): Flavia Caroselli, Martina Wong, Joe Ross, Zack Clark, Jessica Victoria, Sharon Lysek, Angie Peet and Ahmet Eracar.

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Issue dated January 1990.

40 Year Club membership reaches 200.

For the new members of the 40 Year Club, 1949 was a very memorable year. It was special not because Newfoundland became Canada's 10th province or because the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup but rather because 1949 was the year that these 12 employees joined Trans Canada Air Lines.

In 1989 there were only some 200 employees who belonged to this elite club which was founded by one of its newest members, Chairman Claude I. Taylor, in 1981. Every year, the group is honoured at a special banquet where each new member receives a commemorative gift and two POS F passes. The employees' names are also inscribed on a special plaque which is on display at Air Canada head office in Montreal.

In his speech, President & CEO Pierre J. Jeanniot commended the group for being part of a team which laid the groundwork and the foundation for what Air Canada is today, "a strong, vibrant and world recognized leader among airlines throughout the industry". 

The evening's special guests also included Ray Iverson, Lead Mechanic Winnipeg, who celebrated 45 years with the airline this year, and Vic Hussey, who narrowly missed membership with 39 years and four months service to his credit.

New members of the 40 Year Club joined president & CEO Pierre J. Jeanniot to pose for a celluloid souvenir to add to their 40 years of memories.

They are (front row, left to right): Fred Mark, Frank Janoschak, Ken Gordon, Jim Baldwin, George Brammer, Doug Kermode and Claude Taylor.

Back row (same order): Gil Gilbert, Bill Mattocks, Bill Rumsey, Pierre Jeanniot, Norm Ings, Vic Hussey, Ron Clubb and Ray Iverson (45 years).

Bob Munro and Jack Owen were unable to attend the gathering.

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Issue dated March 1990.

On Tuesday, February 13, 1990 flight AC409 became the first revenue-earning flight operated by our new Airbus A320, with fin 202, C-FDQV carrying 57 revenue passengers, eight contingents and eight crew from Montreal to Toronto.

The flight crew was made up of: Captains Jim McQueen and Michel Bernard and First Officer Bev Jewett.

The ln-Flight Service crew included: Serge Colekessian, Purser and Flight Attendants Dianne Manchee, Johanne Houde, Yves Lapierre and Andre Roy.

Also on board to check on how things went was Pierre Belleau, Communications and Standards Supervisor.

Service changes during 1990 -

Effective April 1, 1990.

  • Air Nova's withdrawal from the Gander-Deer Lake-Montreal route.
  • Re-gauging Air Canada's St. John's-Montreal flight to DC-9 equipment (from B-727).
  • Elimination of two Air Canada flights between St. John's and Halifax, to be replaced by Air Nova.
  • Introduction of non-stop Air Canada DC-9 service between Charlottetown and Toronto, eliminating the Ottawa stop.
  • Cancellation of Air Canada flights between Saint John and Montreal, to be provided by Air Nova services through Fredericton.
  • Introduction of Air Nova direct service between Fredericton and Ottawa.
  • Elimination of Air Canada service between Fredericton and Montreal and Ottawa from Toronto Island Airport.
  • The new high frequency operation - called Rapidair Metro – is being marketed as an extension of Air Canada's popular Rapidair product.
  • On July 5, 1990 Air Canada discontinued its once daily DC-9 service on the Victoria-Calgary route as well as the Victoria-Vancouver portion of the Victoria-Vancouver-Edmonton service.

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