Neil Burton sent us this information from the Pacific Western Airlines Flightlines – March 4, 1986, page 15.

Pacific Western Holidays Goes Supersonic. 

Pacific Western Holidays has signed an exclusive agreement with British Airways to bring the Concorde to Vancouver.  This summer program will utilize the supersonic aircraft on flights between Vancouver and London, England.

It is the first time the Concorde has operated in or out of Vancouver on a passenger-carrying basis and will be the most exciting flight program offered in Canada this year.  Western Canadians will be able to join the supersonic jet-set and sample the unique and unforgettable experience of flying in this aircraft that has proven to be a tribute to man’s engineering genius.

From May 1 to August 6 passengers can fly on any British Airways’ scheduled B-747 flight from Vancouver to London and return on the Supersonic Concorde from London to Vancouver on August 7. Alternatively, passengers may fly from Vancouver to London aboard the Concorde on August 11 and return on any British Airways’ scheduled B-747 flight from London to Vancouver on any date up to October 31.  There are three fare choices: first class $5,325 return; super club $4,325 return and tourist, $3,700 return. 

These flights can be booked through Pacific Western reservations.  Employee passes can not be used for these flights.

Pacific Western Holidays, together with British Airways brought the Concorde to Vancouver as a tribute to Expo ‘86 and to celebrate Vancouver’s 100th anniversary.

Concorde Demonstrations: The Concorde will be part of the program at the Abbotsford Airmada on August 8, 9, and 10 this year.  It will perform one demonstration each day at approximately 1600 hours. Earlier each day there will be two-hour “Flights to Nowhere” over the Pacific. 

Pacific Western Holidays have sold all three flights to Chevron Canada Resources Ltd. 

They will be awarding the seats on the Concorde “Flights to Nowhere” as a gas promotion throughout British Columbia.

Cheers, Neil Burton, April 10, 2020

tmb info canadian

Issue dated August 1989.

Wardair announced that it is suspending service from Toronto/Edmonton/Vancouver to Amsterdam effective October 1, 1989. 

Honolulu Softball

Airline employees from across Canada and the U.S. met  in Honolulu November 13, 14 and 15, 1989 for a softball tournament. Tournament organizers include Wardair employees Marko Generalovic and Frank Caira. The three day series is being billed as the fourth annual Labatts Blue Airline Softball Classic.

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Issue dated March 1991.

Winnipeg's civilized T3 promotion.

tmb winnipeg t3 cpaEight Winnipeg flight attendants volunteered to work with the sales department on a Winnipeg travel agency promotion.

Armed with bags of "civilized" T3 buttons on the terminal's opening day (Feb. 21, 1991) the group visited more than 80 travel agencies to present each agent with a button.

Featured in the photo, Kym Camarta and Geoff Clydesdale both of Winnipeg Sales and local flight attendants, David Wheeler, Nicole Betournay, John Perdue, Irene DeBlonde, Maria Rose and Tamara Michaleski.

Missing from photo were flight attendants Wendy Maximilian and Gailene Korotash.

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Submitted by Hasse Marthinsen.

 February 29, 2020 - C-GSPW a/c 783  - Still Flying for Air Inuit.

This is our B737-275C now owned by Air Inuit.  This airplane is still flying in Canada under the same registry for Air Inuit. These pictures were taken the other day in YUL. It is the pride of the fleet.

It still flies in a combi configuration. It has been fitted with an EFIS system upgrade. Just great to see.

I worked in YXD in 1967 for 2 years and the rest in YVR as a learner, mechanic, crew chief and supervisor in maintenance.

tmb 550 Air inuit

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