1951 feb 1438Here we have this timetable from Queen Charlotte Airlines dated February 1951 from the collection of Bjorn Larsson.

Chipmunk CF-CXQ at Toronto Island.

It was one of a batch loaned by the DND to Canadian flying clubs to be used by wartime pilots to "keep current". 'CXQ', by then privately owned, had a bad ending at Vancouver airport on February 7, 1968.

That day a Standard Airways 707 on lease to CPA was landing from Honolulu, when pilot disorientation due to a sudden fog resulted in a dreadful crash. The 707 went out of control, careered across the airfield, plowing up cars, parked planes and buildings, "CXQ" included.

A Globe and Mail report quoting the head of Standard Airways said, "Neither the captain nor the control tower had been aware of this fog. Then, suddenly, all hell broke out".

The report adds, "The plane slewed right, away from the terminal, crashed through a wire fence, burying its nose in the Aviation Electric Pacific Ltd. building." One of the 707 crew and a man on the ground were killed.

(Source: via Larry Milberry from the collection of Al Martin www.canavbooks.wordpress.com)

tmb 550 chipmunk cf cxq

tmb info canadian
Issue September 1991.

Intair to cease operations.

Intair ceased charter operations November 3, 1991. The charter operations were all that remained after the Montreal-based airline sold its turboprop assets to Canadian Regional Airlines in March and kept its five Fokker 100 aircraft and operated charters.

Canada to end Singapore pact.

Canada has announced it will cancel an agreement allowing Singapore Airlines (SIA) to fly Singapore to Toronto.

Federal Transport Minister Jean Corbeil said the decision is because SIA's Singapore-Vienna-Amsterdam-Toronto turnaround service is drawing mostly Europe-Canada traffic providing unfair competition for Canadian carriers. He said the one-year notice of termination should prompt renewed negotiations between the countries.

Air Canada which has the rights to fly to Singapore, voluntarily ended its service in January 1991.

Issue dated April 1993.

Super Hub.

Hawaii employees have been instrumental in the continued success of the Honolulu "Super hub," through which customers destined for the South Pacific must travel.

From the left, Ron Mitsuyoshi, Rachel Sambueno, Claire Lubick, Charlie Dacoscos, Al Sunn, Emily Butin and Mimi Foxx.

Back row center, Steve Cariaga, Yvonne Lau, Georgie Ho, Jennifer Salviejo; back row, Richard Shozuya, Richard Abiva and Karen Machida.

tmb 550 cpa hawaii employees

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