This memory was posted to Facebook by Marc Gagnon of Nordair January 2, 2013.

tmb nordasir despatcher licenceFunny story goes with this license. Nordair was one of the only Canadian airlines requiring their dispatchers to have an FAA certification. This required a 6 hour written exam followed by another 6 hour oral exam in Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT).

The day of my oral exam coincided with the freeing of the 6 American hostages from Tehran.

The news broke during the lunch break, so the afternoon of the exam was spent in a bar with a dozen FAA inspectors shoving beer down my throat and I was driven to the ramp in an FAA vehicle and poured into the cockpit for the flight back to Montreal (YUL).

Needless, to say, I passed the exam with flying colours. 


Jim Stevenson has submitted these photos -
These two pictures show a B-747 visiting Abbotsford (YXX) for a public viewing.
tmb 250 747 at abbotsford tmb 250 747 at abbotsford 1
Two more photos showing the Air Canada hangar at Vancouver (YVR) under construction.
tmb 250 747 at yvr hangar tmb 250 747 at yvr hangar 1

Below are photos of a group of mechanics changing a nose wheel on fin #302.

(Editors note: it seems that Magnus was a tad reluctant).

Left to right: Dick Shannon, Magnus (Blondie) Thorsteson, Frank Hingston, Carman Teed and Brian Hotel. 

Photo on the right, squatting around the nose wheel for fin# 302 are left to right: Carman Teed, Jim Stevenson, Brian Hotel and Dick Shannon

tmb 250 ac nose change tmb 250 ac nose change 1

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