Heather Johannson sent us these photos -

tmb ice cube for japanShe writes that the only good thing about staying home is that you find all sorts of things you had forgotten you had.

The first picture was an article in the Vancouver Sun on  April 14, 1978, “Cold Cargo, 133 pound block of ice is held by CP Air cargo agent Heather Hunter today”.

"Glacial ice from Northwest Territories is to be used at cocktail party in Tokyo in May when a Japanese distillery introduces a new brand of Saki to 30,000 guests”

The lady in the photo is me, now Heather Johannson.

The article under the photo reads -

(Editor's note: Some of the text is illegible).

“Have outdone mixing an acceptable martini. Well  the Takara Shuzo Distillery in Tokyo is having 30,000 friends in for drinks May 12-14, 1978 to introduce a new brand of saki and they want to do it right. So they are spending $40,000 to have 32,000 pounds of century old ice from Cambridge Bay in the Northwest Territories sent to Japan to cool the drinks. Part of it goes by CPA jet, the bulk goes by ship Arigato, but can I just have coffee?’”

Ms. Johannson also sent the pictures below taken by the late Jay Booker of CP Air Cargo In YVR from the ramp side.
tmb 550 concorde at yvr

tmb 550 concorde at yvr 2

Ron Rhodes sent us this photo -

This painting was done for me by my wonderful neighbour, Marion Armitage!

It was part of the pandemic collection of paintings she has been doing. I thought you might like to share it. 

Ron Rhodes, Waterloo, Ontario

tmb 550 viscount by marion

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