1975 atlantic central airlines  timetable 1441Here we have the timetable for Atlantic Central Airlines issued February 24, 1975.

There does not appear to be any history of this airline.

(Source: from the collection of David Zecria)

tmb air maritiusName this airline – answer below.

The world's largest passenger plane just completed a 4-day trip around the world trip delivering medical supplies.

tmb hi fly a380The Airbus A380 operated by Portuguese charter airline, Hi Fly,  has returned to service to assist in humanitarian efforts related to COVID-19, flying an around-the-world trip earlier in May, 2020.

Hi Fly operates the only second-hand A380 which it uses for recovery, repatriation, and medical supply flights under its wet-lease and charter purview.

The world's largest passenger jet, the A380 in Hi Fly's configuration seats nearly 500 passengers with amenities and features held over from its former owner, Singapore Airlines.

(Source: MSN.com May 22, 2020)

Airbus just trucked its final A380 fuselage through a small French village as the world's largest airliner is killed off.

A crowd would typically form to see the A380 convoy, which only proceeds at night through Levignac, but the June 17, 2020 convoy was special as it was the last one ever.

Emirates will take delivery of the final Airbus A380 in mid-2021 after largely keeping the program alive with new orders in recent years. After 15 years and less than 300 models built, the Airbus A380 program is coming to a close.

The A380 product line is being shuttered as no more orders have been placed for the super-jumbo jet and next-generation aircraft are taking its place.  The aircraft simply has no more new customers and cannot compete with new, next-generation aircraft.

Photos of workers on the final project lined the fuselage, temporarily painted in green to protect the aluminum alloy.

(Source: www.msn.com/en-gb/news)

 tmb last a380 1 tmb last a380 2

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