tmb tca avertAn early TCA advertisement for New York visitors to Toronto.



The Air Canada Recreation Association (ACRA) Campground in the Outaouais opened as of June 1, 2020 only for members who already have a site and campers will be subject to the same government mandated public health rules.


tmb 550 horizons classic
 Found in the “Horizons’ magazine.

Issue dated February 1992.

Preparing for B747-400 introduction.

On the wing of the simulator, at the new In-Flight Training Center in Dorval, we see the training instructors:

From left to right, standing: Flight Attendants Alain Grenier, YYZ; Ron Allain, YHZ; Mark Adams, Purser, YYZ; Flight Attendants Arlene Murphy, YYZ; Michel Casavant, YUL; Chantal Viau, YYZ; Mark Olivier, YUL; Bonnie Simpson, Purser, YVR and Flight Attendants Ravi Zilka, YYC and Carol O'Connell, YYZ.

In the front row, from left to right: Christian Aveline, Training Supervisor, Dorval; Paul Bouchard, Supervisor, B-747-400 Program, Dorval; Flight Attendants Christiane Mineau, YUL; Jacques Johnson, YWG and Linda Valiquette, YUL.

tmb 550 b 747 instructors

Heathrow goes green.

Air Canada, with the help of British Alcan Aluminium launched its first recycling project in the U.K. Empty aluminium cans are now being collected from all transatlantic flights arriving at Heathrow (LHR) and stored in a "cotton wagon", which was supplied by British Alcan. When the wagon is full, British Alcan empties it.

British Alcan's alligator, “Alican” also showed up to help collect Air Canada's first load.

Pictured here with “Alican” are, standing from left to right: Commissary Attendants Micky Dray, Paul Clarke, Derek Buckell and George Thomas; Doug Ritchie, Managing Director, British Alcan Aluminium; Peter Baldry, Manager, Airport Services, U.K. & Ireland; Chris Sofocli, Lead Commissary Attendant and in the front row, left to right, Micky Moore, Commissary Attendant and Frank Owen, Lead Commissary Attendant.

tmb 550 lhr green recycle

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