Neil Burton sends us some more photos -

Below, on the left, is Canadian Pacific Airlines' Canada Goose emblem, most likely previously a wall mounting.

On the right appears to be a magazine jacket for a copy of the Saturday Evening Post Magazine with Canadian Pacific and Goose logo on bottom.

tmb cpa goose emblems tmb cpa magazine jacket

Some photos of memorabilia of the late Bruce Apps, Air Engineer, who spent a little of his CPA airline career at Fulton Field, Kamloops before CP Air gave up service to the Kamloops facility to Pacific Western Airlines and B.C. Air Lines in late March 1969. 

Special thanks to Debbie McBride who has allowed me to forward the colour prints to “The Netletter”.

CPA desk plaque Headphone and mike
tmb 250 cpa desk plaque tmb 250 cpa headphones mike

A CPA staff notice
tmb 550 cpa staff notice

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