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Aviation Memoroblia Newsletter

Since 1995

tmb cpa advert australiaHere we have this Canadian Pacific Air Lines advertising for their flights to Australia in 1949.

(Source: vintageadbrowser.com)

facebookBelow are some postings we found on Facebook

tmb cpa lightersA group of lighters given to first class passengers posted by Peter Massey.

Colleen Evans posted this photo.

Photo below left, Canadian Trade Fair 1972 - on the ramp in Peking, now Beijing, PRC. Standard DC-8, Aircraft 601.

At the time this picture was taken it had the greatest number of hours on the airframe of any DC-8 in the world. I am the female F/A on the far right, next to Purser Willie Gherig.

This was a fabulous experience - note the portrait of Mao Tse Tung on the terminal.

My son framed this picture and gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago:

Left to right: Gary Grant, Colleen Campbell, ?, Suzanne ?, Colleen Evans and Willie Gherig.

So many years ago! Trying to remember all the names. If only the Reunion were still on this year.

Photo below right, identified by Ken Pickford, was taken at the CP Air (now AC) Operations Centre at YVR. The large CP Air logo, lighted at night, was on the east wall of the hangar.

Click Here to view this wall today.

cpa coleen evans

tmb 250 cpa cargo mugsBrian Simpson posted this photo on May 22, 2020.

John Mikkelsen posted this photo of the graduation day May 1976. He is the second from the right bottom row.
cpa john mikkelsen