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Answer for the mystery airline in Odds and Ends.

Kulula is a South African LCC. The name 'Kulula' comes from the Nguni languages of Zulu and Xhosa, meaning it’s easy. The airline is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comair.

Click here for their official website.

A Camcopter S-100 drone made the first commercial drone delivery to an offshore oil platform in late August of 2020 and it might be the beginning of a major industry.

The helicopter drone flew a 3-D printed part from Norway to a rig located about 60 miles off the coast.

The flight was conducted without any special airspace adjustments and the drone was just part of the traffic servicing the oil fields. The drone also did an exterior inspection of the drilling platform and performed a simulated search and rescue drill with the rig’s standby vessel.

tmb drone delivery

The US Air Force is toying with the idea of giving the president a supersonic ride to his or her international appointments.

According to military.com the Air Force’s Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate has awarded a $1 million small business innovation research contract to aerospace start-up Exosonic to nail down the basics of a low-boom supersonic aircraft that could serve as Air Force One.

The aircraft would be a derivative of Exosonic’s 70-seat Mach 1.8 airliner that the company is hoping to roll out in 2025. 

(Source: avweb.com/aviation-news)

tmb 550 president airforce one

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