Pulling together.

On February 9, 2000, the Canadian Airlines hangar on Convair Drive in Toronto was the place to be for the unveiling of the first Canadian Airlines B-767 in its new transitional livery.

Buoyed by over 500 Air Canada and Canadian Airlines employees in attendance, Robert Milton and Steve Markey, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Government Affairs, Canadian Airlines, were on hand as employees from both carriers pulled the aircraft into the hangar for all to see. The new look, which features the Maple Leaf tail and Canadian proud wings identity on the white fuselage combines the two strong and distinct brands recognized world-wide.

What it takes to paint a B-767:

  • 1,200 hours
  • 30 gallons of primer
  • 45 gallons of white paint
  • 15 gallons of green paint

(Source: AC Horizons magazine issue, March 2000)

tmb 550 cpa b767 in transitional colours

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tmb 250 cpa globesCPA inflatable world globes, dated 1968. 


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First class amenities to Japan.

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