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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

tmb 250 tca advt 1940 1Here we have three advertisements for TCA from the early 1940's.


tmb 250 tca advt 1940 2  tmb 250 tca advt 1940 3

 tmb 550 horizons classic

Found in the "Horizons" magazine

Issue dated March 1995.

When the Winnipeg Employee Call Centre opened June 1994, we did not expect to get over 1,000 calls a day. However, thanks to adding staff working at the centre, waiting is a thing of the past.

Editors' note:

The Employee Call Centre was set up to assist employees to register for flights without tying up the customer reservation lines. It has since been replaced by the on-line Employee Travel Site.

The group image below is of the 25 members of the Employee Call Centre Team at the time of the article. A few faces are hard to find (give it a try).

tmb 550 winnipeg call centre team

Front Row: Charles Wong, Luc Bedard, Louise Wilson, Maria Bava, Phil Ayotte, Brigitte Boulet, Brigitte Bisson and Andre Allison.

Centre Row: Jake Sousa, Lisa Jonatchick, Krista Friesen, Colleen Cameron, Rachelle Grandmont, Kathy Brooker, Cel Alpestana, Kieren Paul and Suzanne Cormier.

Back Row: Pat Tognet, Nathalie Longtin, Sean Garrity, Michael Sas, Darryl Draeger, Alfio Innocca, Bruce Melrose and Don Boulet.

Missing From Photo: Cecile Clearwater, Jacquie Cormier, Princealine Moores, Helen Shumada, Colette MacLean, David Cox, Janet McNutt, Judi Mutton, Pat Desautels, Maria Concalo, John Ticzon, Victoria Barnes, Keri Ottenbreit, Laura Hicke, Myra Boyd, Marjolaine Hebert, Ian Birt, Leanne Hudson, Barbara Gmitrowski, Francine Champagne, Ann GajekSari Sairanen and Howard Hewitt.

In the Fall of 1994, the Customer Service branch representing Eastern Canada held a party to remember all employees celebrating 25 or more years of service.

tmb 550 dorval celebrates sevice

Among the Customer Sales and Service Agents marking their anniversaries were:

Back Row: Viviane Abecassis-Kandravy, LĂ©once Hubert, Jocelyne Riviere-Rouleau, Maurice Lalonde, Claude Kinlough, Michel Laberge.

Front Row: Jocelyne St-Laurent, Ron Sicard, Madeleine Ranellucci-Blair, Micheline DiLallo, Francoise Bitauld, Pierre Langlois, Danny Sobolta, Lucy St. Cyr, Gino Marricco, Manager, Customer Service STOC; France Martin and Danielle Tartre.

Kneeling: Susan Welscheid, General Manager, Customer Service - Eastern Canada and Pasquale Ciacci.

Issue dated February 2000.

Victory in Geneva

In November 1999, our Montreal Air Canada hockey team flew to Geneva to face off against their counterparts in Switzerland. Working together with the precision of a Swiss timepiece, our team skated to victory with scores of 9 - 5 and 10 - 4.

tmb 550 ac montreal hockey team

Passing the puck were, back row (left to right):

Antony Torriani, Gary Beisswanger, Eric Quesnel, Customer Service Manager, Operations; Rick Simoneau, Manager-Flight Management; Mike Gerbis, Steve Beisswanger, Manager, Crew Planning & Resource Allocation and Chris McEwen.

Front row (left to rigfht): Mark Dubois, Graham Blom, Engineer, Widebody; Brian Losito, Photographer, Employee Communications; Andrew Torriani, Manager, Labour Relations, Flight Operations and Richard Torriani.

Issue dated March 2000.

Y2K - it's a wrap.

Thanks to extensive planning activities underway since 1996, and the work of a large team of computer and business professionals, our transition to the Year 2000 was smooth.

Our computer systems, operations, and network services didn't encounter any significant problems related to the changeover from 1999 to 2000. 

tmb 550 y2k here we come

The crew of flight AC891, en route from Vancouver to Osaka, was the first to enter the millennium at the New Zealand time zone.

Left to right: Flight Attendant Joanne Wallace, Captain Herb Russell, Flight Attendant Daisy Ho, First Officer George Grant; Flight Attendants Faye Dietrich, Scott Carter, Richard Shimoto-Kahara and Howard Hughes, In Charge Flight Attendant Andrea Morgan, Flight Attendants Andrew Nixon, Yuki Okitsu, Tom Ballantyne and Cruise Pilot Vicky Veldhoen.

Issue dated April 2000.

On April 3, 2000, the daily non-stop service between Toronto and Tokyo commenced when AC101 departed.

Flight details:

The only daily non-stop service between Toronto-Tokyo, our 284-seat A340-300 soars over the Arctic Circle at Barrow, Alaska and somewhat lower in latitude to take advantage of favourable tail winds enroute to Asia's largest city.

Using random navigation (RNAV) in Canada, we'll pick up airways at the Yukon/Alaska boundary on into Russia and then down over Sakhalin Island into Japan.

April 1950 was a busy time for Air Canada's predecessor, Trans-Canada Air Lines.

On April 1, 1950, we inaugurated service between Montreal and New York LaGuardia, and on April 2, 1950, between Montreal and Tampa. While two very different destinations, the reason for their long-standing success is very similar - superior service. 

Air Canada's service to the heart of Canadian confederation, Charlottetown, is 25 years old this month. That first flight, a DC-9 bound for Ottawa and Toronto, departed Charlottetown Airport at 3:45 pm on April 28, 1975