Heather Johannson sent us this information to share -

I thought you might find this interesting enough to put in The NetLetter. I believe we are the last remaining CAIRE group.

All those newly retired/laid off employees, some of which may have relocated to the Okanagan, might be interested in joining us for lunch once we are over the pandemic.

Heather Johannson 

C.A.I.R.E. – History and Welcome 

Canadian Airlines International Retired Employees (C.A.I.R.E) is a not-for-profit, non-registered organization. Its mandate is to promote a social environment for retired Canadian Airline International Employees. The organization was founded in the fall of 1992. The first meeting was called by Harvey Jones and was held at the Westbank United Church hall. The association was to be known as C.A.I.R.E. - Chapter 6.

The first group getting together included Ed James, Russ and Dorothy Bass, Harvey and Ester Jones, Don and Joyce Smith, Roy and Joyce Edwards, Harry and Betty Beeson, Val and Shirley Vaillancourt, Murray and Olga Byrnes.

Other founding members were Vern Swerdfeger and Glenn Jeffrey. Ed James was the first President. The organization does not elect an Executive, however the Executive Committee is formed by volunteers for the following positions: Restaurant Coordinator(s) – sometimes to be shared, Secretary/Treasurer, Membership Officer and 50/50 Officers.

tmb caire 1The group meets eight times per year: March, April, May, June in the spring, and September, October, November and December in the fall.

Each luncheon is scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month, with the exception of the Special Christmas Luncheon, which takes place on the second Wednesday in December.

The meetings take place at various restaurants selected and booked by the Restaurant Coordinator usually a few months in advance. At each luncheon, the participants gather just before noon and enjoy a time of socializing and reconnecting. The lunch is normally ready about 1:00 pm.

Three types of lunches are available:

1) Plated and served by the restaurant staff at a fixed price; the meal sometimes includes one or two choices and sometimes includes only one option.

2) Ordered individually by each Employee and paid individually.

3) Buffet-style meal at a fixed price, paid for either individually or corporately by the treasurer. Each meeting also includes the sale of 50/50 tickets with half of the total monies collected going to the winning ticket and half to the C.A.I.R.E account.

If present, the Treasurer will present a financial report to the membership. The financial year runs from January 1 to December 31. The dues of $5.00 per person or $10.00 per couple can be paid in advance as early as October for the following year. This applies particularly to those going south for the winter and not coming back until the March luncheon or later. Once a restaurant is booked, the place and date are included in the semi-annual schedule and distributed to the membership by email and is updated with each confirmed booking.

The volunteer callers each have their own list of members to contact according to their region and report to the Restaurant Coordinator no later than Sunday evening prior the Wednesday’s upcoming luncheon. The Christmas luncheon includes a Christmas Dinner, door prizes, and an array of Christmas presents purchased with the available funds and distributed according to each member with a matching ticket number. Members come from as far north as Enderby and as far south as Oliver. We always welcome new members and encourage existing ones to promote this group to newcomers to the Okanagan Valley. We hope that the above answers most of your questions about this fun group.

Should you require more information, feel free to contact Claude LaHaye at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Claude LaHaye, President

Monique LaHaye, Secretary

tmb caire 2 tmb caire 3

tmb info canadian

From the "InfoCanadi>n" magazine. 

Issue dated May 1989.

New leisure marketing arm formed.

Canadian Holidays has been established to coordinate the tour products of Treasure Tours and Canadian Airlines Charter Department effective May 1, 1989.

“A wholly owned subsidiary of PWA Corporation, Canadian Holidays will ensure the successful and coordinated growth in the leisure travel market, for both Canadian and the new Canadian
Holidays- Treasure Tours products," said Errol Francis, President. 

Issue dated July 1989.

165 pounds, give or take 10,000.

When people check their weight, they jump on a bathroom scale, or a scale in their doctor's office. But what do you do when it is time to weigh a 500,000 pound aircraft as required every five years by Ministry of Transport regulations?

In the past, maintenance had to prepare an aircraft for weighing by removing everything not considered part of the basic aircraft, lifting the aircraft off the ground using hydraulic jacks with electronic measuring devices, taking a weight reading, lowering the aircraft, rotating the location of the measuring devices, re-lifting the aircraft and taking an average of the weights recorded. The process was time consuming and arduous work which required a set of aircraft jacks, an item not available at all maintenance bases.

Now with a newly acquired set of electronic scales, the first of their type in Canada, maintenance need only prepare the aircraft, push it onto portable, self-contained scales

Setting the scales to zero before the big weigh-in are from left to right:

Tom Moeller, air engineer, Mark Lim, aircraft mechanic and Claude LaHaye, crew chief. 

tmb 550 time to diet

Issue dated September 1989.

Lysander Lane family day.

"Family Day" at Vancouver's new Lysander Lane facility took place October 21, 1989 from 10:30 to 14:30; the building was officially opened October 20.

Employees and their families were able to see the new facility and tour the departments hosted by the employees from each area.

Working their first reservations shift at the new Lysander facility are:

Jonina Kirton (background) and Shelia Arif, reservations agents, staffing the Canadian Plus and commercial accounts lines. Despite the move in progress, the reservations system did not experience any abnormal shutdown while switching facilities according to Colin Stevens, manager Vancouver reservations.

tmb 550 cpa lysander lane facility

Effective October 29, 1989, Business Class in the B-767-300ER was enhanced with an increased seat pitch to 45 inches providing 42 seats in Canadian Business Class taking over the First Class section. Economy class was expanded from 145 seats to 180 seats.

Issue dated October 1989.

Boeing 747 named after Max Ward.

Canadian's first B-747-400 will bear the name of aviation pioneer Maxwell W. Ward when it is delivered in October 1990. The aircraft was dedicated to Ward September 27, 1989 at a Toronto function, which also saw the announcement of his appointment to the board of Canadian Airlines International. It will be the first B-747-400 in Canada and has been assigned tail number 881.

Marjorie Ward looks on as Max Ward, right, accepts a commemorative B-747-400 model bearing his name from Rhys Eyton, President, Chairman and C. E. O. of Canadian Airlines.

tmb 550 max ward 747

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