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 Fin #264 - C-FZUH - Retirement

I first wrote about my appreciation for the classic livery applied to Fin #264 back in NetLetter #1341 in April 2016. I have always thought that it is the coolest paint job that I have ever seen on an aircraft.

I was very surprised when I noticed that Montreal based videographer Mark Brandon had posted a YouTube video as a tribute to the aircraft. It does seem that this is an early retirement after its 23 year career. If it does return to service someday, I hope that it is not repainted. However, it may be a very good candidate to be leased to another airline.

Fin # 264, registration C-FZUH, was delivered in August 1997 painted in TCA livery to commemorate the company's 60th anniversary. A plaque with an image of the aircraft (see issue header) was sent to all employees as a keepsake. Fin # 264 spent its entire 23 year career in the Air Canada fleet sporting this beautiful livery.

 Click the image below to view the video.

tmb 550 fin264 video

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