Historic Dates x350 

1996 -

  • August 1 - Inaugural code sharing service between Vancouver and Osaka with A340 equipment.
  • August 5 - Inaugural service between Toronto and Kansas City.
  • September 1 - Code sharing service with Lufthansa between Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Athens.
  • September 8 - Air Ontario began service between Toronto - Harrisburg (MDT) and Allentown (ABE) with Dash 8-100.

tmb 550 between ourselves emblem

Here we have front covers of the “Between Ourselves” magazine
from January through June 1944.
tmb 013 jan 1944 tmb 014 Feb 1944

tmb 015 Mar 1944 tmb 016 Apr 1944

tmb 017 May 1944 tmb 018 Jun 1944

tmb 550 horizons classic 
Issue dated July 1996 

AC joins in the 50th anniversary celebration at Heathrow (LHR).

by Jane Whigham, Public Relations — London, England.

Air Canada was one of seven major international airlines participating in a spectacular fly-past at London's Heathrow Airport (LHR) on June 2, 1996 to celebrate the airport's 50th anniversary.

The fly-past of 34 aircraft was the largest selection of civil aircraft ever assembled and the first ever fly-past at the world’s busiest airport which was closed for 17 minutes.

A Lancaster bomber led the fly-past. It represented the Lancastrian which was the first civil aircraft to take off from Heathrow. The Lancastrian was also the first long-haul aircraft flown by Air Canada (CGTAS) across the Atlantic to Prestwick in 1943 and to Heathrow three years later.

Captains André Rodrigue and Al MacLeod were at the controls of an Air Canada B-767-300 during the fly-past. A great job was done by the operations and cleaning teams at Heathrow who managed to turn the aircraft in less than 30 minutes.

The aircraft flew at 500 feet past a group of 500 VIP's. The event was watched by thousands of enthusiasts in and around the Heathrow (LHR) area, as well as 150 million worldwide viewers on live BBC Television. On September 18, 1996, Air Canada celebrated its own 50th anniversary at Heathrow (LHR).

In our photo, below, we have Derek Buckell, Customer Service Manager, London (left) pictured at the 50th anniversary fly-past with Josephine and Ian Verner. Dereck coordinated arrangements for the participation of the B-767 in the fly-past and Josephine was Air Canada's (or TCA's) first employee at Heathrow Airport.

tmb 550 dereck buckell

tmb 550 horizons
Issue dated December 2015/January 2016.
(used with permission)

Terry Fox Run.

Air Canada Hong Kong participated in the Terry Fox Run on November 7, 2015.

Joe Ng, General Manager - Hong Kong and offline Asia, formed an Air Canada team of 30 participants, including travel agency partners and Star Alliance member airline managers, who ran different distances of 3 km, 5 km and 10 km.

"All completed the run, including myself," says Joe. "It's a great event for volunteering for a great cause and networking with industry partners. Also at the event were many of our corporate clients like the CEO of Manulife, the Consul General of Canada in Hong Kong and the Canadian Chamber of commerce team. It was a fun day for everyone and the event raised one million Hong Kong dollars in total."

tmb 550 hong kong staff

The Daily Run.

The AC Running Club meets every day at 11:50 a.m. at Montreal headquarters. The original 10-member group has expanded to over 50 and all are active members of the ACRA gym. The daily runs vary from 5 km to 10 km.

tmb 550 ac running club

Air Canada JETZ.

When it comes to blockbuster free-agent acquisitions, in 2015, Air Canada made headlines for its most recent multiple six-year contracts —

Air Canada JETZ is the official carrier of all seven Canadian hockey teams, as well as Canada's only baseball team. It's fair to say that now Air Canada Jetz will be carrying the nation's hopes and dreams for a Stanley Cup or a World Series trophy. JETZ is a charter service that is a special operation unto itself. The fleet is comprised of three Airbus A319 aircraft.

Here we have the crew:

Left to right: Service Director Tania Simpson, Lead Station Attendant Ante (Tony) Kovic, Flight Attendant Kenza Sheehy, Licensed Aircraft Technician William Langstaff and Flight Attendant Ariane Deschenes-Foucher.

tmb 550 jetz cabin crew

Tampa staff.

Fifteen year celebration for Michel Vaillancourt at Tampa Airport seen here:

Left to right: Customer Sales Agents (CSA) Brian Biggs, Zalra Wheatley, Diego Rivero and Simone Charles; Lead Customer Service Agents Kristen Anzalone and Joseph Salazar; Manager, Customer Service, Florida; Michel Vaillancourt, (CSA); Gilbert Hernandez, Aircraft Services Coordinator; Dawn Kremer; Lead Customer Service Agent; Roberta Freeman, (CSA) and Doug Devaux, Airport Services Coordinator.

tmb 550 tampa staff

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