A petition has been created to change the Edmonton International Airport name to Edmonton Max Ward International Airport.

Max Ward began his aviation career in the RCAF and would go on to flying bush planes in the north and establishing his own company Wardair, which successfully grew into one of Canada’s largest scheduled carriers.

Source: Canadian Aviation Historical Society

More more info at: www.cbc.ca/news

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Posted on the Time Air Historical Society Facebook page

Øyvind Munch Ellingsen of Norway, has graciously given us pictures of SD3-30 G-BDMA.

These pictures show the aircraft doing Cold Weather testing in Olso, Norway in January 1976.

Before receiving C-GTAV, TAS, and TAM, G-BDMA was used as the training aircraft for Time Air crews. This particular aircraft was also used as a demonstration model, before and after training with Time Air.

It carried on as a leased aircraft for SHORTS (serving with 15 other airlines), before being sold to MOLO Leasing of Billings, Montana in 1999. It was with the company for ten years, before retirement. We are currently in discussion with the Billings Airport, to see what the final fate of the aircraft is.

Source: www.facebook.com/timeairhs/

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Posted on the CP Air Employees Facebook page
On January 31, 2021, Derek J. Smith posted this photo on Facebook of the CP Air ramp Soccer team at Hawaii in the 1980's. No names were supplied.
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Dave Axe, CP Air's Airport Manager at Victoria Airport (YYJ), at the time, posted this on Facebook -

If passengers aboard CP Air's first flight to Victoria found it odd they were directed to a 20 x 4 metre trailer to pick up their baggage, their thoughts are shared by company officials who don't understand why Transport Canada told them there was no room in the main building.

He admitted he finds it a little odd that at the same time his company was forced to do business from a trailer, Transport Canada has relocated the gift shop, put in a licensed lounge and planned an addition to provide a larger restaurant in the main terminal.

Where the gift shop once was there are now four electric games machines and an additional waiting area.

"They say within a year we'll be in the main terminal," Axe told "The Free Press" from his "office" in the trailer's stationery room. CP Air is conducting all its business from the trailer, including check-in, baggage and ticketing.

Transport Canada usually rents airport space to airlines at a rate of about $20 a square foot. In the case of CP Air, the land on which the renovated trailer sits is rented to the company.

Airport manager Jim Mills says a plan has been worked out to re-align the ticketing and check-in area to provide space for CP Air. However, before this can go ahead the changes must be approved by Pacific Western Airlines, Air Canada and CP Air, a provision which leaves Canadian Pacific's fate in the hands of its competitors. Axe says representation was made on behalf of CP Air at senior levels.

There were no discussions on a local level, he said.

The Canadian Transport Commission approved CP Air's application to operate two incoming and two outgoing flights a day to the airport last September.
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From 'Canadian Flyer' November / December 2000
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Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his wife Aline brought the Liberal's campaign in for a pit stop at YVR. Canadian Airlines Crew & Support Staff for the Liberal Charter take a break for a photo opportunity.

From left to right: Joe Desouza, Maintenance & Engineering; Claude April, RCMP; Lydia Scolli, CSD; Captain Paul Tracey; Barbara Tekker-Brzezinski, Flight Attendant; Madame and Prime Minister Chretien; Trevor Devine, Load Master; Linda Lavergne, Head of Customer Service; First Officer Bob Lindsay; Paule Bernier, Flight Attendant; Suzanne Brunelle, Flight Attendant and Pat Hardick, RCMP.

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