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Posted by Lisa Rogers on February 11, 2021.

February 1, 1966, 55 years ago, Reesa Greenberg, Ginny Phillips and Anette Towle arrived to start stewardess school with CP with several new friends. 

tmb 550 cpa stewardesses 1966

tmb 550 nordair header

Nordair published the final edition of its internal magazine 'Expressions' in December 1986 while it was being acquired by Canadian Pacific Air Lines.

Below is a message from former CEO Roland LaFrancois reflecting on his career and the future.

tmb Roland LaFrancoisWhen I first became a member of the Board of Directors of Boreal Airways in 1949, nothing could have led me to believe that this small airline from Lac St-Jean would one day be the Corporation that it has grown to become.

Nordair's rise to prominence has been the result of the concerted efforts of a multitude of men and women whose dedication was equal only to their dedication and hard work.

Indeed, the real strength of Nordair throughout its 39-year history has been its employees - pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, administrators and support staff - many of whom I have had the privilege to know personally.

They have witnessed the numerous changes and events that have fashioned the airline. A new page in our history is about to be turned. Our association With Canadian Pacific Air Lines heralds a new era in the context of the Canadian airline industry. I am confident that Nordair's spirit will live on through the majority of you who will be joining CPAL and I am convinced that you will continue to give your very best.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to all of you for your loyal support over the years and to wish you all a very bright future 

Images of some of the vintage aircraft from
Nordair's storied history.
tmb nordair dc 3  tmb nordair dc 6
DC-3, Dorval 1966 DC-6 parked in front of the
Wheeler Hangar, 1965

tmb nordair sc 7 tmb nordair turbo mallard
Skyvan SC-7 landing at
Hall Beach
Grumman "Frakes"
Turbo Mallard

tmb 550 nordair connie
"Connie" L-1049H Super Consellation 

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