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From the "FLASH INFO" magazine. 
Issue dated April 30, 1987 

April 26, 1987 was the start-up date for the Canadian Airlines International.

As many ground and flight crew personnel as possible were issued with 'Canadian" logo pins for the start-up. This is the first common uniform piece for the new airline and the first step in the integration of the respective airlines' current uniforms.


The ninth annual CPAL Pionairs reunion luncheon was held at the Hotel Vancouver on May 13, 1987 with over 800 attendees.

Retirees were expected from at least seven provinces and eight countries. Delegates from the PWA Retirees Association were in attendance.

Issue dated May 14, 1987 

The company acquired three B-737-200's on long-term leases to bring its operating fleet of 737's to 66.

Two of the aircraft acquired were previously owned by Pacific Western and were sold five years ago to Atasco, a New York company engaged in aircraft leasing. Atasco subsequently leased them to Pan American which used them on its Berlin route in Europe.

Canadian Airlines has now leased them back from Atasco for a five-year period. These are fin #735 which went into service May 2, 1987, and fin #736 which had arrived shortly after.

The third acquisition is fin #765, leased from ILFC (International Lease Finance Company) of Beverly Hills, Calif. for three years, with an option on two additional years.

Leases have expired on fins 780 and 781, originally part of Nordair's fleet, and they have returned to their owners, Trans-Avia and Sabena.

tmb 550 c fpww
C-FPWW - Fin #736
Photo by Aero Icarus - May 1989 

tmb cpa copenhagen staffCopenhagen staffers celebrate a successful representation for Canadian Airlines International at Copenhagen's recent Rejs '87 Tourism and Trade Travel Fair.

From left, Hassan Wicks, Reservations Agent; Eli Andersen, City Ticket Office Supervisor and Bjarne Timm, Sales Rep, Denmark and Norway.


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tmb nordair flt att  tmb Nordair uniforms 1972
Nordair Winners, Miss Montreal Interline Club

Leo Marshall, Linda Paquette
and Lisa MacLean.

Uniforms introduced in 1972

Carole Boucher, Nancy KellyPaul Gauthier and Diane Thériault.

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