tmb 550 horizons classic

From the 'Horizons' magazine.

Issue dated May 1997.

Always in fashion.

Air Canada uniforms through the ages.

tmb 550 always in fashion

En Route goes to Asia

Written and designed to capitalize on our growing Asian travel market, enRoute Asia made its April debut on board Air Canada's trans-Pacific flights. The glossy, full colour in-flight magazine will be issued quarterly, to coincide with the change of seasons. It is written in Japanese, Korean and Chinese to allow Asian customers a chance to experience Canada and Air Canada in their language of choice while on board.

"The launch of enRoute Asia demonstrates Air Canada's commitment to lead the industry in in-flight services. We tailor technology, entertainment and meal services to reflect our individual customers' interests, preferences and needs to create a unique travel experience," says Rupert Duchesne, Vice President, Marketing. 

These recently hired flight attendants are all smiles as they display the inaugural issue of enRoute Asia.

From left to right, Japanese-speaking, Yuko Gillis, Chinese-speaking, Martin Chok and Korean-speaking Susan Lee.

tmb 550 asian flt attendants

Halifax Customer Sales and Service Agent Bliss FitzRandolph said goodbye to her co-workers after 30 years with the airline.  She's looking forward to an exciting new life in Holland where her husband has accepted a new job.

Front row, left to right: Giselle Baird, Shirley McDonald, Steve MacdonaldBliss FitzRandolph, Naomi Walsh and Bob Lockyer.

Second row, left to right: Mary Foster, Bonnie Bailey, Joni Dubeau, Marlis Dupupet, Donna Jussup, Debbie Graham, Karlene Dooks, Gord Misener and George Robertson.

Back row, left to right: Craig Corbett, Gus McDonald, Mike Whitehead, Pam Harnett, Gord Simons, Ron Allain and Joyce Wedmark.

tmb 550 bliss fitzrandolph yhz

Halifax handles Concorde.

Kudos to Air Canada's Halifax team for their handling of an aircraft they don't often see — a Concorde.

In February, 1997, while enroute from London's Heathrow to New York's JFK Airport, the BA Concorde blew one of its four engines over the Atlantic and landed in Halifax.

Air Canada's Acting CSM Randy McNiven and the Ramp team ground handled the Concorde and a B-747 which was dispatched to transport the passengers to New York.

Thanks to STOC Coordinator Brian Murray for all the details, including a tip on two celeb passengers who were spotted crossing the YHZ ramp to the B-747 — no other than Elton John and Pete Townsend.

Editors' Note: Sadly, Brian was so thrilled at seeing the celebs, that he forgot to name his ramp co-workers.

Here is a photo taken by Bill MacNeil while the Concorde was being serviced.

tmb 550 concorde at halifax

Air Canada Sells Three DC-9 Aircraft.

In March, 1997, Air Canada sold and delivered the first of three DC-9 aircraft to Cebu Pacific Air of the Philippines. The first of Air Canada's 20 DC-9 aircraft for sale, Fin #716, was modified to 110 seat configuration and painted in Cebu Pacific Air's livery. Cebu's newest addition went into revenue service the very next day after reaching the Philippines.

"Cebu Pacific Air was most impressed with the performance of our aircraft and have commented that it is a jewel in their fleet." said Noel Rodriguez, AC's Planning Team Leader. Air Canada's fins 717 and 718 were delivered later in April.

In the photo below, Air Canada staff hand over of the logbook to Cebu Pacific Air representatives (from left to right):

Simon Bacharani, Aircraft Technician; Tommy Heald, C.A.T.; Lito Catuncan, Planner; Job Rejante, Technical Representative, Cebu Pacific; Noel Rodriguez, Planning Team Leader; Captain Arturo Santos, Cebu Pacific; Captain Benjamin Gepilano, Chief Pilot, Cebu Pacific; Captain Antonio Rosales, Cebu Pacific; Dave Fernandez, Cebu Pacific; Rolando Almonia, Cebu Pacific; and Pierre Joncas, Production Planner.

tmb 550 840 sale of 3 dc9

A group of new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) coordinators were recently trained to help employees find counselling for all types of problems. These employees volunteer their time to help their colleagues and family in a confidential and supportive manner.

In the photo we have:

Back row, left to right: Bob Hennessey, Station Attendant, Charlottetown; Richard Lemire, Material Planner, Dorval; Brian Murray, Humanitas, Toronto; Jean Savoie, Station Attendant,  Moncton; Jeff Andrew, Station Attendant, Vancouver and Steve Miller, Station Attendant, Thunder Bay.

Middle row, left to right: Adriana DiSalvo, Customer Sales and Service Agent, Dorval; Bertha Lemke, Customer Service Agent, Los Angeles; Debbie Scarborough, Station Attendant, Toronto; Christina Belding, Lead Station Attendant Toronto; Marilyn McMullen, Manager, Cargo Receivables, Winnipeg; Karen Mallory, Scheduler, Dorval; Louise Berthiaume, Flight Attendant, Dorval; Bonnie MacKenzie, Customer Service Agent, Saint John; Charlette Treddenick, In-Charge Flight Attendant, Toronto; Chantal Goulet, In-Charge Flight Attendant Dorval and Pierre Jean, Team Leader - Vancouver.

Front row, left to right: Lorraine Crevier, Flight Attendant Toronto; Dennis Buzahora, Station Attendant, Winnipeg; Donna Volpini, Customer Service Manager, Baggage, Toronto and Gilles Filion, Mechanic, Dorval. 

tmb 550 eap coordinators

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