tmb 550 horizons classic

Found in the "Horizons" magazine.

Issue dated August 1997.

Betty Edwards, in Regina, Customer Sales & Service Agent (centre). Celebrated her 40th service anniversary.

From left to right: Judy Klein, Customer Sales & Service Agent; Bob Ferris, Manager, Customer Service; Betty; Customer Sales & Service Agents Evan Quick and Greg Gillespie (behind Betty).

tmb 550 betty edwards

In Frankfurt, Heidi Lang, Customer Service Coordinator, is congratulated by Hans Schuett, Area Manager, Customer Service, Central & Eastern Europe, on her 30-year service anniversary.
tmb 550 heidi lang

Inaugural Halifax-Frankfurt Flight.

There to welcome the first passengers on our direct Halifax-Frankfurt route were, from left to right: Sheila MacKay, Area Sales Manager; Janice Blackburn, Passenger Sales Manager, N.S.,
N.B. & P.E.I.; Customer Sales & Service Agents in Halifax Marlis Dupupet, Lexlie Blackler and Mahrukh Rustom.

tmb 550 yhz fra inaugural

Issue dated October 1997.

Farewell Mirabel (YMX).

This message was prepared by Pierre Richard, Customer Service Manager Mirabel, and delivered to the passengers of AC870 on September 14, 1997, Air Canada's final departure from Mirabel to Paris.

“In a few minutes, Air Canada will begin boarding its last flight to Paris from Mirabel. All the Air Canada ground employees at Mirabel, passenger agents, baggage agents, airside employees, office employees and mechanics wanted to come and wave goodbye to you from the main departure lounge.

We are very sad to see you go, but also very proud. Sad, because we have to leave this magnificent airport that, over the years, has become more than just a workplace for us. Proud, because we sincerely feel that we have served you well right up to very end.

We promise that starting tomorrow we will continue to give you the best service possible, so as to keep the Mirabel spirit alive and well for many years to come”.

The photo below shows a convoy of trucks from Mirabel to Dorval which marks the closure of the Air Canada operations from Mirabel International Airport (YMX) on Sunday night September 14, 1997.

tmb 550 ymx trucks

tmb yul first intl parA Ramp Agent ushers in Air Canada's first international scheduled flight since 1975, AC871 on September 15, 1997, from Paris to Dorval International Airport (YUL).

Below is the Flight Deck crew of AC871, ex Paris September 15, 1997. Captain Bob Tucker, First Officer Dave Osborne and Second Officer Andre Bujold.
tmb 550 crew ac871 ex par

Editors' Note: As the passengers took off from YMX and will probably return to YUL -

What happens if they originally drove to YMX in their own vehicles? Food for thought! 

Additional information from issue dated November 1997.

Consolidation of international and domestic traffic at Montreal's Dorval Airport has been an 'overnight success' despite the challenges. And it literally happened overnight.

In fact a traveller leaving Montreal for Paris or London on September 14, and returning the next evening would have been in for quite a surprise, says Martin Boyer, Air Canada's General Manager, Customer Service for Eastern Canada.

"As soon as flights 870 and 866 had left Mirabel on Sunday, September 14, 1997, a fleet of 35 transport trucks (photo above) began ferrying equipment down the highway to Dorval, so we were all ready Monday afternoon for the return flights," said Boyer. So far, he says, the consolidation has been "a pleasant surprise. It went much better than we thought it would".

Issue Dated November 1997.

This photo by Brian Losito (company photographer) is the most visible and colourful reminder of the Children's Miracle Network on this Air Canada A320 fin #205, painted with children's faces.

tmb 550 a320 painted children

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