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tmb 550 between ourselves emblem

019 Midsummer 1944Here we have more front covers of the TCA 'Between Ourselves' magazine from mid-summer (left) through December 1944. 

tmb 020 Sept 1944September tmb 021 Oct 1944October

tmb 022 Nov 1944November

tmb 023 Dec 1944December

facebook logo 100x100Found on the Vickers Viscount Network Facebook page

Jerry Olenko has posted these three photos of Air Canada Viscounts being scrapped in a field near the West end of Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, Canada in the 1970s.

tmb viscount 1Jerry Olenko has posted these three photos of Air Canada Viscounts being scrapped in a field near the West end of Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, Canada in the 1970's.
tmb viscount 2 tmb viscount 3

These pictures were found on a friend's hard drive and show the last days of the magnificent Vickers Viscount in Winnipeg.

Also posted was CF-THI National Museum of Science and Technology - November 1969 to January 2000. Donated by Air Canada for preservation in TCA livery.

Taken at Rockcliffe Airfield, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada November 18, 1969 just after its arrival from Dorval. The ferry crew were, left to right:

Captain R. A. (Bob) Coneen and First Officer D. B. (Doug) Seagrim. The aircraft was officially handed over on the following day.

Photo source Douglas (Doug) Seagrim.

tmb 550 viscount 5

tmb 550 horizons classic

Found in 'Horizons' magazine

Issue dated August 1992.

A marathon run.

A team of Air Canada runners participated in the 1992 Theatre Calgary Road Race.

The event, to raise funds for Theatre Calgary, consisted of 10 legs between six and 11 miles. The Air Canada team completed the race in just over 10 hours, finishing 75th in a field of 100 teams.

The runners pictured here are, from left to right: Customer Sales and Service Agents George Smith, Barb Naugler and Rene Hale; Al Barbaro, Station Attendant; Chuck Regehr, Maridee Coulter, Purser; Greg Fletcher, Wendy Clark, Passenger Sales Supervisor; Gaylene Lewis, Customer Sales and Service Agent and (kneeling) Brent Bromhead, Station Attendant.

Missing from the photo are: Jamie Naugler, Station Attendant; Bob Johnson, Glenda Wiens and Denise Gaudreault, Customer Sales and Service Agents.

tmb 550 yyc marathon run

Issue dated December 1997.

tmb john youngIn 1997, John Young was Europe's longest serving Certified Aircraft Technician for Air Canada at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) with 35 years to his credit. 

tmb stu vokeyHere we have Stu Vokey, CS&SA. St. John's International Airport (YYT) being presented with his 35 year service pin by Dave Mercer, Manager, Customer Service, Newfoundland.

November 1997, 185 years of service celebrated at YWG.

An anniversary dinner was held earlier this year in Winnipeg for In-Flight Personnel.

Left to right: Linda Meckling (30 years), Marie Reid (25 years), Carole Stiller (25 years), Judy Smith (25 years), Linda Ross (25 years), Linda Flanagan (30 years) and Linda Bjorkland (25 years).

tmb 550 ywg anniversary

Issue dated February 1998.

December 10, 1997 marked the official launch of Air Canada's extensive program of support for the Canadian Olympic Association.

At a press conference in Hangar 6400 at Pearson International Airport (YYZ), Olympic officials, and Air Canada representatives witnessed the unveiling of the Airbus 340 which will carry Canada's Olympic hopefuls. What a sight!

The official plane of Canada's Olympic Team was adorned with giant decals of a hockey goalie, wearing the Canadian team colours, and a yellow outfitted downhill skier. The decal operation on the plane's tail area took six people and approximately 15 hours to install.

Created from 3M Aircraft, a self-adhesive product specially designed for use on aircraft, these decals stand as high as a two-storey building, measuring 15 metres long and eight metres high. The plane was in service until March, 1998 for destinations served by the A340 aircraft. 

The technical team which handled the decoration of the official plane of Canada's Olympic team worked meticulously under tight deadlines.

Pictured, left to right are: Lucien Martin, Michel Mainville, Daniel Lortie, Dieter Jakubzig, Michel Truchon and Daniel Lacroix.

tmb 550 olympic a340 aircraft

Starting up new U.S. stations.

In 1997, the progression of the 'Open Skies Project' led to the start-up of eight new Air Canada stations in the United States.

Dallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, Phoenix, Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Milwaukee were added to the long list of Air Canada destinations. These inaugurals required a great deal of work and team effort.

Pictured are some members of the Cleveland team, left to right: Al Zeller, Susan Sefcek, Mel Lang, Dreya Wiggins, Lucia Valletta, Lisa Welty, Sally Cleary, Abby Morse, Joe Marcoli, Gordon Zickefoose, Darnice Morton, Jack Kmal (Continental Ramp Agent); Bob Mawhinney and Chuck Bushley.

tmb 550 cleveland staff 1997