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Photo below is a Nordair Douglas DC-4 (C-54G Skymaster) CF-IQM c/n 36088 at Prestwick Airport circa 1959-1961. 

Here likely on an immigrant charter to Canada judging by the crowd of onlookers. Later it went to Buffalo Airways and believed to be out of service by 2021.

Source: Larry Milberry at

tmb 550 nordair cf iqm

Excerpt from Larry's blog:

Having started as USAAC C-60A 42-56041, Lodestar CF- CPK came to Canada for Canadian Pacific Airlines (CPA) in July 1943. It then served the company's far-flung routes from Vancouver, across the Rockies to Edmonton, and north down the route to Whitehorse and other points on the Northwest Staging Route.

Duties included supporting wartime construction projects such as the Alaska Highway and the CANOL pipeline. With the advent at CPA of the DC-3, CF-CPK was sold in 1950 to Canada Packers Ltd. of Toronto, a major meat processing company.

On February 10, 1960, during an ice storm at Malton, CF-CPK flew through a tree while trying to land, then diverted to Niagara Falls, New York. On October 16, 1969 CF-CPK was flying between Opa-locka and St. Petersburg, Florida when fire erupted.

A successful crash-landing was made, but the old Lodestar was a dead loss. In this classic view (below), notice how CF-CPK proudly flew the company logo. These still were the days when a corporate plane often showed the company colours, unlike today, when nearly all such aircraft operate in as much secrecy as possible. I photographed CF-CPK running up at Malton (YYZ) on February 5, 1961.

Source: Larry Milberry at

Editors' Note: CF-CPK, c/n 2534, delivered July 29, 1943 assigned fin # 266 and sold to Canada Packers September 22, 1950.

Source: CPAL History by D.M. Bain

cpa cf cpk

tmb info canadian
From the Air Canada 'Horizons' magazine.

Issue dated May 1973.

PWA taps ReserVec II in computer lease.

The formal signing of the contract took place May 17, 1973, allowing PWA to share space in Air Canada's ReserVec II. 

From issue dated November 1973.

When Pacific Western Airlines entered the computerized reservations age by joining the Air Canada’s ReserVec system, PWA employees were asked to suggest a name for their new system.

The final selection from more than 200 entries was ALFIE (Airline Flight Information Electronics) submitted by Captain Alan Joy. He is shown below receiving his prizes of two company passes to Vienna from Dunc Laing, Vice President, Western Region, Vancouver, (AC) left and a cheque from Jack Cooke, Vice President, Customer Services, PWA, right.

tmb 200 alfie tmb 300 alfie 1

Recent postings from the site –

Posted on April 29, 2021 - The End of an Era.

Two Boeing 767-275 aircraft return to Calgary on their last flight for their eventual disposition to Air Canada. A sad day indeed. 

Editors' Note: We wrote about these two aircraft (Air Canada fin nos. 671 & 672) in NetLetter # 1445.

tmb 550 pwa 767

Posted on June 19, 2021 - Route Map 1985-1986.

tmb pwa route map 1985 1986This route map was current in 1985-1986.

A busy airline that provided jet services to so many western Canada communities.

Posted on February 16, 2021 -

PWA Soccer Team vs. New Zealand.

This is a photo after the PWA team (YVR) had beaten Air New Zealand at the tournament in 1983, at the British Airways Centre, Heathrow.

A great tournament, with teams from all over the world, and a good time was had by all. Thank You

Regards R. Dick, YVR - Now Happily Retired from the airline, and sports. 

tmb 550 pwa soccer team

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