Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter Since 1995

Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

We have, with permission from Larry Milberry, some photos and stories of aircraft once operated by Trans-Canada Air Lines. We will present these over several NetLetter issues.

Source: via Larry Milberry @ www.canavbooks.wordpress.com

Excerpt from 'Chasing Airplanes: My 1961 Road Trip

I knocked around Fort William airport for a day, until boarding TCA Flight 53 (Viscount CF-THX) for Winnipeg. Taking off at 2145, we landed 1:50 hours later. Having no options, I slept in the passenger terminal, then was up early to start the day. I had set myself a budget of $2 a day, so needed to be innovative about meals and accommodations. I could get something like a fried egg sandwich, or, wieners and beans plus a drink for about 50 cents. That was about the extent of the “admin” side of my trip.

I noted three TCA DC-3's at Winnipeg on September 4. These still were needed to cover Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) prairie routes to such smaller communities as Brandon and North Battleford. Here are views of CF-TES awaiting its day's work.

Originally RAF FL547 in January 1944, in 1946 "TES" was converted by Canadair for TCA. 

Editors' Note: DC-3P CF-TES fin #391 c/n 11906 purchased by Canadair as one of 225 surplus C47's from the RAF and reworked at the Canadair Conversion Plant and delivered January 17, 1947. Sold to Transair on April 13, 1963 then to Lambair in June 1967. Withdrawn from service 1970.

Source: Air Canada 'A Pocket Guide'.

tmb 550 cf tes

tmb 550 cf tes 1

tmb 550 horizons classic

Found in 'Horizons' magazine

Issue dated March 1998

Present to celebrate the recent inauguration of Aeroplan's Super Elite desk in Montreal were:

Left to right: Steve Beisswanger, Maria Simonette, Christine Dean, Alain Parent, Vivian Sallai, Maria Peinado, Stephen Lussier, Gabriella Bars, Frank Di Lena and Dave Burns.

tmb 550 aeroplan team

These employees from Customer Service in Toronto, in 1998, celebrated an important service anniversary.

Seated, left to right: Dianne Luciani Cuss, Mike Roncetti, Shirley Goveia and Evelyn Costigan.

Middle row: Barry Coak, Lynda Bowles, Arlene Butler, Terry Ramsay, Marilyn Black, Sheilagh Dreyer, Elsa Kiertscher and Luna Boon.

Back row: Larry Beattie, Larry Jolicoeur, Muriel Gleeson, Anna Kennedy, Al Graham, Mary Jo Sorbera, Elsie Ford, Mike Craig, M. M. Hasselmann and Stew Frake.

tmb 550 customer svce yyz

tmb francoise girardFrancoise Girard, Senior Clerk, Paris, received roses on her 25th service anniversary.

She is congratulated by Annie Broquet, Manager, Personnel Services.

The following employees from In-flight Service in Montreal celebrated 25 years of service.

Top row: Raymond Aucoin, Louis Sergent, Roberta McKibbin, Carol Hayes, Vivianne Hainault, Micheline Godue, Jocelyne Desautels and Andrée Gouin.

Middle row: Barbara Jones, Denise Gref, Agnes Ségard, Michele Leroux, Danielle Brault, Patricia Fromont, Marie-Paule Crete and Pierre Dagenais.

Front row: Donna R. Bertie, Elise Amiot, Paulette Cloutier, Patricia Grimaud, Christiane T. Vigneault, Monique Collard and Francine Desautels.

tmb 550 in flt service yyz 25 years

In-flight Service in Toronto celebrated 25 years of service.

Seated, left to right: Ginette Simard, Marcia Finzi, Esther Devos-Netherby, Gay Moore and Brenda Holman.

Second row: Geraldine Marion, Heather Allison, Vivian Robertson, Palma Von Ferst, Joan Larkins and Susan Smith.

Third row: Louise Cadotte, Eve English, Vivian Crosby, Diane MacMillan, Eileen Anderson, Louise Hebert Rooney, Joanne Longmoore, Monika Kratochwill-Diaz, Herbert Langstein and Rene Lanczvoski.

Fourth row: Andre Fournier, Irene Pribble, Evelyn Frake, Vilma Innocente, Carla Baldwin and Ingrid Saaliste.

tmb 550 in flt service yyz 25 years

Fellow workers gather to offer anniversary wishes to Merl McAndrew, Certificated Station Agent in Fredericton, after 35 years of service.

Left to right: Bill Penney, Kit Blois, Michel Gauthier, Don Cairns, Merl McAndrew, Andrew Lint, Marc Belliveau, Mark Stevenson and Joel Ritcey.

tmb 550 merl macandrew fredericton

In-Flight Service employees from Halifax celebrate important anniversaries:

Left to right, front row: Flight Attendants Heather Smiley-Stone (25 years), Kathy Aitken (25 years) and Brenda Willey (25 years).

Back row: In-Charge Brian Murphy (30 years), Sandy Molson, Director, In-Flight Service Bases; Flight Attendant Dale Little (30 years), In-Charge Jill Sutherland (25 years) and Fight Attendant Andrea Cross (25 years).

tmb 550 in flt yhz staff