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Election charters

As Canada is now in the midst of an election campaign, I decided to look into the aircraft that are now being chartered for the three main parties. 

I don't know if the Bloc Québécois, Green or People's Party have chartered aircraft for their primarily regional campaigns.

I have noticed that, over the years, there has been significant growth in 'branding' the aircraft. I seem to remember that, at one time, usually the only change was a very simple decal identifying either the political party or its leader; as is the case with the NDP lease. However, it seems that  the Liberals and Conservatives can afford full makeover liveries.

Both the Liberals and Conservatives are leasing their A319-100 from Air Canada Jetz, while the New Democrats have leased a 28-year-old Boeing 737-500.

Images and history of the three aircraft below. Aircraft are listed in order of age (youngest first).

It would be great to hear from anyone who has served aboard any leased aircraft during either this or past election campaigns. 

tmb 550 C GBIK

C-GBIK (fin #282) was delivered to Air Canada in December 1998 and has been in the 'Jetz' fleet since September 2015. Currently leased to the Liberal Party.

Photo courtesy of Brodie Meeres @ JetPhotos.com


tmb 550 C GBHN

C-GBHN (fin #275) was delivered to Air Canada in January 1998 and has been in the 'Jetz' fleet since September 2013. Currently leased to the Conservative Party.

Photo courtesy of Chenhao Gong @ JetPhotos.com 

tmb 550 C GANJ

C-GANJ was delivered to Aer Lingus in February 1993 and was added to the Air North fleet in August 2012. Currently leased to the New Democratic Party. 

Photo courtesy of Gilbert Hechemawww.airliners.net/photo

Additional videos and photo gallery.

you tube linkLiberal Party charter departing Toronto for Vancouver on August 17. Posted by Ernest Gutschik Aviation.

you tube linkConservative Party charter arriving in Hamilton from Ottawa on August 25. Posted by Haseeb Khan Aviation.

twitter iconNew Democratic Party charter photo gallery posted by Tom Podolec Aviation.