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Subscriber Peter Wallis advised that former Canadian Airlines CEO, Rhys Eyton, has been inducted into the Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF) as a member for 2022.

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Excerpt from the CAHF website:

A leader in Canada’s commercial aviation sector, Rhys Eyton joined the Finance Department of Pacific Western Airlines in 1967. Over the next decade he assumed positions of increasing responsibility until, in March 1976, he was appointed President and CEO of the airline.

In addition to streamlining the company, Rhys began to acquire regional carriers and then, in 1987, Canadian Pacific Air Lines. The new company, Canadian Airlines, expanded again following a merger with Wardair. In 1989 Rhys was appointed Chairman, President, and CEO of Canadian Airlines International and served in this capacity until retirement in 1995.

With the permission of Larry Milberry, this information on a Nordair DC-4.

The first place that I photographed a DC-4 was at Dorval in 1959. Here's a later scene there showing CF-JIR in Nordair colours on September 5, 1960.

Delivered to the USAAF in 1944, it had gone to Pan Am in 1947 as N88923, 'Clipper West Wind'. It migrated to Colombia in 1953, before reaching Canada in 1957 for Eastern Canada Stevedoring Co., which used it to position ships' crews around the country.

Various Dorval-based air carriers later flew "JIR". It returned to the USA in 1969 as N3802. Various adventures ensued, some suggesting that the old crock still could get into trouble. It was scrapped in Florida in 1984. 

Source: Larry Milberry @ www.canavbooks.wordpress.com

Editors' Note: Known as model C-54-A-15-DC, here is a history -

  • CF-JIR Eastern Canada Stevendoring Co. left 1956
  • Notre Dame Air Transport left 1958
    Wheeler Airlines left 1960
  • Nordair left 1962
  • Eastern Provincial Airways left January, 1965
    Nordair sold July 24, 1965 to Homer O Rich, left March 4, 1969

Source: planelogger.com

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Canadian Airlines B-737-200, C-GCPY,  at Toronto (YYZ) on September 3, 1990. "CPY" joined Canadian in October 1981 as 'Empress of Grande Prairie' then plodded along into 2003.

In 2004 it migrated to Indonesia as PK-MBS. It's listed as sent for scrapping in 2006.

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Below is the history of C-GCPY from planelogger.com
tmb 550 life of c gcpy