Eastern Provincial Airways historical fleet.

Source: Air Canada 75th anniversary book. 

eastern provincial airways

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From the "InfoCanadi>n" magazine.

Issue dated March 1988

Excerpts from News Briefs section

During 1988, Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport had opened a special departure lounge for cows. Pre-flight drinks and food were served to Europe's increasing number of jet setting cattle.

At least 10,000 Dutch cows passed through the airport destined mostly for the Middle East. Schiphol also had an animal hotel where they could stay overnight to sleep off jetlag before continuing their journey. 

On a special flight to raise money for children's charities world-wide a United Airlines B-747SP, flying east from Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington, set a new global speed record, January 28, 1988 by circling the earth in 36 hours, 54 minutes, and 15 seconds. The new record eclipsed the 1985 record held by a Gulfstream III that made the journey in 45.5 hours.

Trojan of California routes leaves service in April 1988.

Aircraft fin #766, a 19-year veteran of the B-737 fleet ended its service with the company on April 9, 1988. The aircraft was one of five sold October, 1987 to AIG Leasing of Hackensack, New Jersey. Also sold was fin #767, however it has been leased back for two-years.

The two aircraft were the only B-737s in the fleet fitted with First Class seats and for many years have been the workhorses of the California routes. Of the other aircraft sold, fin #793 left the fleet last October 1987. Fin #791 left at the end of June, 1988 and #792 left at the end of July 1988.

"The aircraft were sold as they were surplus to our requirements," explained Dennis Merrigan, vice president, fleet planning. The new B-767's coming on line beginning in April 1988 will improve the fleet's overall seating capacity.

The company now operates 72 B-737's, of which six are on short-term leases. All are model 200's except for three of the leased aircraft, which are model 300's. The company had no plans to acquire additional B-737's in the near future.

Service to Portugal came to an end on October 26, 1988.

The last flight being CP63 outbound from Lisbon to Toronto. The inaugural flight was May 30, 1957. A realignment of European routes gives Lisbon and other southern points to Air Canada, with
Canadian getting entry to Germany and other northern European cities.

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