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2001 -historic dates x200

  • November - Tango, Air Canada's low fare product, commenced operations using A320 equipment.
  • October - AC Jetz was launched with four B-737 reconfigured to 48 seats to serve the travel needs of the sports teams and corporate clients.

tmb 550 between ourselves emblem
Here we have more front covers of the 'Between Ourselves' magazine from September to December 1945.
031 Sep 1945  tmb 032 Oct 1945
September October

tmb 033 Nov 1945 tmb 034 Dec 1945
November December

A recent Pionairs Alliance newsletter tells us that the Pionairs association was incorporated in 1977 with 250 members, and so it is the 45th anniversary year in 2022!!!!

We, at The NetLetter, reviewed the history of Pionairs -

tmb 550 horizons classic

Found in 'Horizons' magazine 

Issue dated May 1977

The Pionairs. A new retiree association.

Retirees now have a golden opportunity to keep in touch with one another with the recent formation of a Retired Air Canada Employees' Association called the 'Air Canada Pionairs'.

The idea of forming such an association was spawned at a large social gathering of retired employees, and a seven-member steering committee was elected by those present to assist in setting one up.

Because of the favourable response, an interim executive was elected to act on behalf of the Pionairs until the first annual general meeting is held.

Those elected were:

  • President - Martin Betts
  • Vice Presidents - Cliff Seddon and Emily Coxon
  • Secretary Treasurer - open
  • Directors Dave Clarke, Walter Lawlor, Bill Spratt and Lindy Rood.

A $2.00 donation was suggested to help offset expenses.

In September 1977, The Company has authorized us to use the name 'AIR CANADA PIONAIRS'.

A draft Constitution and By-Laws have been prepared and these will be further refined for presentation at the first General Meeting.

While it was the wish of the committee to hold the first General Meeting in the fall of 1977 it would have conflicted with the TCA (Retired) Alumnae Meeting so it was now planned to hold the first social/business get together in the spring (late April or early May) of 1978 probably in the Miami area where there are large motels with suitable accommodation and reasonable rates.

In March 1978, the official notice of the meeting advising the dates of May 4, 5 and 6, 1978 to be held at Miami Beach.

'Horizons' issued dated May 1978 gave a detailed report of the first AGM of the Air Canada Pionairs.

The meeting also elected its first executive (pictured below):

  • President  - Martin Betts
  • 1st Vice President - Bill Spratt
  • 2nd Vice President - Denny Brendon
  • Secretary - Dave Clarke 
  • Treasurer - Scott Bradell

All lived in the Vancouver area.

first pionairs executive

tmb 550 horizons 

Issue dated November 2000

Serving up another successful ACRA tennis tournament.

From September 21 - 27, over 40 people enjoyed great weather at the Lake Okanagan Resort, home of the 2000 ACRA Tennis tournament.

Here they are enjoying a little après-tennis "as they smile for the camera - not the birdie.

Editors' note: Unfortunately, no names were provided, we count 39 people , perhaps the 40th was taking the photo.

tmb 550 acra tennis 2000

Early days of de-icing our aircraft.

Article by George Brien, retired Passenger Service Supervisor, Halifax

Yesterday's de-icing equipment seems archaic when compared to today’s drive-through de-icing systems and reclaimable fluids. Although my experience dates to 1953, I suspect methods used at the time were similar to those of the previous 10-15 years.

Low tech

Spraying the low-slung DC-3 was easy. Stations had a good supply of brooms and mops to brush wings and control surfaces clean. If required, we'd complete the job by mopping them with cold Standard De-icing Fluid (SDF) or glycol.

Going high tech

Holding two-three gallons of fluid, the backpack sprayer was the first step toward high technology. With a co-operative tailwind, an operator could hand pump a tiny spray - four or five feet in diameter. An unfortunate headwind meant a shower of de-icing fluid.

Once, in Fredericton, we had a tough time keeping up with the falling snow. The captain suggested we use wing covers to protect surfaces from accumulating snow or freezing rain. We weren't sure how this would get the flight airborne, but were willing to try.

Covers were slipped on and tied down, customers boarded, and the captain requested start up. The ground crew followed the slow moving taxiing aircraft. The captain nodded, the ground crew quickly removed the covers, power was applied, and away it went. Then, like now, spraying was an important part of our standard operating procedure.