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Special Purpose B-747 Preservation - The 'Party Plane'

Although the 'Queen of the Skies' may be disappearing from the skies, it will always be beloved by aviation enthusiasts.  Unfortunately, many young people, such as videographers who post on YouTube, will probably not ever enjoy the experience of flying on a B-747. I certainly have fond memories of every trip, including my only 'First Class' flight, on board these beautiful aircraft.

When I came across an article about B-747's preserved for special purposes such as hotels, restaurants or general tourism, I had to investigate. These aircraft may be the only opportunity for future generations to view these remarkable achievements in aviation. 

One particular aircraft has found a new function as a 'Party Plane'. 

British Airways' B-747-400 registration G-CIVB was originally delivered in February 1994 and named 'City of Lichfield'. It served its entire 26-year career with BA until withdrawn from service in October 2020. Along with other retired aircraft from the BA fleet, it was stored at Cotswold Airport (GBA)

Cotswold Airport bought the plane from British Airways for £1 ($1.35) and converted it into a 'party plane' that rents it out for £1,000 per hour ($1,340) or €12,000 for 24 hours ($16,100).

Read the full story at: www.businessinsider.com

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