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perx emblemA taste of some interline deals from PERX and Dargal. 
tmb 550 crown paradise
  • Crown Paradise Club Puerto Vallarta, starting from $206/night AI ($103 per person)
  • Crown Paradise Club Cancun, starting from $278/night AI. ($139 per person)

tmb 550 montego bay
  • Bahia Principe Luxury Runaway Bay, Montego Bay, starting from $257/night AI, ($129 per person), Adults Only
  • Jewel Paradise Cove Adult Beach Resort & Spa, Montego Bay, starting from $246/night AI, ($123 per person), Adults Only
  • Secrets St James Montego Bay, Montego Bay, starting from $388/night AI, ($194 per person), Adults Only

All resort rates listed are per person, per night based on double occupancy ($USD).
PERX.com brought to you by Interline Vacations
12708 Riata Vista Circle, Suite A-125, Austin, TX 78727
Tel: 512-691-4500 1-888-737-9266 

Airplane enthusiasts now have a front row seat to London International Airport’s (YXU) runways.

London, Ontario – In partnership with local businesses, London International Airport (LIA) announces the opening of YXU Air Park, London’s first public plane spotting park.

Located on Creamery Road, plane spotters can enjoy optimal views of aircraft landing and taking off from the most frequently used runway at LIA, Runway 15-33.

YXU Air Park is equipped with a parking lot and informational signage to educate park visitors on London’s rich aviation history, most common aircraft types to land at LIA and more!

Source: london.ctvnews.ca

moscow inaug first day cover e bayThis first day cover to commemorate the inauguration of service between Montreal and Moscow on November 1, 1966 is available on e-Bay.


Corendon Boeing 747-400 - aircraft after life!

tmb 747 klmContinuing the 'Wayne's Wings' item from NetLetter #1481, another B-747-400 converted into a tourist attraction is the Queen of the Skies parked outside the Corendon Village Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

The jumbo jet is actually a retired KLM aircraft, registration PH-BFB, named 'City of Bangkok' that flew for the Dutch airline for 30 years. It was taken out of service in 2018 and acquired by Corendon.

To get the 160-ton plane to the hotel, it was transported via highway and through fields on a 200-ton trailer with 192 wheels.

The aircraft has been adorned in Corendon colours and put on display so the public can walk around or sit underneath the jet. Visitors can also tour the B-747’s interior to see its seats, cockpit, and galleys.

Source: www.corendonhotels.com

Additional history: nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/PH-BFB (in Dutch)

tmb 550 747 klm 2

Photo by Erikswcommons.wikimedia.org

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