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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

Here we have the first in a series of the history of the fleets of Canadi>n legacy airlines. This graphic covers the era from 1942 to 1964. 

The many small aircraft types at the top of the image are among those operated by the 10 carriers acquired by the Canadian Pacific Railway in the early 1940's and merged to establish Canadian Pacific Air Lines in 1942.

The predecessor operators were Ginger Coote Airways, Yukon Southern Air Transport, Wings, Prairie Airways, Mackenzie Air Services, Arrow Airways, Starratt Airways, Quebec Airways, Montreal & Dominion Skyways and Canadian Airways.

Aircraft identification by Ken Pickford.

There will be more in the next NetLetter.

Source: Air Canada 75th anniversary poster.

tmb 550 canadian 01

tmb info canadian

From the "InfoCanadi>n" magazine.

Issue dated July 1993.

Float powered by flowers.

For the first time, Canadian Airlines employees are entering a float in the Calgary Stampede Parade, which took place on July 9, 1993. The float was to thank Calgary for its support of Canadian Airlines. The float, built in the shape of an aircraft, was designed and constructed by volunteers.

In this photo from left: Jack Crowle, Barry Kelland, Vern Adams, Don Bunnah and Gerry Stoddart. As well, about 120 employees helped make 15,000 decorating flowers (one to represent each Canadian employee). 

cpa float designers

Testing the flower power was, from left: Louise Ingram, Fran Lagace, Karen Lambert, Patricia Vandermeulen and Lin Ingeberg. Six Calgary Stampeders football players rode in the float and 16 Canadian employees carried banners.

The float also appeared at Edmonton's Klondike Day Parade on July 22, 1993. Bolo ties and "Proud to call Calgary home" T-shirts were sold to raise money for the float. 

cpa flower power