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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

Historic Dates x350
  • 1972
    • April 30 - Rapidair was introduced in Toronto and Montreal to provide business travellers with regular and convenient short-haul flights between the two cities.
  • 2002
    • May 13 - Inaugural service Vancouver-Anchorage.
    • June 13 - Non-stop service Toronto - Dublin introduced with B-767 equipment.
    • Non-stop service Toronto - Amsterdam introduced.

Here we have some TCA adverts.

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tmb cf tjc tmb cf tde
Lockheed L-14-08
Super Electra CF-TJC.
Lockheed L-18-08A
Lodestar CF-TDE - Fin # 52

tmb tca advert tmb dc 8 rr
The Fast way to
All Canada and Europe
DC-8 first Rolls-Royce
powered in the world.

Larry Milberry has this information in his blog which he kindly shares with our readers -

On the left, Air Canada DC-9-32 C-FTLR (Fin 717) departing YYZ. Views from the underside often reveal that an airliner is overdue for a good wash. Having served the company from September 1967 to April 1997, "TLR" was sold to Philippine operator CEBU Pacific Air, where it served as RP-C1508 into 2006.

On the right,  CF-TMA (Fin 726) on approach. It also went to CEBU in December 1997 for a short second career as RP-C1535 until withdrawn from service in October 2001. 

 tmb cf tlr  tmb cf tma

tmb cf c gaaeAir Canada B-727-200 C-GAAE (Fin #405) joined Air Canada in October 1974. After almost 20 years of good service, it went to FedEx as freighter N254FE "Courtney'.

In 2010 it went into final storage at Victorville airport, California. It was scrapped, then cancelled from the US civil aircraft register in April 2013.

tmb 550 horizons

Found in the 'Horizons' magazine.

Issue dated December 2001 / January 2002.

Red coat agents at the ready.

A new program launched during the fall of 2001 in Toronto supports other agents and our customers with service issues, and during irregular operations.

Located at gates and check-in, they help ensure our customers receive top notch service from Air Canada.

Standing, left to right: Carl Osenenko, Anil DeSouza, Alison Edge, Derek Whalen, Phyllis Carrera, Ryan Venturina and Randy Rose.

Sitting, left to right: Nancy McKinnon, Lisa Morris, Christine Chudyk, Customer Service Manager; Diane Falcone and Julia Bernstein.

tmb 550 yyz red coats