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2016 - Air Canada Rouge service launched:

  • May 19 - Toronto - London (Gatwick).
  • May-29 - Toronto - Prague.

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Found in 'Horizons' magazine

Issue dated March 2002.

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DC-9 calls it a day.

After 35 years of service, the DC-9 was retired from the fleet on January 13, 2002. It has left behind the legacy of being the workhorse of the short-haul markets, especially during the introduction of the jet age.

In the early 1960's. the airline needed to purchase a short/medium-haul jet. "Based on economics, technical studies, and passenger traffic forecasts, the DC-9 was purchased for its low operating costs and ability to provide frequent service between short-haul markets," said George Reeleder, Senior Director Scheduling.

"The DC-9 was not only ordered as a prop replacement but it was a competitive necessity as U .S. carriers such as American, Delta and United were going to introduce jets on competitive routes to New York and Chicago. The Vickers Vanguard just could not compete in the jet era."

With a seating capacity of 72, the DC-9-14 quickly proved too small and its range was limited.

On June 12, 1965, the airline ordered twelve DC-9-32's. It was 4.5 metres longer and could seat up to 115 passengers. Equipped with a high-lift wing system of leading edge slats, it provided better short-field performance and increased lift allowed pilots to fly the aircraft slower and therefore use less runway for landing. The 30 series became the best-selling version of the DC-9 as airlines appreciated its economics and performance.

"You fly it manually. There are no computers," said Captain Martin Herron who flew the aircraft for 18 years. I'm going to miss flying that airplane." 

tmb 550 bye bye dc 9 1

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From an article by Mary Manni,

Coach/Counsellor at Toronto's Call Centre.

  • Air Canada was the first international carrier to order the DC-9.
  • The DC-9-14's cost $4 million each.
  • The first Air Canada flight occurred on April 6, 1966, Montreal - New York (JFK).
  • DC-9 was Air Canada's first aircraft to provide liftable armrests.
  • DC-9 was Air Canada's first aircraft to have an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).
  • Air Canada ordered 50 between November 1963 and February 1973.
A retirement party was held on February 15, 2002. Employees gathered together to bid adieu at Montreal's Maintenance Hangar. One of the highlights was the auction of DC-9 prized parts. All proceeds were given to charity.

Issue dated July/August 2002.

Destina.ca was launched in April 2002.

Within three years, the Canadian online travel industry was expected to generate some $4.5 billion in travel business. It is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Internet, and it's for that reason that Air Canada launched Destina.ca in April.

"We launched Destina.ca because the world of distribution is being re-defined, and we saw an opportunity to play a lead role in the evolution of distribution in Canada," said Lise Fournel, President & CEO Destina and VP Information Technology - 2003 - 2006.

"Destina.ca is part of Air Canada's strategy to develop competitive business units that generate revenue and save money for the corporation."

Editors' note: Destina.ca has since ceased operation. 

Lise Fournel continued in the position of Senior Vice-President E-Commerce and Information Technology from May 2006 to April 2016.

Below - The Destina.ca crew take a well-earned break to pose for Horizons.

tmb 550 destina ca crew

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