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Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.


In NetLetter #1475, we mentioned a new Facebook page titled Air Canada Family Friends by Ann Harper and David Slobod.

They have now set up their own website: Air Canada Family Friends Reach (ACFF Reach).

Intro below:

This is a progressive step forward that will offer our Facebook ACFF membership the opportunity to look for and connect with an even wider array of colleagues dating as far back as our memories stretch. Around this “ACFF Reach” table we can share a sense of history and remember times of transition from the Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) inaugural flight of September 1, 1937 through to January 1965 when the national airline, Air Canada, was born.

The journey from government ownership to privatization enriched our lives by allowing us to see the past as an important mindset in moving forward to an incredible future.

Editors' Note: Well worth a visit.

The National UK pension has increased by 3.1%. Unfortunately, this does not affect the pensions received by expats living in Canada or New Zealand which are without a reciprocal social security deal with the UK.

The pension payments are frozen and fall in real terms year-to-year, despite having paid the full contributions while living and working in the UK. The weekly rate is now GBP141.85 (CAD221.00) for the basic state pension, and GBP185.15 (CAD297.00) for the new state pension. The "freeze" is costing an expat up to GBP7,000 (CAD11,270.00) per year. (Rate $1.61 April 29, 2022.) 

Hobbit-themed getaway in Okanagan highlands becomes coveted minibreak location.

tmb hobbit houseNestled in between the Kootenay Boundary Region and the Okanagan Valley is a little piece of Middle Earth. 

Modelled after the Hobbit Hole owned by the star of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit — Bilbo Baggins — the earth home is just minutes outside of Osoyoos. It boasts a kitchenette, fireplace, dreamy bedroom and outdoor fire pit where guests can let their imaginations run wild.

Many people even come in costume as their favourite hobbit, elf, dwarf or character.




Continuation of the Air Canada nee Trans-Canada Air Lines History. Started in NetLetter #1483.

(Source: Air Canada 75 years of innovation)

  • 1959
    • The rapid growth of airline traffic in Canada spurs airport building in 1959, including Malton Airport in Toronto (Pearson's precursor, below left).
    • Meanwhile in Montreal, construction of Dorval's new $20-million maintenance and overhaul base begins, in preparation for the big jets; the upcoming DC-8's and Vickers Vanguards. The base is designed solely for turbine-powered aircraft and covers a massive 18 acres.
  • 1960
    • TCA breaks ground by using jet aircraft for non-military purposes. The first of its revolutionary DC-8s begins service from Montreal to London on June 1, 1960. Flight time is reduced from 11 hours to six.
  • 1962
    • In honour of its 25th anniversary, TCA flies a trusty Lockheed Electra from Halifax to Vancouver. Company staff has grown from 71 to 11,719 in a quarter century.
    • The Queen Mother chooses a TCA flight from London to Montreal on June 7, 1962, as her first commercial flight alongside other passengers (Below right).

More next NetLetter – Editors. 

tmb malton airport tmb queen mother