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Roger Shergold posted this recently on the CP Air Facebook page -

FYI everyone, I have just listed myself from YVR to LHR and back using the C1 pass. Please note that the UK departures taxes go up to $414.61 since you are now a J class passenger. Using a C2 pass the UK departure tax is $251.71.

Still exorbitant, but better. Might be worth considering not using C1 passes out of the UK.

Peter Foreman responded -

Good Grief!! UK dept. taxes have been punitive for years, but this is outrageous. Whatever does C2 or C1 have to do with airport costs? You always were a Top Agent looking out for the employees and you are still doing it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Hope you have enough fun in the UK to soften the blow.

Roger Shergold answered -

Thanks Peter, kind words. A colleague of mine has suggested the best alternative is to route myself via DUB. And then use Z fares to travel to wherever I am going in the UK. Worth looking at. Ireland charges $15.40 as opposed to England who charges $390.00!

tca named air canada 1965Continuation of the Air Canada nee Trans-Canada Air Lines History -  Started in NetLetter #1483.

(Source: Air Canada 75 years of innovation)

  • 1963
    • Reservec, the world's first computerized reservation system, changes the ticketing game on January 24, 1963.
    • TCA becomes the world's first major airline with an all-turbine fleet when it retires its last propeller-driven aircraft, a DC-3, in 1963.
  • 1964
    • Priceless cargo: Worth a lofty million dollars, the famous De Beers Collection of coloured diamonds lands in Montreal aboard a TCA DC-8 in 1964.
  • 1965
    • Air Canada gets the royal seal of approval. On January 1, 1965, TCA is renamed Air Canada (first photo below), and the Queen flies from Ottawa to London aboard a DC-8 on October 13, 1964 to inaugurate the company's new bilingual moniker (photo above).
    • Staying toasty. Air Canada is the first airline to install covered passenger walkways linking terminals and aircraft in 1965.
    • The same year, the airline also helps make history by assisting Midas and Royston Instruments, an English electronics company, to develop the multichannel flight recorder, the world's first black box.
    • Queen Mother arrives in Toronto aboard a regularly scheduled flight from London, England June 23, 1965 (second photo below). Air Canada  President, G. R. McGregor, is shown as he was presented to Her Royal Highness. He later attended a dinner given in her honour by the Empire Club in Toronto. The Queen Mother visited Toronto in connection with the golden jubilee celebrations of the Toronto Scottish Regiment. She is Colonel-in-Chief. (Source: Between Ourselves dated July 1965)

(More in the next NetLetter - NetLetter editors) 

tmb 550 queen ac807 1965 nl1488

tmb 550 queen mother

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