facebook logo 250x250Posted on the Nordair Facebook page by Don Buck April 11, 2021 -

It had been a long winter tour in Hall Beach. It was dark, the 22's were unusually cantankerous and my 4 weeks were over! Jake Baaker was a welcome sight when he wheeled up in old NAB and popped open the cargo door. I yelled up to him " Get me out of here Jake!".

He smiled and gave me thumbs up. Half an hour later he lit up the old 37, Shirley Doyle had made me a "cafe cognac" I strapped in, in the back and we were gone to YFB, and YUL. Jake greased her on in YFB, we offloaded a few pax and took on some fuel, a bit of freight and a bunch more pax, and the old JT8D's came to life again and we were gone!

Well almost! We taxied down to toward the end of the runway and turned around and taxied back to the terminal. I was summoned to the pointy end of the airplane where Jake met me and said, "We have a flat nose oleo!" By now it was late and all the ND ground personnel had scattered, no one answered the radio and cell phones had not been invented. I said "I know we have nitrogen in the garage to service stuff like this, I'll go have a look". Well as you all remember "B" and "H" were handicapped, as they had no airstairs. read more120t

Posted on the CP Air Facebook page by Sandi Reynolds on May 21, 2022.

tmb cpa sandi reynoldsFun coffee date today in YYJ (Victoria, B.C.) with old friends Dave Detwiller and Donna Mac.

So many good memories of YVRRR shared! 

tmb info canadian

From the "InfoCanadi>n" magazine.

Issued dated September 1987

tmb cpa bob roweJuly 20, 1987 was a proud day for Vancouver-based B-737 captain Bob Rowe.

He was on hand to watch his daughter Susan receive her wings and become a Canadian flight attendant.

Rowe, who has been with the airline since 1956, was invited to hand out certificates to the graduating class of 17.

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