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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

Andre Lizotte, former President of Nordair was appointed Chairman of the Board for Nationair, a new Canadian international charter carrier.

Andre St. Denis, formerly Air Canada's treasurer and a Nordair director, was appointed to Nationair's Board.

Source: Air Canada Horizons issue November 1984

One might say this story is long over and done, but Pacific Western Airlines Tail #732 did leave a mark in history. As Boeing advanced the B-737 Project and the aircraft certification program, an airplane with PWA was setting milestones ahead of all other B-737's.

In the early 1970's Tail #732 - CF-PWE would fly to from Edmonton to Inuvik loaded with cargo (3 pallets / 63 seats) at 22:00 each weekday and have a conversion done upon its return that would send it out the next morning across Western Canada only to be repeated again.

When re-certification was required Boeing took Tail #732 back to see what we were doing right. The aircraft returned to service and the work continued. Fin #732 was eventually sold and after wandering the world, she returned at the inception of WestJet.

Additional info from S. Gray -

Tail #732 carried Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and Princess Anne in July 1970 on a tour of the Arctic. The interior was configured with Boeing's Executive Suite.

Front end crew were Captains Robin Mackie and Jimmy Lightbown; Flight Attendants S. Gray, H. McLeod, G. Moore, B. Snyder and L. Duffy.

Pursers J. Bisaillon and R. Hatch along with Flight Engineer V. Robertson.

Lifecycle as per www.PlaneLogger.com

Registration Airline Delivered
 CF-PWE / C-FPWE  Pacific Western Airlines March 12, 1969
 EI-BJP  Nigeria Airways September 8, 1980
 N331XV Presidential Airways December 1,  1985
 N331XV Key Airlines January 1, 1987
 N331XV  Presidential Airways  September 1987
N331XV  Air Zaire May 31, 1990
N331XV Polaris Aircraft Leasing July 19, 1991
N331XV / C-GNWD NWT Air August 30, 1992
N331XV First Security Bank of Utah (Trustee) November 1995
C-GWJK WestJet March 1, 1996
XA-TRW Facts Air March 31, 2000

PlaneSpotters.net shows the aircraft as being withdrawn from service in 2005 and stored at Laredo International Airport in Texas. 

It was broken up in 2013

Original source: pwareunion.net

tmb 550 N331XV

NWT Air livery

Photo by Aero Icaruswww.flickr.com

Taken at Yellowknife, June 1993


Skytrain C-47A-20-DK c/n 12857 built as 42-92995 and delivered to the US Army Air Force on March 27, 1944, being assigned to the North African Wing of the US Air Transport Command on April 24, 1944.

It was returned to the USA on August 20, 1945, going to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation on June 5, 1946. As a DC-3 c/n 12857 registered as NC44587 it went to West Coast Airlines, Fleet No. 101, on November 6, 1946. 

A lease to Canada with Pacific Western Airlines as CF-ONH took place on April 17, 1962. It was back with West Coast Airlines on August 6, 1963, registered N44587, and sold back to Pacific Western Airlines again as CF-ONH on March 15, 1964.

Air West next bought this DC-3 and it became N44587. The Aerodyne Corporation of Renton, Washington, purchased the transport on January 28, 1969, and it was registered to them on April, 9 1969. Aerodyne went out of business and 12857 stood derelict at Renton from May 1974 until purchased by Salair (now defunct), which operated a fleet of DC-3 transports out of Seattle and Sacramento airports on cargo services.

Editors' Note: We looked up the current status and the aircraft is still registered N44587 and in service with a small Alaska-based cargo operator called 'DesertAir Alaska' (founded in Utah in the 1990's, thus the name). Legal name Desert Air Transport Inc. 

See: desertairalaska.com/our-fleet

tmb 550 saltair dc 3

Salair livery (date unknown)

tmb 550 n44587 DesertAir

DesertAir livery , May 2011

Photo by Frank Kovalchek @ commons.wikimedia.org

Posted on Nordair Facebook site by Wayne Hamidy.

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