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From the 'Esprit' magazine.

Issue dated  December 1986

Here is how it looked as employees hired in 1961 celebrated 25 years with the airline at a Hotel Vancouver dinner.


Tarmac nostalgia from 1974 . . . CPAL's last DC-3 and its first B-747

1st 747

Editors' Note: Ken Pickford noticed that the caption is incorrect. Actually the B-747 pictured was not CP's first, it was the second.

The first was C-FCRA, originally 'Empress of Asia' but changed fairly quickly to 'Empress of Japan', delivered November 15, 1973. The B-747 in the photo is C-FCRB, 'Empress of Canada' (name visible on forward fuselage), delivered December 3, 1973.

They were adjacent on the production line, 225th and 226th B-747's built. I'm not certain but I think that photo may have been taken in 1973, very soon after delivery and before it went into service. That last CP DC-3 (CF-CRX) was retained for pilot training when the last couple of DC-3s were retired from passenger service in 1969. It was sold to YVR-based Harrison Airways in October 1974.

Issue dated January 1987

Empress of Belwood

tmb cp mail boxB-737 captain Bruce Laxon created CF-JMJ (his wife's initials), the Empress of Belwood (his home town near Toronto), as the family mail box.

It's a basic metal mail box with wooden wings, tail and engines.

facebook logo 100x100Found on the CP Air Employees Facebook page -

tmb cpa simulatorPosted by Roy Marzetti -

This is Pat Parisien crashing the simulator in Hong Kong.

Posted by Irene Sam - PR for inaugural flight into Ottawa

tmb 550 cpa inaugural yow

From Larry Milberry at

C-FMAU is the Otter that the late Max Ward of Wardair used for years at his summer camp on the Copper Mine River, NWT. 'MAU' is a 'Texas Turbine' conversion using a 900-shp Garrett engine.

Pictured on the left  is the aircraft at a De Havilland Aircraft of Canada event in Downsview, Ontario. 

On the right, Ted Larkin caught 'MAU' in flight.

tmb cf mau max ward 01 tmb cf mau max ward 02

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