Extracted from Air Canada 'Horizons' magazine
Issued September 1972.

did you know 125x120On Friday, September 8, 1972, Air Canada reached an agreement with Mr. Maxwell W. Ward for the purchase from him of one-third of the outstanding common shares of Wardair Canada Ltd.

Notice of intent of this proposed acquisition was filed on the same day with the Canadian Transport Commission in accordance with the National Transportation Act.

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The Story of Wardair Canada Limited is the story of Maxwell William Ward.

Operating from his native Edmonton, Max Ward had parlayed a bush plane operation into Canada's largest charter airline. The Wardair jet fleet of two Boeing 707's and a B-727 provided an international charter service from seven cities in Canada, while the airline's red, white and blue de Havilland Otter aircraft (and a Bristol Freighter) continue its domestic operation from Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. Yellowknife was the first base of operations for Max Ward.

It was during his RCAF career as a flying instructor in Canada that he decided to continue flying after the war.

He first worked for a company called Northern Flights, flying vegetables from Peace River to Yellowknife, and in 1946, bought a Fox Moth with war savings bonds and based himself at Yellowknife as the Polaris Charter Company. He flew prospectors and government men through the Northwest Territories.

With no charter license, Ward was forced into partnership when the Air Transport Board ruled that all northern flying operations had to be by chartered companies. By 1948, he and his partner's three aircraft were Yellowknife Airways — but Ward soon lost everything.

Debts were paid by working as a pilot for others and a stint as a house-builder. Then Max Ward was ready to begin again. On his second attempt, Ottawa granted his license as Wardair Limited and his next goal was an airplane. read more100t

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Marlie Kelsey, Judy Lucas and David Detwiller

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Canadi>n B-747-400 'Maxwell W. Ward'
 arriving at Hong Kong Kai-Tak International in 1997.

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