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 ZIP Revisited

 I first wrote about my memories of ZIP back in 2019, NetLetter #1414. During our NetLetter team ZOOM session a few weeks ago, we once again got into a bit of a discussion on how much fun the liveries were. They seem to be forever engraved in our memories.

While browsing through our library of internal magazines, I came upon a few pictures in a PDF document photo history of Canadian Airlines including photos up until the merger. Still fun memories.

Below is a small sampling of the 20 aircraft listed in the historic ZIP fleet with a brief description of their current status.

Editor's Note: I do not know if any of these photos are under copyright. No infringement is intended.

tmb 250 Zip C GCPS


Preserved in Mexico
as an instructional airframe. 

 tmb 250 Zip C FCPN


Broken up in 2015

tmb 250 ZIP C GFCP


Stored since 2014

tmb 250 Zip C GCPU


Preserved at Suwuk Beach (Indonesia)
for display purposes

tmb 250 Zip C GMCP 1 tmb 250 Zip C GMCP 2


Candy Cane livery for Christmas 

Scrapped in 2005

tmb 550 Zip 510


Santa's Sleigh livery

Stored at Tucson International Airport