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Les Ailes du Nord / Northern Wings

US subscriber Richard Kruszka inquired (NetLetter #1512) about a few little-known airlines that had once operated in Canada. He mentioned Pem Air, Northern Wings, International Jet Air and Wagner Aviation. Sounded like fun to see what we could find. 

For this issue, we will focus on the airline referred to as 'Northern Wings', which is the English translation for 'Les Ailes du Nord'.

This turned out to be quite a challenge as info on this airline is scarce and I could not nail down a definitive timeline or fleet list.

As per AirlineHistory.co.uk, it appears to have been formed sometime in 1946 and the Quebecair Wikipedia page lists it among airlines that were acquired during the 1960's. 

Numerous mergers and name changes were taking place during the formative years in aviation and service to the north so it is difficult to say who was the actual owner of the small airline. 

Also, perhaps unsurprisingly, I did find a Facebook  group (click the image below) dedicated to Les Ailes du Nord. 

See also timetableimages.com for photos of timetables and schedules.

Does anyone have any additional info or personal memories to share?

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