More historical data found by Betty Draper in "The Leader-Post" issued January 30th., 1939.

April 1 Date For Passenger Air Service.
Kingston, Ont. Jan 30 - Trans-Canada Air Lines will start a passenger service between Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, April 1, Hon. C.D.Howe, Minister of Transport, said at a Chamber of Commerce banquet here Saturday night.

The airline hoped to extend passenger service to the maritime provinces before the end of the year, the Transport Minister said. Services from Toronto to Detroit and Toronto to Buffalo were also under consideration, and it was hoped they would be put into operation during 1939. Air service would tend to bring all sections of the country closer together, and he thought it would "go a long way" toward cementing better feeling among people of these sections. He emphasized every precaution would be taken to ensure safety of passengers in TCA planes.

From "The Leader-Post" issued January 27th, 1939

Details of Air Line in New Map.
A highly-detailed map of the route of Trans-Canada Air Lines showing all airfields from Halifax to Vancouver whether they be principal or secondary ports, intermediate airfields or proposed sites, together with locations of radio range stations and teletype systems, has been prepared by the Department of Transport.

Between Regina and Vancouver alone, there are 20 airfields, of which the three principal ones are at Regina, Lethbridge and Vancouver, with secondary ports at Swift Current, Medicine Hat, Cranbrook, Grand Forks and Princeton.

Legend accompanying the map shows not only the exact layout of the landing strips, if any, but also whether the field had been cleared, stumped, graded or partly graded, surfaced, seeded or hard-surfaced. Further legend indicates whether boundary lights have been completed, whether there are beacon towers, teletype services or power supply. Incomplete is the leg east of Montreal to Moncton and Halifax which route has not yet been completed.

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