Brian Losito, Air Canada's corporate photographer, sent us these photos several years ago.

They are uniforms from 1938 through 1968 and we thought you may like to reminisce over them.

Here are a few later photos, continued from NetLetter #1469.

Some of the dates supplied may be incorrect, any comment would be appreciated.

tmb 1953 1964 uniformFlight attendant from 1953 to 1964.

tmb inflt service 1955Inflight service in 1955.

tmb 1960's uniformChampers anyone? Service during the 1960's.

tmb lobsterfest 1960Lobster fest, possibly unloading a Viscount in 1960.

tmb 1964 1968 In Flight UniformServing as a backdrop, a DC-9 - 1964-1968.

'Mix 'n Match' uniforms, date unknown.
tmb mix n match 2 tmb mix n match 1

tmb DC 8 engineSitting pretty in a DC-8 engine.

tmb 1987 uniform in 767Serving in a B-767 Executive Class 1987.

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