Subscriber Vlodko Brechun noticed our error in the 'Odds & Ends' section on NetLetter #1469.

In our article we refer to 'Russia's Antonov', however Antonov State Enterprise is a Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing and services company with its head office located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

See for more information.

Subscriber Alan Evans, in South Africa, shares this information -

Snow in South Africa?

In the history of Hillcrest, South Africa, it has never snowed. However, in late August, the temperature dropped to -2 degrees Celsius (28 Fahrenheit) and we got about 30 centimetres, covering most of the up country and all the mountains.

People drove for hours to travel up country to play in the snow some of which have never seen snow. It even snowed on Table Mountain.

So by the sound of your hot weather in Canada, Europe, Australia and the U.S.A. we might come there for the sun and you here to ski!


Editors' Note: Click Here to view photos of the snowfall. 

Stephen Helms sent us this information - 

(Editors' Note: We requested but did not receive permission to show the photograph, please click the link below to view.)

I found a photo posted at of fin #264 (C-FZUH) arriving at Taiyuan Wusu International Airport (Shanxi Province, China) on September 11, 2021. Sadly, it appears to be destined for scrapping and salvage.

I worked this aircraft on many a shift; don't believe I ever flew it, though!

Built in Hamburg as MSN 711, an A319-114, it was delivered in August of 1997. it was withdrawn from service and stored since January 5 of this year, first at MCI (Kansas City), then moved to GWO (Greenwood–Leflore Airport, Mississippi), on St. Patrick's Day. Presumably bought from the leasing company (does anyone know which one?) by Mojave Jet, in July, and re-registered as N111CX.

Believe its last AC flight was on January 4 as flight #222 (YVR - YYC).

Now, awaiting its final fate! Only 24 years old! Wonder why it too wasn't transferred to Rouge?

Editors' Note: A rather circuitous route to China (as per -

  • September 7 - GWO to SGF (Springfield, Missouri)
    • SGF to ANC (Anchorage, Alaska)
  • September 8 - ANC to KHV (Khabarovsk, Russia)
    • Diverted back to ANC, possible mechanical issue
  • September 10 - ANC to KHV
  • September 11 - KHV to TYN (Taiyuan, China)

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