Our first 'Featured Video' has been posted on YouTube by SimpleFlying.

A marvel of civil engineering, this is the story of how Gatwick Airport built a bridge that a Boeing 747 could taxi under.

To increase the capacity of London Gatwick’s North Terminal, a new satellite building was constructed. To get passengers to and from the satellite, the airport constructed a huge passenger bridge. This bridge spans a live taxiway and is sufficiently wide and high enough to allow a Boeing 747-400 to pass underneath! So how was this achieved?

Click the image to view the video.

tmb 550 bridge video

Bob Sheppard found the video below -

"It brought back some memories. Especially the Haas-Turner L-1011’s we shared with Eastern Air Lines."

Posted on the RCHeliJet YouTube channel, the video shows a model of an Eastern Air Lines L-1011 Tristar at the Albis Airport RC Model Air Show in Switzerland.

tmb 550 L 1011 model

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