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tmb highway 13 montrealJ-p Gacem posted this on the Montreal Vintage Gallery Facebook page on September 4, 2021.

Highway 13 northbound in construction in the 1970's.

(Editors' Note: Notice the Air Canada L-1011 on approach to Dorval.)

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The origin of the PH code for civilian aircraft in the Netherlands

Dutch planes start with PH. But why PH? Is H for Holland and P for Plesman (Dutch aviation pioneer and the founder of KLM)?

At a convention in Paris on October 13, 1919 it was decided that the Netherlands would take the national letter H, followed by four letters. But as there were more countries starting with an H, such as Haiti and Hungary, it was changed to H-N followed by three letters. The first two planes in the Dutch aviation register were KLM’s H-NABC and H-NABD (Fokker F.II).

Following the International Radiotelegraph Conference in Washington in 1927, Dutch registration was changed to PH. The Netherlands was assigned radio call signs for aircraft consisting of five letters which had to begin with PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PG, PH, and PI. Because the aircraft radio stations in the Netherlands were split into various ministries, multiple registrations followed: PA for the Navy, PB for the Army (later the Air Force) and PH for civil aviation. The other series remained unused. The PH combination was adopted in preference to PE, which had been previously proposed.

It was felt that confusion could arise with the call letters G-E for British aircraft. The letters PH have the advantage that the letter H (Holland) indicates its nationality, as with French (F), Canadian (C) and Zimbabwean (Z) aircraft.

Source: blog.klm.com/the-origin-of-ph-registration

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