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NetLetter #1362 | March 13, 2017
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Yukon Southern Air Transport

CF-BMG - Barkley-Grow T8P-1
Yukon Southern Air Transport 
YVR c. 1940

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The NetLetter was created in 1995 by Vesta Stevenson (RIP) and Terry Baker and is published on the second and fourth weekend of each month. If you are interested in Canadian Aviation History, and vintage aviation photos, especially as it relates to Trans-Canada Air Lines, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines International and their constituent airlines, then we're sure you'll enjoy this newsletter. Our website is located at

AC News

Air Canada News

Air Canada was delighted to introduce, as of March 1st, 2017, Navi magazine. An all new on-board publication that complements their award-winning enRoute magazine!

This portable monthly hard-copy publication gives customers and readers an inside look at the people and the operations that keep Air Canada in the air.

AEROMÉXICO CONNECT leased second ex-Air Canada E190 (037) from Nordic Aviation Capital; two more are planned.
(Source SpeedNews Feb 17/17)

AIR CANADA plans to begin, on June 22, 2017, seasonal Montreal-Tel Aviv, Israel using A330 equipment. It is also extending Toronto-Tel Aviv to daily.


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

1981 - February 26th - Delivery of the first L1011-500 C-GAGF Fin 551 c/n 1202.

2017 - February 16th - Inaugural Boeing 787 Dreamliner service began between Montreal and Shanghai.

Gathered from the “Between Ourselves” magazine issue dated April 1943.
The first T.C.A.R.A. (Trans-Canada Air Lines Recreation Association) in the company was formed at Winnipeg early in 1941. By 1943 the membership had reached 528.

Extracted from the "Horizons" magazine issue dated March 1981.

tmb ottawa staff 1950The year 1950 was a banner year for the Ottawa district. The cash register rang up a cool one million dollars in company revenues. To mark that auspicious occasion, Leo Palmer threw a party at his home. Unfortunately, there are no names attached to this photo.

tmb ottawa staff 1980Exactly 30 years later, in 1980, another million dollars was gathered for the company's revenue fund. As the staff had grown to some 600 employees and, together with spouses, the numbers were too large for District Manager Vic Wozniuk to host the party at anyone’s home, plan B was initiated to hold the party at the Civic Centre and enjoy some buffet food.

The evening was particularly memorable for seven company veterans who had attended the 1950 party, as they were also present at the 1980 party.

From the left: Ken Tayman, Mike Kennedy, Bob Watson, Jack Singer, Jean Boisvert, Don Graham and Bert Wilson.

Shown in the photo are the Pionairs Board of Directors for 1981 at the Skyline Hotel in Toronto putting plans together for the 4th AGM in Anaheim, California April 1982.

tmb pionairs board 1981Back row left to right: Nancy Walchuk, Toronto; Jack Somerset, Vancouver; Bob Furguson, Winnipeg and Evelyn Desjardins, Montreal; Past President Martin Betts, Vancouver and District Director Paul Emmerson, Halifax and Ken Taman, Ottawa.

Seated are members of the executive: Avon Lorimer, Secretary; First V.P. Frank Millman; President Joe Lorimer; 2nd V.P. Mary Brown and Treasurer John McFarland.

Missing from the photo are District Directors Phil Wilis, Victoria; Gordon Hooper, Calgary and Clint Morgan, Tampa.

Honouring 439 years of experience.

tmb 430 years despatchFlight Dispatch honoured 15 of its long service employees in Toronto. The group's collective experience with the company totals 430 years.

Dennis Stewart organized the dinner & dance for the employees who celebrated 25, 30, 35 or 40 years of service in 1981.

Leo McIntyre, Senior Director, Payload & Operations gave special congratulations to Gord Stuart who celebrated his 40th anniversary.

At the Meadowvale Inn, 70 co-workers and friends paid their own way to join in the festivities. For prosperity, the group were assembled to say cheese, and this was the resulting photo.

Standing from the left are: Leo McIntyre and Ed Barbour, 25 years; Les Powell, 25 years; Don Currie, 30 years; The following were 25 year celebrants; Eric Van Der Holt, Rex Clark, Don Johnston, Vern Hamilton, John Edmision and Larry Walters; Mick Verrechia, 30 years and Dennis Stewart.

Seated from the left: Ken Harling, 30 years; Frank Bowlby, 35 years, Gord Stuart, 40 years; Doug Stewart, 35 years and Cliff Spearing, 30 years.

Pilots come home

tmb pilots come home"Welcome back" says Charlie Simpson, V.P. Flight Operations, to the group of pilots arriving at Dorval aboard the delivery flight of the company's first L1011-500 on the evening of February 26th, 1981. The group had been engaged in pilot training at the Lockheed Company in California.

In our photo from the left: Captain Earl Doyle, Montreal; Charlie Simpson; Second Officer William Donaldson, Toronto; Captain Roger Miners, Montreal; Captain Art Shaw, Toronto and First Officer Larry O'Brien Toronto.

Alan's Space

Alan's Space

Alan Rust1950s Photos Reveal How Babies Travelled On Airplanes In The Past

(From Bored Panda -
and NL reader Diane Bellamy

According to rare photos from 1953, attempts to provide the best flying experience included awesome engineering solutions for the youngest travelers!

As official vintage photographs suggest, British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) went the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. BOAC (the predecessor of British Airways) had developed hammock-like “skycots” for babies, travelling long-distance. If needed, these skycots would be attached to the luggage rack, allowing the infant to sleep comfortably and safely (the design of the cot prevented them from falling out). However, the child had to be held by a parent for take-off and landing; the same practice continues to this day.

Although today’s airlines provide similar bedding for babies, most of them attach to the bulkhead instead. Click on image below for more photos or visit

1950s skycot500x340

So, if you think the image above may have been a bit primitive and unsafe, the photo below shows how some mothers handled the same issue in London in the 1930's. The cages were designed in a more innocent age and with the best of intentions. With this wire enclosure, parents didn’t need to leave the house to give their children a healthy dose of sunshine and fresh air. The only problem was that the cage was suspended precariously off the side of a building.

London baby cages 1930s500x369

For the story and other images follow this link
or click on the image above.


CPAir, Canadi>n People Gallery

CPAir/Canadian People Galler

1940 Mar 1362Yukon Southern Air Transport timetable from the collection of Bjorn Larsson (pictured).

1960 - March service extended from Lisbon to Rome.

From the "Info:Cargo" magazine issue dated November 1991.

tmb cpa 1991 gad winnersThey are the Northern Division GAD contest winners. Iqaluit Cargo won for exceeding the station target in the 1991 guaranteed "It's a hit" contest.

In our photo we have, from the left: Bruce Borton, Brian Simpson and Charlie Beharrysingh. Missing from the photo is Mike Foreman.

Issue March 1992.

tmb cpa pumarinoFor Exceptional Service Quality, Jamie Pumarino received the award for outstanding Service Quality from Raul Cifuentes, SCL (pictured).

Flight CP501 on March 9th, 1992 was the inaugural flight on Canadian's YVR-LAX utilizing Airbus A-320 equipment. The second inaugural that day was flight CP505 operating YVR-SFO.

On-time performance reps meet in Calgary.

tmb cpa otp repsOTP Cargo field team representatives, from left: Gary Ausmus, YYC; Sheldon McGillawee, YEG/YXD; Jack Condon, YWG; Derrick Monk, YOW; Patrick Boivan, YUL; Jon Shaw, YYC; Lyle Duncan, YVR; Wayne Beard, YYZ; Frank Arsenault, YHZ/YYT. 

A working lunch at cargo's Heathrow office during 1992.

tmb cpa cargo repsFrom left: Marvin Fiddler, FRA; Mark Brlght, LHR; Paul Allen, LGW; Fulvio Saudelil, ROM and Paul Norris, LGW.

From the "PWA Timelines" magazine issue February 1987.

tmb pwa b737 historyThe fleet of 71 B737-200's operated by both Pacific Western and Canadian Pacific was the world's second largest, surpassed only by the 77 B737-200's operated by United Airlines. The listing and details are at left.


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articlesYukon Southern Air Transport

When I received the images for this issue from Terry one caught my interest. I had never heard of Yukon Southern Air Transport which is surprising since I am certainly familiar with the name of this airline’s founder, Canadian aviation pioneer, Grant McConachie. The expressway leading into Vancouver International Airport, Grant McConachie Way, is named in his honour.

Originally named United Air Transport, the airline carried freight and mail to remote northern areas from Edmonton with aircraft equipped with skis in the winter and floats in the summer. It was renamed Yukon Southern Air Transport (YSAT) in 1938 and expanded its service between Edmonton, Vancouver and the Yukon.

McConachie built airstrips in Fort St. John and Fort Nelson in northern BC to bring wheeled aircraft service to those communities.

The airline provided good service but never made a profit. It was acquired by Canadian Pacific Air Lines in 1941 and Grant McConachie was awarded a position on the Board of Directors. He became the president of CP in 1947 and continued to play an important role in Canadian aviation history.

Terry also provided the following list of Barkley Grow T8P-1 airliners that were acquired by CPAL. 

  • CF-BLV - built 1938 registered by CPAL 23/Dec/43, sold to H.R. Peats, Edmonton 28/Nov/49. The "Yukon Queen" ( pictured) is now preserved at the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton, AB.
  • CF-BMG - built 1939 register by CPAL 5/May/43, damaged beyond repair at Port Alberni, BC 1/Feb/47. Overturned at moorings.
  • CF-BMW - built 1939 registered by CPAL 8/Jan/43, sold to Associated Airways, Edmonton, AB, 8/Dec/49.
  • CF-BQM - built 1940 registered by CPAL 1942, sold to Associated Airways, Edmonton, AB, 20/Mar/50 is now preserved at the Hangar Flight Museum in Calgary, AB.
  • CF-BTX - buily 1940 registered by CPAL 2/Dec/43, damaged beyond repair at Lake Porcupine, AB 19/Oct/45 Engine failure after take off.
  • CF-BVE - built 1937 ex Prairie Airways 2/Nov/42, sold to F. Ambrose, Long Island NY, Feb/45. 

Sources and additional information:tmb cf blv
Barkley-Grow T8P-1 at Wikipedia
Canadian Pacific Airlines: Its History and Aircraft by D.M. Bain
(thanks to Arne Pederson)

Reader's Feedback

Reader's Feedback

Warwick Beadle sends this message re the article in NetLetter nr 1358 -

Please convey my thanks to Bernie (McCormack) for the very interesting story of his flight to Cuba and back. I felt as though I was riding in the jump seat. Stories like this remind me of why I enjoyed 33 years in the business.

Regards, Warwick Beadle Retired CP/AC Now in AKL

Dave Ohlsson has brought our attention to a book "The Avro Canada C102 Jetliner" by Jim Floyd

tmb c102 jetlinerThe Avro C102 Jetliner was a Canadian prototype medium-range turbojet-powered jet airliner. In 1945 Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) started exploring a number of aircraft developments under the direction of Jim Bain.

On March 27th, 1946, Avro representatives flew to Winnipeg for a meeting with TCA Engineering to present a proposal to Jack Dyment and staff. The Avro representatives returned to Malton and discovered that Avro had already been informed by the TCA management about the successful outcome of the visit to Winnipeg, and Avro were authorized to commence design studies on the twin-engine project. The visit was followed up with a letter of intent to purchase the aircraft, from the TCA president Mr. Symington, dated April 9, 1946 and authorizing Avro to proceed with the design and development of the project to the TCA specification.

TCA set up a special C102 committee which had its first meeting on October 29th, 1947. On February 25th, 1948, the committee issued a report which concluded that so far as TCA was concerned the C102 was not suitable for their routes, citing several reasons. The Avro C102 Jetliner was a Canadian prototype medium-range turbojet-powered jet airliner built by Avro Canada in 1949. It was beaten to the air by only 13 days by the de Havilland Comet, thereby becoming the second jet airliner in the world. tmb c102 signatures

The signed sheet in the picture was signed by all the people present in the TCA engineering department in Winnipeg at the time of the Avro Jetliner project – note the date at the bottom Right – “Engineering Personnel 1946-1947”.

It is the TCA engineering department that was evaluating the feasibility of TCA taking on the new Avro Jetliner. The TCA Director of Engineering – Jack Dyment assigned engineer Bill de Hart to review the specifications for the Avro Jetliner.

tmb c102 gwen signatureMy mom, Gwen Montgomery (later Gwen Ohlsson) was secretary to Bill de Hart – she typed all the engineering specifications for Bill de Hart. That paper of signatures I found folded in an old book of mom’s – it has mom's signature as I had highlighted in the blown up picture. Also on the signature sheet you can see the names of Bill de Hart, Jack Dyment, and several others there at the time. (NB: Clayton Glenn, an engineer was assigned to Malton (Avro) so not on the sheet that was signed in Winnipeg).

This is the connection of the Avro Jetliner and TCA, as well as my mom working there. I found it all rather interesting, all the signatures of people involved for TCA on the C102 Jetliner file, and the story itself. The picture below simply shows my mom Gwen Montgomery deplaning an L10A at that time period. We believe mom was visiting her brother Joe Montgomery who was in Tofino at the time. Dad figures the picture is either at Vancouver after coming from Winnipeg or at Victoria. Suffice to say, mom who was working with TCA at the time in Winnipeg was deplaning the L10A in the summer of 1946 in BC – most likely Vancouver.) tmb gwen montgomery

Out of interest, dad here (John Ohlsson), informs me that prior to her gig with the engineers and Bill de Hart in Winnipeg, mom was first hired by Billy Wells in Winnipeg, 1946, he being at that time the Supt of Personnel TCA (Billy Wells was previously a TCA pilot that flew the first L10A in 1939, Vancouver to Boeing Field Seattle with D R MacLaren as one of the passengers). Mom also worked with TCA in Passenger Service for this same D R MacLaren - Supt. of Passenger Service (Whose Bust is in YVR airport) – it was a small world. :)

Cheers, Dave Ohlsson

(You can read more about the Avro Canada C102 Jetliner on Wikipedia by clicking here. - Alan)

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Jack Morath, the Social Director of the LHR Pionairs, received this message from Colin Hare who used to work in Maintenance here on the North side some years ago. He is now living in France and has asked me to put an item in our (LHR) newsletter which I will do, and also suggested that he gets in touch with your NetLetter colleagues to receive it.

Colin says that whilst working in the workshops on the North side at LHR someone brought in an aircraft engine from a German Second World War aircraft. He believes it came from Holland. He cleaned off all the sand and it was sent to Canada and believes it went in an office lobby in Montreal. It was very badly damaged and the front cylinders were nearly flat. As you went down the bank of cylinders they got more oval and eventually the rear cylinders were perfectly round.

The story that went round was that a TCA (Air Canada) pilot during the war claimed a hit, but was never awarded it because they couldn't find the aircraft. Colin gave the Dutch aircraft history researchers a rough idea of where he thought it had hit the ground and eventually they dug it out. After finding the aircraft parts he was then awarded the hit.

Colin would really like to know if anybody could remember this as he didn't take any pictures. He thinks it was about thirty years ago but is only guessing. Colin would also like to know if the engine might still be located within the Air Canada offices somewhere in Montreal.

(If anyone has any information regarding this incident please let us know at the NetLetter and we will pass on the details to Colin - eds)

BA issues an Anti-Corrosion plea -

We often wonder why there are so many rules governing everyday life but some British Airways ramp attendants have provided an example. The airline this week had to remind workers at London Heathrow to please not urinate in the cargo holds of its aircraft rather than hike back into the building to a washroom.

(Source AVwebFlash Mar 2/17)

If you are reading this NetLetter and reside in New Zealand, Norman Hogwood would like to hear from you at this e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brooklands Museum, Surrey, UK.

Strictly speaking, it’s still possible to take a spin along stretches of the historic 4.4-kilometre circuit at Brooklands, southwest of London. When it opened in 1907, it was the world’s first purpose-built racetrack for cars.

During the Second World War, however, the site was used for military aircraft production, and Brooklands never hosted another race after 1939. A new, smaller circuit has been built inside the original massive oval, sections of which have become overgrown with trees and weeds. 

Brooklands was the home of the Vickers Viscount and Vanguard amongst many other aircraft types.

tmb brooklands tmb brooklands museum


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry Baker


The Government of Canada has introduced a new entry requirement for those travelling to or through Canada who are not Canadian or American citizens, or permanent residents of Canada. You may require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). For more information, consult to determine if this requirement applies to you.

Food for thought!

Delta brings back main cabin meal service on 12 domestic routes. Delta Air Lines will begin including meals at no extra cost for all main cabin seats on 12 transcontinental domestic routes this spring, reversing a longstanding trend of US airlines not including meal service with economy-class tickets on domestic flights.

When 1,364 Canadian Boy Scouts flew to England between July 17- 29th 1957 to attend the "Jubilee J-I-M" world scout gathering at Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire a new record for mass air lifts from Canada to the U.K. was established.

Trans-Canada Air Lines handled the arrangements whereby 15 planes, with passenger capacities ranging from 60 to 114 carried the Canadian scouts to and from Britain. Aircraft used were the DC-4 of Maritime Central Airways, Super Constellation of Flying Tigers Airlines. Scouts from BC and Alberta were handled by Canadian Pacific Airlines over their "Polar Route" utilizing DC-6B's. 

(Source The News and Eastern Townships Advocate July 25th, 1957)

dargal emblemVacations for Interliners & their Friends & Family!
from Dargal Interline.

  • 7 Night Bahamas ~ Norwegian Cruise Line ~ Norwegian Gem, April 29
    New York City; At Sea; Port Canaveral; Great Stirrup Cay; Nassau; At Sea; New York City;
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  • 7 Night Bahamas ~ Royal Caribbean International ~ Anthem of the Seas, March 26
    Cape Liberty; At Sea; Port Canaveral; CocoCay; Nassau; At Sea; Cape Liberty;
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  • 7 Night Caribbean ~ Carnival Cruise Lines ~ Carnival Glory, May 6
    Miami; At Sea; Grand Cayman; Mahogany Bay; Belize City; Cozumel; At Sea; Miami;
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  • 7 Night Caribbean ~ Carnival Cruise Lines ~ Carnival Fascination, May 14
    San Juan; Charlotte Amalie (St.Thomas); At Sea; Bridgetown; Castries; Basseterre; Philipsburg; San Juan;
    From: Oceanview: $469 Balcony: $977 Suite: $1299

  • 14 Night Europe ~ Holland America Line ~ ms Prinsendam, June 3
    Amsterdam; At Sea; St. Peter Port; Milford Haven; Liverpool; Dublin; At Sea; Killybegs; Galway; Glengarriff; Waterford; At Sea; Vlissingen; Brussels; Cruise Scheldt River; Brussels; Amsterdam;
    From: Inside: $1299 Oceanview: $1399

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tmb 121 cartoon 1362x2From the "Between Ourselves" magazine issue dated December 1953.

Terry Baker, Alan Rust, Wayne Albertson

Terry Baker | Alan Rust | Wayne Albertson
Ken Pickford (missing from photo)
NetLetter Staff for 2017
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