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NetLetter #1370 | July 11, 2017
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Wardair CF-FUN

Wardair CF-FUN B-727-11 (June 1970)

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The NetLetter was created in 1995 by Vesta Stevenson (RIP) and Terry Baker and is published on the second and fourth weekend of each month. If you are interested in Canadian Aviation History, and vintage aviation photos, especially as it relates to Trans-Canada Air Lines, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines International and their constituent airlines, then we're sure you'll enjoy this newsletter. Our website is located at


Women in Aviation

Amelia Earhart still in the news

tmb earhartEighty years ago on July 2nd, 1937 Amelia Earhart vanished on her mission to be the first woman to circumnavigate the globe.

To mark the anniversary, the History Press has published a new biography on the US aviatrix, in which author Mike Roussel focuses on her childhood and early years, during which she set her heart on becoming a pilot. The book also includes press coverage of her flights and many photographs, mainly from the Mary S. Lovell collection.

Roussel examines theories around the disappearance of Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan in their Lockheed Electra over the Pacific, but we are no closer today to solving the mystery than in 1937. 

(Source: Flight International Magazine June 19/17)

New Evidence Discovered (aired on July 9, 2017)

Note: We had prepared the above article many weeks ago, but as we were getting ready to send this NetLetter issue, further information was made available.

According to HISTORY’s investigative special “Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence,” which aired on Sunday, July 9, 2017 retired federal agent Les Kinney scoured the National Archives for records that may have been overlooked in the search for the lost aviator.

Among thousands of documents he uncovered was a photograph stamped with official Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) markings reading “Marshall Islands, Jaluit Atoll, Jaluit Island, Jaluit Harbor.” In the photo, a ship can be seen towing a barge with an airplane on the back; on a nearby dock are several people.

For full story visit: or click on the image below.

Amelia Discovered


AC News

Air Canada News

Starting June 3, Air Canada Rouge began seasonal service between Toronto and Berlin four times a week aboard Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. Air Canada Rouge will be the only airline offering non-stop service between these two cities.

The Montreal-Beirut route is an elusive prize that Air Canada very much wants to win. Fueled by the lobbying of Montreal’s large Lebanese expatriate and immigrant population, Air Canada has been pursuing the regulatory requirements to begin operating the route, Air Canada CEO Calin Rovinescu said at the IATA AGM in Cancun.

(Source: ATW Daily Jun 5/17)

Air Canada Rouge plans to begin weekly Toronto-Cartagena, Colombia (A319) on December.

(Source: SpeedNews June 7/17)

Two new routes are taking to the skies from our June 7, 2017 YVR Pacific hub. Air Canada began daily non-stop service between Vancouver (YVR)-Taipei (TPE) aboard its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, and Air Canada will be the only Canadian carrier to operate non-stop service to TPE.

Air Canada Rouge operate seasonal service between YVR and London Gatwick (LGW) three times a week aboard its Boeing 767-300ER.

With the addition of LGW, Air Canada will be the only airline flying non-stop flight between YVR-LGW and YVR-LHR during the peak summer travel period.

(Source: Daily June 7/17)

ST Aerospace Subsidiary Wins Air Canada B787 work. ST Aerospace unit VT San Antonio Aerospace has secured a long-term agreement from Air Canada to provide heavy maintenance services to the airline’s B787's.

(Source MRO Network Jun 27/17)


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery
  • 1984 -
    • June 22 - direct flight linking Quebec City with Paris until September 7th.
    • June 25 - Service between La Guardia and Calgary inaugurated with B767 equipment.
    • November 26 - service between Edmonton Municipal and Calgary launched.
    • In 1984, under the presidency of Nancy Walchuck, the seventh annual AGM of the Pionairs took place in the form of a three-day get-together at Anaheim, California May 10-12th with a turnout of close to 500 members.
  • 1985 - January 5 - service to Bombay and Singapore from Toronto via London.
  • 1986 - Air Canada was the first airline in the U.K. to put cargo waybills on Microfiche.

Drawn from the "Horizons" magazine issue dated September 1981. Four different emblems for Trans-Canada Air Lines from the past. 
tca emblem  tca emblem 1
tca emblem 2 tca emblem 3

From the Teamsters magazine issue dated 1983.

tmb frank nuzzoClimbing the stairs to an aircraft in Boston are, from the top: Frank Nuzzo, Susan Guarino and Betty Mandracchia, customer service agents. 

tmb Gaetan JolicoeurHere we have Gaetan Jolicoeur, a flight attendant, standing in the cockpit of an aircraft at Boston.

Photos from the Annual Report for 1986.

tmb roslyn nutleyRoslyn Nutley, Secretary, London, England.

tmb mike roncettiMike Roncetti, Customer Sales & Service Agent, Toronto.

tmb carole masulloCarole Masullo, Purser, Winnipeg.

tmb cecile lalanneCecile Lalanne, Customer Sales & Service Agent, Halifax.

tmb larry tortoLarry Torto, Cargo Customer Service Agent, New York.

 tmb susan leongSusan Leong and Bill McGhie,
Customer Sales & Service Agents, Vancouver.

tmb calgary stampede floatCalgary employees won first prize for their participation in the Stampede. The float represented by a B-767 and featured a cockpit, Executive Class seats and a gigantic 50th anniversary birthday cake. 
tmb bob fowler.From the left: Bob Fowler, Lead Commissary Agent, Peter Churchill, Food Production Supervisor and Maria Logan, Commissary Attendant, London, England

Employees 1986 

tmb employees 1986 11st row: Carole Moffette - Montreal; Al Groome - London Ont; Ahmed Tauquir - Frankfurt; Line Delisle - Montreal.
2nd row: Jane MacGregor - Montreal; Jean Rivet - Montreal; Marilyn Martin - Thunder Bay; Al Rach - Charlottetown; Bob Bateman - Saskatoon.
3rd row: Jonathan Chan - Hong Kong; Carol Kleisinger - Regina; Tim Stephens - Halifax; George Smith - Calgary; Nadja Kasperczyk - Geneva.
4th row: Patti Mason - Toronto; Raoul Harvey - Val D'Or; Owen David - London, England; Kimberley Lawton - Montreal; Beat Haldiman - Geneva.
5th row: Ron Willett - Winnipeg; Zelda Melanson - Saint John; Fernando Smith - Toronto; Ken Meek - Montreal; Ralph Dyck - Winnipeg.

tmb YYZ ramp rat emblemThe Jazz ramp rats have a 9:45 minute video posted on YouTube

Alan's Space

Alan's Space

Alan RustSky-high Vancouver photo shoot provides stunning views

(From the Vancouver Sun)

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Air Canada had a "photo shoot" of one of its new Boeing 787-9 aircraft (flight number 787-9). "The Vancouver Airport said there was “no need for concern” if people spot two planes flying closely together over the Greater Vancouver region on Wednesday. The two planes are part of a mid-air photoshoot taking place with Air Canada. Stills and video footage from the photoshoot are slated for use in all of the airline’s updated marketing".

Brian Losito, Air Canada's corporate photographer, shared many photos with the media. Brian also provides numerous photos for use in the NetLetter from time to time as well.

Please visit this clink to view the full story:

B787 Photoshoot Montage

B787 Photo Shoot

Flight Radar


CPAir, Canadi>n People Gallery

CPAir/Canadian People Galler

tmb 1979 wardair 1370Wardair International timetable issue April 1979.

(From the collection of Bjorn Larsson)

From the "Canadian Flyer" magazine issued August 1997.

tmb cpa yvr conciege team1996 - January - Canadian Airlines launched the Concierge Program, an innovative new service aimed at providing their top customer group with personalized service. Members of the Vancouver Concierge team show off their best customer smiles.

From the left: Maryann Potschka, Marlene Sokalski, Jim Melidones and Karin Christensen.

tmb cpa calgary conciege teamThe Calgary Concierge team spend their time behind the scenes to provide top quality premium service. In the photo we have Nina Levy and Jim Froese.

tmb cpa last hng fltOn June 30, CP Flight 7 was Canadian Airlines last flight into British Hong Kong, just 6 1/2 hours before the handover of the colony to the Chinese mainland. The flight was under the command of Captain Perry McKinnon. Our photo of the crew does not provide any names.

The Eastern Shuttle was launched in May with F28 equipment. Here we have this photo of the shuttle team meeting in Toronto to update the project plan.

tmb cpa eastern shuttle teamFrom the left: Val Findlay, Sylvie Carrier, (out of the picture), Lorne Key, Jim Burden, Jill Morrison, Al Ross, Antoinette Carnevale, John Cook, Paul Troyan, Ric Bentkowski, Leanne MacMaster, (out of picture), Bob Robertson, Helen Donovan, Shelley Sackney and Diane Ward.


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articlesRevisiting CF-FUN “Cy Becker” – Record Setting Aircraft

One of my favourite articles researched for the NetLetter appeared in NL Issue 1336 back in February 2016 about the first B727 to enter service in Canada (as well as the first Boeing jet sold to a Canadian carrier).

I was very pleasantly surprized when I received an email from Mr. Doug Keller of Vancouver B.C. advising that he had been searching information for this aircraft and came across my NetLetter article. I tried a Google search myself and found the article by searching for ‘Wardair B727’.

Following is Mr. Keller’s account of his personal experience with this historic aircraft.

I flew on Wardair CF-FUN back in 1970 and I wondered whatever happened to the plane. That is how I came upon your article. In your article, you have a picture of the plane at Gatwick on June 21, 1970. My flight was the next day! Left Vancouver on June 22, 1970 and arrived at Gatwick on June 23rd. Of course, the plane could not make this trip without a refuelling stop. On the way over, we stopped at Frobisher Bay (now called Iqaluit) on Baffin Island. On the return trip, we stopped on Greenland—I think it was at Sondre Stromfjord (now called Kangerlussuaq).

So, I was interested in the article in the newspaper I saw about this plane breaking a distance record. The newspaper clipping (pictured at right) is from the Vancouver Sun, November 10, 1970. I wrote to Wardair for more information and received the attached letter back from them. Click Here to view the letter. tmb cf fun record

The inflight entertainment was playing Bingo. I think Wardair presented some small prizes but I do not know what they were. Wardair was a charter operation then and people flew with them for the cheaper fares. My flight for the peak summer season was $310.00 return including taxes. That sounds cheap but, actually, that is $1993.00 in today’s dollars (Bank of Canada inflation calculator). That was considered a cheap fare compared to the scheduled operators at the time. Wardair prided itself on their meals and service and I remember that the lunch/dinner served was a filet mignon.

Finally, I remember that there was a section near the front of the passenger compartment on the right (starboard) side. It was a sectioned off area that was either right behind the cockpit or a bit farther back and a crew member that looked like he belonged in the cockpit sat there for the duration of the flight. I don’t know what was going on there (my seat was second from the back) but I suspect this was the navigator (or maybe the flight engineer).

Doug Keller

Our thanks to Mr. Keller for sharing his personal memories of tbis unique aircraft. Does anyone have anything to add?

Reader's Feedback

Reader's Feedback

In NetLetter nr 1365 we had an article on the "Gordon Securities Charter" From the "PWA Speedbird" magazine issue dated October 1980.

This prompted Stuart Russell to send us this information -

Hi guys – thanks for publishing this article from the Pacific Western Airlines Speedbird – some additional info for your file: Romulus Lake ice runway was located on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic at 079.53 North Latitude 084.36 West Longitude.

Adeco Drilling utilized their Rig # 4 to drill an exploration well (Panarctic Romulus C-42) on behalf of Panarctic Oils Ltd to a depth of 14,942 feet.

This drilling rig (complete with all support equipment) was flown into Romulus via Pacific Western Airlines Lockheed Hercules cargo aircraft. The 125 Hercules rig loads were broken down into approx. 45,000 pound pieces and with rig, camp, fuel, supplies, trucks all flown in and out. Romulus C-42 was the 34th of 176 exploration wells drilled (on land and from ice platforms) between 1982 and 1987 in the Canadian High Arctic.

Pacific Western Hercules flew the rigs, fuel and their equipment, while L188 Electras, 737C and 727C combis flew the crew changes to/from Alberta. I have attached a few snaps from that era to show the size of some  of the loads.

tmb pwa cf pwo high arctic

Loading in the high Arctic.

  tmb pwa cf pwo shacks

Loading a workers shack at Yellowknife.

tmb pwa cf pwx at yzfLoading a sub-structure at Yellowknife. 

Romulus was one of many drilling sites at the top of the world that hardly anyone knew about outside the Northern aviation and oil and gas exploration companies, even when it was happening, let alone 40 plus years later. An amazing period of time to have been involved in the High Arctic.

FYI CF-PWE tail 732 was PWA’s first 737-200 Combi and ran like a Swiss watch – day and night. Day trips Edmonton/Yellowknife/Norman Wells/Inuvik return as a 3 pallet / 62 pax combi then convert to a 7 pallet freighter in YEG to fly overnight Edmonton/Norman Wells/ Inuvik return & convert back to a 3 pallet config again in Edmonton for the morning trip north with pax and cargo.

Cheers Stu Russell.

After reading NetLetter nr 1369 and the stories from Lois North, prompted Jim Griffith to recall this memory -

If Lois North was formerly Lois Paul then I think she might have been the F/A on my first flight in 1959. It was all stops in three days to Torbay and back from UL with Captain Ray Lank.

I can remember on one subsequent flight we stopped in JT and QX due to weather and Lois was left to serve a full load of pax breakfast by herself between QY and YT... only one F/A on a North Star ... and in her usual style she just commandeered passengers to help her out. Looking at the rage of passengers today and working alone serving hot meals to over fifty passengers back then was quite a task but Newfie passengers as was their style back in the day ... were always willing to help out.

What has happened to civility in our modern society in the last few years?

Jim Griffith

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

TSA to test biometric fingerprint technology at checkpoints. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said it is beginning tests of biometric fingerprint identification technology at two US airport checkpoint lanes—one in Atlanta and another in Denver.

(Source ATW Daily Jun 13/17)

tmb air tindiDiscovery Air Inc/ Air Tindi Ltd, a northern based airline (Yellowknife, NWT), is providing a diverse fleet of turboprop aircraft services, serving Fort Simpson, Whati, Gameti, Wekweeti and Lutsel K'e from Yellowknife.

The Fleet consists of Dash 7 combi, Twin Otter, King Air 200, 250 and 350, Cessna C208 Caravan and C208B Grand Caravan. Air Tindi is a subsidiary of Discovery Air Inc. Together with our partners, Tli Cho Air, Aqsaqniq Air, Kivallingmiut Aviation, Auyuittuq Aviation, Denesoline, Deh Cho Air and 180 employees, they operate 29 aircraft of 9 different types. Discovery Air was founded 2004, Air Tindl was founded in 1988 and merged with Discovery during 2006.



Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.

1973 st pierre 1370Air St. Pierre timetable issue 1973. (From David Zekria collection)

The airline was incorporated on 6 March 1964. Services commenced in June with a cooperation with Eastern Provincial Airways. air st pierre emblem

Friends of mine provide this information regarding the Paris Metro

The metro (subway) is THE way to get around Paris, very easy to use if you have a subway map. Each line is numbered and color coded. But the most important thing to know is which direction the train is going. You have to know the terminal stations of both ends of a line, that is how the signs are labeled in the station to distinguish direction. If you have to connect from one line to another there is a little balloon on the map where the different colored lines share the same stations. We have 3 day unlimited passes, the only hitch is that if you do happen to take the wrong direction train and get off to switch directions, there is a 10 minute wait before you can get thru the entry gate again.

How do we know? Well we did it, but only once (the 10 minute wait must be to discourage people who want to just “subway hop” all day? – who knows).

tmb dargal emblemFor information on Dargal Interline World-wide specials: Call Toll Free: 1-800-690-3223 

International Toll Free: (country code)-800-2832-7425
Suite 200-1632 Dickson Ave Kelowna BC V1Y 7T2
Open weekdays: 9am-10pm (Eastern)
Sat: 10am-9pm (Eastern)
Sun: 11am-8pm (Eastern) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
B.C. Registration#25123



tmb smiling belugaThe smiling Beluga! 

The "Smiling Beluga XL" livery was chosen in a poll by Airbus staff.

Didn't mean to turn you on, British Airways problem...

IAG boss Willie Walsh has suggested the catastrophic failure of Birdseed's IT system over the last weekend in May was down to a disconnection in the power supply followed by its uncontrolled restoration.

Maybe engineers were simply following the fall-back advice from IT help desks everywhere: "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

tmb 553 cartoon 1370This cartoon, by Dave Mathias, was published in the “Horizons” magazine issued June 1980. Caption reads " Dear Mom. Tonight I joined the Jet Set!"

Terry Baker, Alan Rust, Wayne Albertson

Terry Baker | Alan Rust | Wayne Albertson
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