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NetLetter #1372 | August 15, 2017
The NetLetter
Boeing 787

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the NetLetter, an Aviation based newsletter for Air Canada, TCA, CPAir, Canadian Airlines and all other Canadian based airlines that once graced the Canadian skies.

The NetLetter was created in 1995 by Vesta Stevenson (RIP) and Terry Baker and is published on the second and fourth weekend of each month. If you are interested in Canadian Aviation History, and vintage aviation photos, especially as it relates to Trans-Canada Air Lines, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines International and their constituent airlines, then we're sure you'll enjoy this newsletter. Our website is located at


Coming Events

Brian Flanagan, Chairman, Air Canada Scottish Reunion sends us this information –

Our reunion is the first since Air Canada stopped flying to Glasgow some years ago.

Date: Wednesday, 27th September 2017.
Where: Ellisland House Hotel, Racecourse Road, Ayr, Scotland

tmb ellisland houseWe are expecting some 70 ex-colleagues who worked in the Glascow office and at Prestwick and Glasgow Airport. They are coming from all over including Montreal, Toronto, and London together from all over Scotland. The hotel is 10 minutes’ walk from the centre of AYR, or five minutes in a taxi.

Lunch: 12:00 for 12:30 pm, a three course meal, will be full à la carte menu plus tea or coffee.

  • Cost per Pionair and spouse £14.00 each.
  • Cost per non Pionair member and spouse £24.00 each.
  • The rates includes gratuity.

This discount is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Pionairs. The hotel has given us a special rate for accommodation.

  • Twin or double room £100.00 per room.
  • Single Room £70.00 per room.
  • Rate includes full Scottish Breakfast.

If booking please quote AIR CANADA to obtain the discount. Our invitation is to all, however we have limited accommodation. Now remember Air Canada Rouge operate four flights per week from Toronto to Glasgow and four flights per week from Toronto to Edinburgh.

Glasgow Airport is approximately 30 miles from Ayr and Edinburgh is approximately 70 miles. Both can be reached by excellent bus and train services.

Contacts for more information

Brian Flannagan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Liz Hosie on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you,
Brian Flanagan


Women in Aviation

Katherine Stinson.

tmb katherine stinsonKatherine was born on February 14, 1891. She was the fourth woman in the United States to obtain a pilot's certificate, which she earned on July 24, 1912 at the age of twenty-one.

She then took flying lessons from the well-known aviator Max Lillie, a pilot for the Wright Brothers, who initially refused to teach her because she was female. But she persuaded him to give her a trial lesson.

She was so good that she flew alone after only four hours of instruction. A year after receiving her certificate, she began exhibition flying. On the exhibition circuit, she was known as the "Flying Schoolgirl." Katherine Stinson tried to tell newspaper reporters she was actually 21, not 16, but they refused to believe her.

During exhibition flights in Canada, Stinson set Canadian distance and endurance records, and, in 1918, made the second air mail flight in Canada between Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

A replica of her 1918 Curtiss Stinson-Special is on display at the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton. The photo is Ms. Stinson with her Curtiss airplane.

Source: & YouTube

Star Alliance News

Star Alliance News

Air New Zealand teams up with American actors Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr. for its latest safety video “A Fantastical Journey”.

The video is an Alice in Wonderland - inspired adventure featuring a number of iconic locations throughout New Zealand. Katie Holmes says it's been fun working alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. and the Air New Zealand crew to produce A Fantastical Journey.

Cuba Gooding Jr. says he wanted to get involved in Air New Zealand's latest safety video as he does a lot of travelling and loves the fun and different approach. The airline's safety videos have collectively generated more than 108 million views online to date.

Click Here for the Air New Zealand's latest video.


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery
2004 - October 21 - Daily service to Delhi from Toronto resumed with A340-500 equipment.

Located in the "Horizons" magazine issue dated September 1981.

During 1981, the Korean Airlines Interline Softball Tournament was held in Toronto, and a team from Air Canada Montreal took the women's slow pitch title.

The Montreal Snowbirds beat out 11 other teams to take the trophy. Snowbird Kathy George won the MVP award at the tournament. In all, 48 men's and women's teams from airlines throughout the U.S. and Canada participated in the event.

tmb montreal snowbrds 1981Front row from the left: Diane Drury, Val Woods, Brenda McAllister, Cindy Thatcher, Debbie McCallum and  Michelle Oliver.

Back row: Judi Parker, Rick Gorman, Lucie Staley, Kathy George, Fran Snell, Lloyd Hart, Bev Cotton, Bev Bentley, Debbie Cunningham, Joan Gay and Shelley May.

Voted "Most Unusual".

tmb sudbury most unusualNeither boat nor "plane", but proud enough to boast the company colours, the Sudbury employees' entry into the local annual bathtub race reigned victorious in the "most unusual" category.

In command was station attendant Greg Dow who concentrated on the intricacies of piloting the beast while his pit crew dispensed peanuts and company wings to entice support from an estimated audience of 18,000 spectators.

Al Knapp, Manager Japan and Korea and the Tokyo office staff held a "Soyonara" dinner to honor Kinichiro Yamaguchi, Cargo Sales & Service Manager, retiring after 14 years and 4 months with the company. He is the first employee in Japan to retire.

tmb japans first retireeShown in the front row from the left: Al Knapp, Kinichiro Yamaguchi, Doug Russell, and Dave Fairweather.

Back row: H. Tanaka, Cargo Sales Rep; T. Takeda, Senior Accounting Clerk; R. Sonoyama, Cargo Sales Agent; K. Nemeto, Passenger Sales Manager; S. Yoshida, Cargo Sales Agent; M. Sawada, Cargo Sales & Service Manager; F. Watanabe, Passenger Sales Agent; M. Nakagawa, Cargo Sales Rep; T. Yamada, Passenger Sales Rep; S. Honma (half sitting), Clerk Stenographer and M. Nagata, Passenger Sales Agent. 

Issue dated February 2008. (Used with permission)

Ten Toronto-based flight attendants formed a team, "Friends To The End", to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life, on a very stormy Friday in June, 2007.

The CMWA - Canadian Maple Wings Association - (a wonderful group of retired Air Canada employees) generously donated $5,000.

tmb cancer for lifeWith their help, the team of Cathy O'Connor, Holly Weller, Julie Vaillancourt, Joseph Deveaux, Joseph Benjamin, Tanya Basra, JP Deverteuil, Janine Deveaux, Karen Prinz. Pamela Baswick and Karen Roberts managed to raise over $11,000. Karen's daughter Amanda, graciously stepped in this year when a replacement was needed at the last minute.

Sydney Australia inaugural (Used with permission)

The December 14, 2007 departure of Air Canada flight AC033 on board our new Boeing 777 marked the launch of the only daily nonstop flight between Canada and Sydney, Australia.

tmb sydney inauguralThe crew from the left: Catherine Komell. Melanie Passman, Rick Pomery, Judith Metcalf, Jeannie Foster, Kessia Willis (Bear), Kay Russell, Neil Ford, Neil Westaway (Moose), Katina Egleoz and Simone Sticpewich.

From the "New Horizons" magazine issued dated October 2004. (Used with permission)

tmb jazz first crj200Jazz gets its first CRJ. The first of 15 Bombardier regional jets arrived at Jazz on October 18th, 2004. The arrival of the new 50-seat CRJ-200 marked the beginning of a series of regional jet deliveries planned for later in 2004 and early 2005. The 15 for 2004 are firm deliveries, another 15 can be cancelled without penalty. There is an option for another 45.

tmb YYZ ramp rat emblemClick Here for Part 2 of the YYZ Ramp Rats video

Alan's Space

Alan's Space

Alan RustA Boeing Dreamliner drew a giant outline of itself in the air, and it’s awesome

(From the Washington Post)

Boeing 787-8 Selfie - On Wednesday afternoon, August 2, 2017 a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner took off from Seattle and flew about 2,000 miles to Marquette, Mich. It would have seemed an inconsequential flight — if not an odd city pairing — had the plane not turned back immediately and begun cruising southwest.

Just after reaching the tip of South Dakota, the Dreamliner banked right again, doing a seemingly random tour of the state’s airspace before turning south and veering into Nebraska.

What in the world was this plane doing?

The answer would become clearer after the Dreamliner had flown several more hours. It was then that flight-tracking apps showed exactly what the pilot was up to: Drawing a giant outline of itself over the United States.

For full article please click here.

B787 SelfieClick on image above for (much) larger version.


CPAir, Canadi>n People Gallery

CPAir/Canadian People Galler

From the "Info:Cargo" magazine issue dated May 1993.

B737 fin # 703 and 742 were converted to full cargo configuration, with back galleys, washrooms and all passenger service units removed (no flight attendants to call!).  All seating and the flooring has rollers and ball mats installed. The dedicated cargo service started June 14th.

Issue dated July/August 1993.

tmb cpa b737 cargoCanadian's award winning parade float looks up to its big brother, the Canadian Air Cargo B737 freighter. The parade float, built by employees and covered with 15,000 plastic flowers representing each Canadian employee, has won awards in both the Calgary Stampede and the Edmonton Klondike Days parades, and was on its way to Vancouver for the Sea Festival.

Cargo employees marching in the parades were Tom Kirk, (YYC), and Terry Wittkopf, Steve Touring, Rene St. Amour, Darcy Martyschuk, Gary Bushnell, Ron Raiwet and Randy Briss, (YEG)

YUL Sales and Service staff didn't have a B737 cargo airplane to show their customers so they hosted a riverside dinner.

tmb cpa yul salesFrom left: Tony Sammartino, Karola Oates, Klara Ciampini, Ian Maybury, Denise Dubois, Patrick Boivin, Roberto Caruso, Norm Pickering, Robert Trudeau and Mark Sheeler.


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articlesWayne was away in YUL for a week or so and didn't have time to do his article. He will be back for issue #1373.



Reader's Feedback

Reader's Feedback

Jim Griffith sent us this url – Click Here to view (and hear) a seasoned barbershop quartet lightening the mood during a maintenance delay.

Betty Morgan shares this memory with us -

When Jack was VP south, we had a great trip to South America (Colombia) and were wined and dined at Bogota, Cartagena, Baranquilla, etc. along the coast and even saw a yacht from Vancouver with the Canadian flag when we were on a boat cruise. We called to them and had a chat!

That was in 1970 when Peter Moreira (?) and his wife Mary were there hosting. Peter had a flat tire on his way to pick us up for dinner and was in a sweat when he got to us. What a lovely couple. We had a wonderful time with them. They forced me to take the funicular up the side of a mountain where the cows grazed on their knees and braced themselves with their hind legs while they ate.

One false move and they would tumble down the mountain.

I do hope that Cartagena is more ready for tourists than it was in 1970! Weather was good, though. The food was not very good.
The gold museum was remarkable and the shops of brass and fabric were memorable. A direct flight will be interesting. I hope to hear some reports of results.

Betty Morgan

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Left to his own devices.

tmb taxi screensAnyone who uses taxis in Asian cities may have been struck by the plethora of smartphones and other digital devices drivers often have attached to their dashboards.

@grahamsturgeon posts this snap taken in Hong Kong on twitter with the remark: "Can anyone tell me why anyone would need so many screens? "He thinks he's driving an Airbus A380„''

(Source: Flight International June 20/17)

Jetsgo was launched on June 12, 2001 and ceased operations on March 11, 2005. The airline was Canada's third-largest airline at the time, controlling up to 10% of the domestic market.

Expert analysts widely blame the airline's failure on poor management. Founder Michel Leblanc had previously founded Royal Aviation, which he later sold to Canada 3000.

Jetsgo operated a fleet of (14) McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and (11) Fokker 100 (plus six Fokker 100 in storage).

Slogan was "Jetsgo. Pay a little. Fly a lot."

(Source: Wikipedia)

tmb jetsgo aircraft 2002 sept 1372


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerThe Interline Club of Portugal once again invites interliners from around the world to attend its Grande Festa which will take place this year from 15–18 October in Olhão which is situated in the Algarve. Participants will arrive and depart from Lisbon and be transported by bus to/from Olhão.

Details about the above event can be found in the Event Calendar section of the WACA Website:

1978 dec 1372Air Caravane, founded in 1978 timetable December 22nd, 1978.

(David Zekria collection)

tmb air caravane dc3This photo by Pierre Langlois taken at YUL in March 1979.



tmb 163 cartoon 1372Our cartoon is from the "Between Ourselves" magazine issue dated April 1956.

Does this look familiar? 

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