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NetLetter #1374 | September 11, 2017
The NetLetter
Norseman CF-AYO (Renamed CF-HGO for film)

Norseman CF-AYO (CF-HGO for movie)

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Remembering 911


Women in Aviation

tmb bat stewardess 1930While traditionally considered a role for women, the first flight attendants were all male before the first "stewardess" was hired by America’s United Airlines in 1930 and soon female flight attendants, or "air hostesses", became the norm.

Pictured are Boeing Air Transport (BAT)'s first female flight attendants.

Back in 1930, Ellen Church, a 23 year old registered pilot, became the world's first female stewardess, hired by BAT who refused to recruit her as a pilot at the time. The heavy green cape and beret (currently on display at the SFO Museum), along with other vintage uniforms were meant to keep flight attendants warm during pit stops as planes needed to make more frequent landings to refuel.

Click Here for more info on the "Fashion in Flight" display at SFO museum.

(Source: Daily Telegraph)

AC News

Air Canada News

AcLife Logo The long awaited "AC Life APP" for Air Canada employees and retirees has now been made available. This APP will allow employees and retirees to accurately check standy lists for departing flights.


  • You can download the APP at using your mobile device.
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  • After downloading you will need to establish "Trust" for the APP, you can do so by going to Settings/General/Profile Click on Enterprise APP > Air Canada and "Trust" the APP

Note: the Contacts and Yammer part of the APP is not enabled for retirees.

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From any location in the Montreal area, call (514) 422-HELP (4357)

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Eighty years of aviation: It’s time to celebrate as One Team!

tmb C FZUHAir Canada has come a long way since our humble beginnings as Trans Canada Airlines * (TCA) with  our first official flight from Vancouver to Seattle on September 1, 1937.

Throughout our rich history, we have achieved many impressive milestones, have overcome periods of turbulence and have soared to incredible heights with much to celebrate and be proud of!

(Source: Daily Aug 25/17)

* Why does the Air Canada media misspell TCA’s correct title? (it should read "Trans-Canada Air Lines")

CF-TCC takes to skies again! 

MONTREAL, Sept. 9, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ - In honour of Air Canada's 80th anniversary, Air Canada's Lockheed 10A vintage aircraft is taking to the skies across Canada. After taking off this morning from Vancouver, BC, the L-10A will be making overnight stops as well as fuel stops at airports across Canada, and will be on public display at the Royal Aviation Museum in Winnipeg on September 13 and 14. More information is at:

For more information about it's schedule and stops please follow this link.

Air Canada will launch Montreal Trudeau-Tokyo Narita Boeing 787 flights in June 2018, the latest move by the carrier to make Montreal into its third major international gateway along with Toronto and Vancouver.

Air Canada is aiming to use the B-787, of which it has taken delivery of more than 30 so far, to make Canadian hubs into transit points for international passengers, particularly US passengers traveling to points around the globe.

Readers Photos

Reader Submitted Photos

The Annual Central Ontario Pionairs Spring Luncheon took place on May 11th, 2017, and saw a record attendance of 167 Pionairs and guests. 

Shirlee Schacter sends this report and some photos of the event -

This year's luncheon was held at the Royal Ontario Golf Club on Trafalgar Road in Hornby, Ontario. One of the perks of the luncheon was a complimentary wine-tasting of select red and white wines which was, indeed, very popular!!

Chef Mat Woods and his staff prepared a fabulous array of hot and cold buffet selections and really kept on top in replenishing. With all the positive feedback, the Royal could become a District favorite
for years to come!!

tmb check in crewCheck-In Crew, Laurel, Maureen and Sheila. Shirlee Schacter captured her own image in the mirror.
tmb event chair checkEvent Chair, Valdy, checking in on things with Cathy, Jean, Gary and Lillian.
tmb sharing some memoriesSharing some memories, no doubt, Gloria, Gayle and Nualla.
tmb lunch group l eaderSusie, Linda and Karen, joined by Ladies Lunch Group Leader Anne.
tmb ticket salesTicket sales “pros” for Special Draw; Chuck, Peter and Dean.
tmb cash draw winner“Waterloo” Jack (winner of $200 Cash Draw), Roger, Gary (New Burloak Coffee Group Host) and Gordon.
tmb burloak hostessNew Burloak Coffee Group host, Janice, holding court with Diana, Sandra, Willie, Karen and Pat.
tmb helping the causeDoing their part to help the cause; Susan, Donna, Gail and France.


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery
2017 - June 20th - Rouge began seasonal non-stop service between Toronto and Reykjavik with A319 equipment.

From the "Parts & Pieces" issue October, 1988.

Air Canada signed a letter of intent for the future sale of 28 of our B-727's to Federal Express Corporation. Delivery took place during the period 1990-1993 as we received the new Airbus A320 replacement aircraft. DC-8-63 freighters fin #876 and 877 were declared surplus and were offered for sale.

From the "Horizons" magazine issue dated April 2008. (used with permission)

tmb last e190 at yulThe final Embraer E190 C-FNAX fin 345 was delivered to Montreal from Brazil via Barbados under the command of Captains Brad Waddell and Mike MacDonald. Welcoming the last Embraer fin 345.

Pictured from left: Graham Blom, Fleet Manager Embraer, Captain Mike MacDonald, Captain Brad Waddell, Montie Brewer, Joe Jacinto and Captain Claude Saint-Martin, Manager Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Matters. 

A group of London Heathrow employees have embarked on a mission to help a school in South Africa.

tmb lhr help childrenThe initiative stemmed from a conversation between Peter Kemp, General Manager, Customer Service - U.K. & Ireland and Fiona Puglia, Customer Sales & Service Agent when he told her that his sister and brother-in-law help run a school in Gonubie, South Africa that helps children who have lost their parents to AIDS.

Issue dated November 1981.

tmb yul expeditersShown in this photo taken in the Supply Support Expedite Office area in YUL are from the left: Dave Robinson, Aircraft Expediter; Chris Marsella, Aircraft Expediter Supervisor; Ernie Dzlewir, Aircraft Expediter and Sheila Davies, Secretary.

Issue dated July 1977.

tmb acra exec yowOutgoing Ottawa ACRA President. A mini-reception was held at Ottawa airport during June 1977 to honour retiring ACRA president Janet Ferguson.

Janet was the driving force behind the inauguration of the ACRA in Ottawa and had given much time and effort in making it a success.

At the reception were, from the left: Rose Pilon, Director; Bob Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer; Vera Mahoney, Director; Murray Wadden, Personnel & Administration Supervisor; Janet Ferguson, Vice President; Paul Marcil, Passenger Service Manager; Angela Rancourt, Director of Membership; Candy Jamieson, Recording Secretary; Barry Bourassa, President. Missing were Directors Gordon George and Wayne Wilson.

Alan's Space

Alan's Space

Alan RustTrack CF-TCC as it makes it's "Trans-Canada" Tour

As announced (above) in our Air Canada News block, CF-TCC is back in the air again.

As part of the tour, the vintage 10-seat aircraft will overnight in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. The plane may also make a fuel stop in your community. Look out Calgary, Sudbury, Quebec City, and possibly more! Aviation enthusiasts may track the aircraft's movements by its registration, CF-TCC, and look out for the silver aircraft in the skies as follows:

  • This week: B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan
  • Week of September 11: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario
  • Week of September 23: Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes, and returns to Manitoba.

See full article by following this link

You can also follow the route of CF-TCC by visiting or clicking on the image below.

flightaware cf tcc550x615


CPAir, Canadi>n People Gallery

CPAir/Canadian People Galler

1994 -

- May 3rd - A DC-10-30 departed YVR for Beijing marking Canadi>n's re-entry into the China market after a five year absence.
- June 1st - Daily service commenced between YYZ and LHR.

1988 - Wardair placed an order for (16) Fokker F-100 fan-jets with an option for (8) more. Primarily for use on the Montreal-Toronto route.

(Source: "Parts & Pieces" 10/88).

Note from Ken Pickford - (P.S. The Fokkers were of course never delivered as the order was canceled when Wardair ceased to exist the following year when it was merged into Canadian Airlines.)

Harold Rex Terpening

rex terpening collage550x149Rex was born in Wainwright, Alberta on July 23, 1913 and celebrated his 104th birthday on Sunday July 23, 2017 in Surrey, BC.

His final assignment was with Canadian Pacific Air Lines as Manager of Line Maintenance for the Orient & Pacific, South America, and Europe Regions, retiring at age 65 in 1978. Rex is the author of "Bent Props and Blow Pots", a history of his time in Canadian aviation, as well as being the recipient of the 10th Annual Canadian Aerophilatelist Editor’s Award in 2008 for his substantial contribution to the aviation community.

For more information on Rex, see his listing in the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame by clicking on this link.

From the "Info:Cargo" magazine issue dated March/April 1994.

tmb cpa yxdff awardPictured are several of the YXDFF staff admiring their Cargo Service Quality award, received for meeting their measured service targets during1993.

From the left: Jim Phelan, Trudy Sperling, Marg Johnson, Scott Gosling, Scott Wilton and Bob Drummond.

Issue dated May/June 1994.

tmb cpa million dollar chequeOn April 27th, 1994, Canadian and American Airlines concluded their services agreement and, with the signing, came a cheque from American for just over 246 million dollars. As the cheque was drawn on the CIBC, Toronto, Ont. branch we assume Canadian currency!

On June 24th, 24,000 pounds of computer tapes and associated data was flown from Vancouver to American Airlines computer centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Note: HELP!
We are running out of articles for this section. We would welcome any Information, stories and/or photos to pass on to our readers - eds


Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articlesCaptains of the Clouds

 I think that I live a normal lifestyle for today. I sit in front of my computer working on a project (such as the next NetLetter edition) with my cell phone close by (to check text messages) and my wide screen TV a few feet away so that I can watch the news, a sports event or a movie.

Occasionally, I take a break to play a game of Sudoku on my tablet or eat a meal (while watching YouTube). Fortunately, I need to buy food so I either walk or cycle to the store. (Seriously though, I try to exercise at least two hours a day.)

While working on my article for NL 1373 a few weeks ago, I was channel surfing and noticed an interesting movie titled “Captains of the Clouds” playing on Turner Classic Movies. Filmed in 1941 just before the United States entered WWII, the film is an obvious attempt to justify their eventual entry into the war and there are references to Americans coming north to join the RCAF, however, by the time the film was released in 1942 the US had been brought in to the war. The film was produced by Warner Brothers studio (Jack Warner was born in London, Ontario) and stars some of Hollywood’s biggest stars of the time, including screen legend James Cagney.

Although, the film has a hokey plot with a completely unnecessary romantic back story, it does have some remarkable aerial footage shot in and around North Bay and Trenton, Ontario and an appearance by Canadian flying ace, Billy Bishop, playing himself during a graduation ceremony.tmb captains of the clouds

The movie was shot in technicolor and was the first “Hollywood” production to be filmed entirely in Canada and does pay very respectful tribute to the particpation of the Royal Canadian Air Force to the war effort and ends with a voice over of a snippet from the famous "Never Surrender" speech by Sir Winston Churchhill.

I don’t have NetFlix (that would be overload) but I think that the movie is available through steaming services and will probably appear on TCM from time to time.

Click the links below for more information. (images of aircraft used in the film).

Reader's Feedback

Reader's Feedback

Hugh MacCallum has sent us this appeal -

I am involved in a project that will see a PBY Catalina “Canso” be flown May through July 31, 2018 across southern Canada, then across northern Canada.

tmb pby catalinaThis is intended to honour those flight & ground crew that contributed their skills toward the Allied Effort in WWII; and later flew many of the same aircraft fighting forest fires or hauling construction materials to build the DEW Line or general freight to Canada’s north. My role is planning the landings along the route, linking up with other operational WWII aircraft to participate in mini-airshows or just flying comraderie.

To this date we know that Canso’s flew out of Edmonton Municipal Airport in 1950’s with Pacific Western Airlines, from Winnipeg with Transair and Ontario Central Airways from Red Lake, Ontario in the 1960’s, Austin Airways at Timmins, Ontario and EPA had one in Newfoundland for forest fires. They were used on BC coast too!

We are naming this "The Perfect Adventure", and ask readers to possibly recall their war experience and later who they worked for, where they might have flown, and any interesting exploits or memories from so long ago?

Click Here for the project website. Respondents can contact me: Hugh MacCallum via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Ronald J. Groome, who had served with the Royal Flying Corps as an instructor during World War I, set up the "Aerial Service Co" in 1919 with his partner Ed Clark.

tmb aerial service coAlthough the company was a failure, Groome had registered Canada's first legally licensed commercial aircraft, G-CAAA, a Curtis JN4 biplane (pictured) and on July 31, 1920 he became the first licensed commercial pilot in Canada.

PS from Ken Pickford - Canadian registrations used the British G-prefix followed by Cxxx until 1928 when CF replaced the G and the format became CF-xxx. The CF prefix changed to just C in 1974 when they were running out of CF-xxx combinations and had to continue with G, as C-Fxxx and C-Gxxx (C-Ixxx for ultralight aircraft.)

tmb pilot cert nr 1Robert McCombie, who worked with Ronald J. Groome, became the first licensed air maintenance engineer in the country. In 1927 Groome set up his second company "Universal Air Industries" at a new airfield called "Lakeview Aerodrome". Later that same year he also helped form the "Regina Flying Club", where he was to hold the position of flying instructor until his death.

In September, 1935, Groome and student Arnold Sym were killed when the control rod on the aileron of their Avro Avian failed and the aircraft crashed just outside Regina.


CAHS Regina ChapterSide Note - The Regina Chapter of the CAHS (Canadian Aviation Historical Society) is named in honour of Roland Groome. See: for Chapter Information.

Etihad Airways World Football Tournament

Etihad Airways organized the largest aviation annual tournament of the year “Etihad Airways World Football Tournament 2014 “ on 05 and 06 December 2014 at Zayed Sports City. 

The event's aim was to unite teams from all over the world in a competitive but friendly atmosphere and celebrate together the national day. This, the first annual football tournament, saw two Etihad Airways teams play alongside 24 international airline teams from 17 countries, including the US, Australia, Brazil, Austria, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Seychelles, China, Portugal, France, India, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Russia and the UAE. The is no information of the winning team.

  • Air Serbia, the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, won the 2nd annual Etihad Airways World Aviation Football Cup in 2015. The football tournament was held in Abu Dhabi between 11 and 12 December and saw the participation of 28 teams from international airlines including Emirates, Air Berlin, Kenya Airways and Virgin Australia.

  • The 3rd Etihad Airways World Aviation Football Cup from 17 – 19 November 2016 in Abu Dhabi was organised by The Etihad Airways Sports & Social Club. We have no information of the winners.

  • The 4th Etihad Airways World Aviation Football Cup from 15 – 18 November 2017 in Abu Dhabi, is being organised by The Etihad Airways Sports and Social Club.

There is no participation by any team from Canada!


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTraveling to Cuba any time soon? Here are some hints from WACA (World Airlines Clubs Association)

Health Insurance
Cuba has made it obligatory for all foreign visitors to have medical insurance so please ensure you take with you proof of medical insurance.

Currency Exchange
The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) is the “tourist” currency used by visitors to Cuba and can only be purchased on arrival in the country. A passport is required when exchanging all currencies into CUC. Euros, Canadian dollars, Swiss Francs and Pounds Sterling can be exchanged on arrival at the airport, at a bank, at an hotel or resort. United States dollars can also be exchanged but there is a tax and commission applied plus a 10% penalty, so it is advisable to avoid exchanging United States dollars.

Credit Card Transactions
Credit card payments are accepted at hotels, restaurants, tourist shops, etc. but it is important to note that any payment by credit card will incur an additional 3% bank charge for the transaction. Credit cards issued in the United States by a United States bank, or any of its offices in other countries, are not be accepted.
(Source: WACA)

tmb 1992 aklak 1374Aklak Air timetable effective April 19th 1992.
(From the collection of David Zekria)

The airline was established in 1977 and started operations in 1978. In June 1994 Aklak Air and Kenn Borek Air set up a joint venture, under the terms of which Aklak Air has access to Kenn Borek Air's fleet as and when required.

Aklak Air is wholly owned by Inuvialuit Joint Venture Company. Fleet consists of one Cessna 185 with a cancelled certificate.

On 4 November 2010, a hangar fire at Inuvik (Mike Zubko) Airport destroyed three aircraft operated by Aklak Air.

(Source: Wikipedia)

tmb aklak air emblem tmb aklak aircraft

AEROMÉXICO CONNECT have leased two more ex-Air Canada E190s (068/146) from Nordic Aviation Capital.

(SpeedNews Aug/17)



tmb cartoon 1374This cartoon by Ken Biggers from the "Parts & Pieces" issue October 1988.

Note: I had the pleasure of working with Ken Biggers in YYZ Stores until I transferred to YVR in 1995. Ken's obvious artistic talent and sense of humour are sure to be appreciated by anyone who has known him.

I have not been able to find any information on Ken in the internet. Can anyone advise if Ken is still with us and, if so, where he has retired to.



Terry Baker, Alan Rust, Wayne Albertson

Terry Baker | Alan Rust | Wayne Albertson
Ken Pickford (missing from photo)
NetLetter Staff for 2017
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