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NetLetter #1425 | November 09, 2019
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Remembrance Day

Lest we forget

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Digital Poppy Campaign

Digital Poppies can now be bought online!

The original article below was created by Alan Rust for NetLetter #1402, November 9, 2018. It has been updated for 2019.

The Royal Canadian Legion’s Remembrance Day Poppy Campaign has a digital option for an online fundraising at

Canadians will be able to personalize it, dedicate it and share it online – and add their own family stories and images – as their pledge to never forget those who served and sacrificed for our freedom.

It seemed to be quite fitting to create a Poppy and make a donation in Alan's name this year.  Alan joined the Forces in 1968 where he was first introduced to his career as an aircraft maintenance engineer.

canadian war vets



tmb acra yyz 2019 badmnton emblemThe Air Canada Recreation Association (A.C.R.A.) annual badminton tournament was held in Toronto on September 19-21, 2019, with approximately 70 participants and fans in attendance.

Next year the tournament will be held in Budapest, Hungary, so if you have never visited that part of Europe, or a returning visitor and want to join a happy group then make sure you check the article about Budapest in the latest October 2019 #1094 edition of "Horizons" which may help to persuade a visit to the badminton event in 2020.

tmb 550 acra yyz badminton 2019

Below we have the photos of the 2019 winners being presented with
their trophies by tournament treasurer, Rosemary Farrell or secretary, Julie Gentry

Click Here for the complete Photo Gallery

tmb acra 1 Ladies Vets Double Winners - 
Louise Taitt and Arlene Mitcham
tmb acra 2 Ladies Doubles Winners -
Clare Pringle & Ruth Perera.
tmb acra 3 Men’s Vets Doubles Winners -
Richard & Bart Matitawaer
tmb acra 4 Men’s Doubles Winners -
Richard Tremblay & Shane Donovan 
tmb acra 5 Men’s Vets Singles Winner -
John Lawson 
tmb acra 6 Men’s Singles Winner -
Martijn Hopman 
tmb acra 6  Ladies Singles Winner -
Crystal Liao
tmb acra 8 Ladies Vets Singles Winner
Jamila Christie
tmb acra 9  Mixed Doubles Winners -
Bart Matitawaer & Suzanne Lachner
(with secretary, Julie Gentry)
tmb acra 10  Mixed Vets Doubles Winners -
Richard Matitawaer & Winni Chen
(with secretary, Julie Gentry)
tmb acra 11 Most Sporting Player –
Rosemary Farrell

London, England was the site of the first annual System Invitational Badminton Tournament, November 9 to 12, 1988.

The event was a resounding success, with participants coming from Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton, North Bay, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Bombay and of course London, England.

Yachting enthusiasts may wish to check out for info on The Moorings 37th Annual Interline Regatta, held October 8 to 17, 2019.

tmb 550 regatta

Reader's Feedback

Reader's Feedback

Maureen Worrall has sent us this information-

In regard to Netletter #1423 “Reader Submitted Photos” - CP Air Overseas Managers at Rendezvous Canada Convention in Vancouver - I received the following identifications from Allan Tremblay who is seated front left.. Unfortunately he did not mention the year. Later, Allan Tremblay informed me that the year was either 1981 or 1982.

Regards, Maureen Worrall

"Yes, that is me sitting at the table. I was Manager of the U.K. & Ireland at the time. From left to right: I do not recall the name of the Asian gentleman, Rene Devleschoudere (with the mustache) Manager of France, Peter Garms, Manager of Germany, Roger Vanden Heede, assistant to the V.P. Europe, I do not remember the next guy with the glasses, Fleming Timmerman, Manager of Scandinavia, can't recall the next guy’s name but he was Manager of Switzerland and Austria and Clare Ash; I do not recall who the young lady is. Hope this helps somewhat.”

Ken Pickford also sends in his comments -

As mentioned before, Clare Ash (photo submitter) is at far right. The seated young lady worked with Clare but I also do not recall her name. I remember most of the faces from my CP days but not the names.

tmb 550 rendezvous convention
Clare Ash sends us this correct listing -

Re Netletter #1423 and photo I sent you - thought I had attached names of those I knew but perhaps I missed it - in any case the ones I remember are seated in front.
  • Allan Tremblay - Sales Manager U.K.
  • Sherry ????? - Vancouver head office

Back row left to right:

  • Unknown CP rep from Japan
  • Rene Devleschoudere - Sales manager, France/Benelux
  • Peter Garms - Sales manager, Germany
  • Roger Vanden Heede - Marketing H.O. Vancouver
  • Bram Wright - Sales Manager, Melbourne, Australia
  • Fleming Timmerman - Sales Manager, Scandinavia
  • Burt Ulrich - Sales Manager, Switzerland
  • Clare Ash -Manager Vacation Sales Development, Head Office YVR

Mae Wilson sends us these comments -

Really enjoyed this NetLetter. Read it start to finish and saw many names I knew and many more that I didn’t. Lots of interesting info in between. Loved the Smileys as I’ve lived through most of them! I was with Nordair for about 5 years before we became part of Canadian Airlines.

Just wold like to say that the Montreal Aviation Museum at Ste. Anne de Bellevue, just west of Montreal between Highways 20 and 40 is well worth a visit.

I’ve been there many times and, like most Canadian Aviation Museums, it is staffed with many airline enthusiasts. They have a nice Nordair corner with much memorabilia from that great little Airline.

Keep up the good work.

Mae Wilson

My name is Terry Ward, a Pionair through my wife Janice.

edenvale emblemI represent The Canadian Air and Space Conservancy formerly the Toronto Air and Space Museum located at Downsview.

We are presently setting up at The Edenvale Aerodrome near Wasaga beach. If you view our website you can see some of our artifacts including our reproduction of a full scale Avro Arrow.

I have been with the museum since its inception in 1997. My main function was primarily in acquisitions and collections. One of our themes is the Airlines of Canada, mainly TCA and AC.

We have many uniforms, models, photographs, artifacts and dedications to some of the people ranging from maintenance employees to Claude Taylor. I would be interested in anything you would want to donate to our non-profit organization.

Terry Ward
Edenvale Aerodrome,
5195 Highway 26 E., RR# 2
Stayner, Ontario, L0M 1S0

Referring to the new airline definitions in NetLetter #1423 under "Smileys",

Clarence Ash sends this comment -

"Obviously written by someone who understands how things work.".

Ken Murphy shares this comment -

I was very interested in the article in Netletter #1424, about Canadian Pacific Airlines leasing a Bristol 170 Freighter.? I had never heard of it, and it is not shown in any listing of CPA fleet? So, it might have been a wet lease (crew and aircraft).

I went searching, and enclosed is a photo showing G-AGVC taken at Downsview (YZD), August 1946, while on North American tour from the Mike Ody collection.

Ken Murphy.

tmb 550 g agvc bristol freighter

Readers Photos

Reader Submitted Photos

Clare Ash, retired CP Air Sales Promotion Manager, Eastern Canada has sent us this photo.

De West Tours Ltd. of Vancouver introduced its 1976 program of Rocky Mountain Connections to CP Air in Eastern Canada.

Shown, in the Toronto Reservations office of CP Air following a presentation are left to right:

Hugh Peck and Diane Josie, of the CP Air tour desk, Jon De West, president of De West and Clare Ash, CP Air Sales Promotion Manager, Eastern Canada.

tmb 550 de west tours

Shirlee Schacter shares this information -

Members of the Central Ontario District Pionairs enjoyed summer events in 2019 which included a fun-filled day at Woodbine Races on Saturday, June 15. 2019.

The group of 55 Pionairs enjoyed a regal feast at the sumptuous buffet in "Favourites" Dining Room seated by floor to ceiling windows offering a birds eye view of the excitement of the track and the finish line. Here are some photos of the event-

tmb 250 1 WOODBINE tmb 250 2 WOODBINE
……… hmmmm, this one looks a winner!!! Norma Orvis and Bill Gallant

tmb 250 3 WOODBINE tmb 250 4 WOODBINE
A top-notch view of the action on the track! Bob Newson & Shirlee Schacter
(closest they came to picking a winner!)

tmb 550 5 WOODBINE
Elke Karsten & Louise Neagle with District Director, Lesley Huether & Munro Smith.


Women in Aviation

To help fill the future workforce pipeline, Girls in Aviation Day events this year taught kids about cool career opportunities in non-traditional industry roles.

Started in 2015 as a way to generate youth interest in aviation careers, Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD) has grown from 39 events worldwide to 118 this year. Non-profit organization Women in Aviation International (WAI), which started GIAD, estimates that 20,000 girls across 17 countries will have taken part in events this year on or around the official day, which took place on October 5, 2019.

United Airlines Girls in Aviation Day event

Led by Laura Spolar, who is a member of United’s Chix Fix team and an aircraft maintenance supervisor for the airline’s Orlando Technical Operations, WAI’s Central Florida Chapter works to present a unique experience for GIAD attendees every year.

Spolar says the chapter places a lot of focus on non-traditional aviation careers, such as maintenance, airport firefighting and airport wildlife control. 

(Source: MRO Digest  - October 8, 2019)

tmb 550 wai girls at united

The Sky's No Limit - Girls Fly Too.

The Air Canada Diversity and Inclusion Team, along with 10 Air Canada ambassadors from various branches participated in the 2019 the 'Sky's No Limit- Girls Fly Too' event in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Organized by the Achieve Anything Foundation, this event implements year-round projects and programs of lasting value towards inspiring female future leaders in STEM and STEM-based fields such as aviation, aerospace, marine and defense.

"This event promotes the airline industry to young women and provides them with the opportunity to share their common passion, which speaks to our global diversity and inclusion strategies," said Laurie Skinner, Diversity Programs Adviser.

(Source: AC Daily October 11, 2019)

Note: AC Daily is available to Air Canada employees and retirees only.

tmb 550 skies the limit

This year’s Young Women in Aviation Day is fast approaching and the organizing committee, made up of women professionals at Air Canada Maintenance (ACM) and Strategic Procurement, want you to join them.

Young women aged 15 years and over are invited to learn about the worlds of aviation and aircraft maintenance, while meeting some interesting people from the industry. Each session will consist of an aircraft visit, a trip to the Air Canada Museum and career kiosks.

Morning and afternoon sessions will take place to accommodate all schedules. Event details: Date: Nov. 14, 2019 Location: Air Canada headquarters in Montréal, Building 3.

Time: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 1 to 4 p.m.

(Source: AC Daily Oct 18, 2019)

Note: AC Daily is available to Air Canada employees and retirees only.

AC News

Air Canada News

Employees aboard Air Canada flights will no longer greet guests by referring to them as "ladies and gentlemen" or "mesdames et messieurs," which has been typical protocol for years, in an effort to be conscious of gender fluidity.

Flight attendants and other staff will not use the language in boarding announcements, and the company instead plans to replace the standard greetings with neutral words, such as "everybody" or "tout le monde."

(Source: Microsoft News October 14)


TCA/AC People Gallery

TCA/AC People Gallery

1987 - December 5 -

All Air Canada's intra-Canada and trans border flights of two hours or less duration were designated as non-smoking.

tmb dc 8 advertWe located this 1959 Rolls-Royce advert poster found in “Flight” magazine dated August 28, 1959.

Ken Pickford provides the following piece of trivia regarding the ad:

The 1961 date mentioned at the bottom for TCA to become the first major airline with an all-turbine fleet was a little premature.

TCA had to retain a couple of DC-3s until April 1963 to operate the "Prairie Milk Run" route (Lethbridge - Medicine Hat - Swift Current - Regina - Yorkton - Brandon - Winnipeg).

The government finally permitted TCA to drop that route and the last flight, and TCA's last DC-3 flight, was April 12, 1963.

tmb navi 13 winter 2018Air Canada NAVI magazine series was launched in March 2017.

Here we have the Winter 2018 cover page (left) and the crew (below).

From the left: Chelsea Gore, Hali Hamilton, Marcela Cardenas, Samantha Ferreira, Timothy Liu, Grace Cichini-Santos, Michael Chan, Julie Sipos, Slavica Radakovic, Andy Shibata, Anton Vidgen and Dzeneta Zunic.

 tmb 550 navi 13 winter 2018 crew

Continuing the Time Travel: 75 Years in Events started in NetLetter #1419.

1948 - TCA brings in new Canadians. 

TCA performs the largest mass movement of immigrants in air transport history in 1948, when it carries 6,000 immigrants from the U.K. on 175 crossings of the Atlantic.


(More next NetLetter – eds)

 tmb 550 new canadians

air bc emblemAir BC a defunct Canadian airline -

Established in 1980 after the merger (by the Jim Pattison Group) of a number of west coast domestic airlines; Canadian Air Transit, Flight Operation, Gulf Air Aviation, Haida Airlines, Island Airlines, Ominecca Air, Pacific Coast Air Services and West Coast Air Services.

A combined fleet emerged, including STOL capable de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otters with some Twin Otters being operated as float planes. In 1983, STOL capable DHC-7 Dash 7 turboprop aircraft were delivered and then in 1986 DHC-8 Dash 8-100 turboprops were acquired.

In 1987, Air Canada purchased 85% of Air BC, and Air BC became an Air Canada regional partner operating as Air Canada Connector. Air BC entered the jet age in 1988 with British Aerospace BAe 146-200 aircraft which was the only jetliner type ever operated by the air carrier. In 1994, the airline was operating British Aerospace Jetstream 31 propjets as part of their Air Canada Connector code share feeder services. Stretched DHC-8 Dash 8-300 turboprop aircraft were introduced as well.

In March 1995, Air Canada purchased the remaining shares of Air BC.

 tmb 550 air bc aircraft

In January 2001, a newly merged carrier called Air Canada Regional Inc was established. A wholly owned subsidiary of Air Canada, this company combined the individual strengths of five regional airlines – Air BC, Air Nova, Air Ontario, Air Alliance and Canadian Regional Airlines.

Consolidation of these five companies was completed in 2002 and was marked by the launch of a new name and brand: Air Canada Jazz.


pdf download50x47From the “Horizons” magazine issued October 1987 is the extracted Air BC story.

tmb warr emblemResults for Air Canada participants from the World Airline Road Race (WARR) held in Amsterdam September  5 - 7, 2019.
Individual awards - 10k women.

Women overall 2nd: Melina Renaud, time: 00:42:07.89.
Women over 70 1st: Joan Stibbard, time: 01:07:56.90.

Individual awards - 5k women.

Women 20-29 2nd: Melina Renaud time: 00:22:28.33.
Women over 70 1st: Joan Stibbard time: 00:33:44.26.

horizons logoExtracted from the “Horizons” magazine.

Issue November 1987.

The 1987 System Tennis tournament held at the Saddlebrook Golf and Tennis Club, Tampa, Florida was well served with participants from 10 cities representing Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, New York, Prestwick, London UK and Frankfurt.

The executive committee consisted of Roy Keane of Prestwick - Chairman; Ron Charbonneau of Toronto - Treasurer and Michel Masse of Vancouver - Secretary.

For next year, the committee will be Ron Charbonneau of Toronto - Chairman; Barry Bauer of Toronto - Treasurer and Sam Arnold of Montreal as the Secretary. The new committee are already planning for the 1988 tournament.

Below we have this photo

This year’s tennis stars are, standing from the left: Ron Charbonneau, Janice Bouttell, Michel Masse, Ingrid Stockel,  Pierre Jeanniot, Lucien Dahan, Roy Keane, Jake Sheps, Gail Ellis, Loraine Gore, Margaret Pascoe, Martial Doucet and Sam Arnold.

Kneeling from the left: Barry Bauer, Tony Chiovitti, Micheline Legeault, Ron Hebert, Josie Home and Don Home.

tmb 550 tennis players

The 11th annual System Soccer tournament was hosted by London, England with teams from Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and London UK., and played in constant rain.

Most valuable player trophy was awarded by Bob Lynch, Airport Passenger Services Manager London to Roy Hilton of Montreal. Second, third and fourth awards were presented to
Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver respectively by Ian Buchanan, Director Human Resources, Europe & Asia, Peter Baldry, Station Manager London and John Baker, Flight Dispatch Manager, London.

Harold Miloff, Director, Employee Affairs and Corporate Services presented the winner’s trophy to Gary Marsh.

Everyone enjoyed the 11th tournament and look forward to the 12th due to be hosted at Winnipeg.

Good sports.

tmb good sportsThe Express Ladies fastball team once again captured the title at this year's System Fastball tournament in Vancouver.

In the photo team members are, back row, from the left: Ray Gregory (manager), Maureen Schwarze, Jacqueline McBaln, Harriette Van Leslie Venne, Leslie Hirsk, Betty Carter, Jo-Anne Love and Paul Trauzzi (coach).

In the front row, from the left: Christine Schultz, Debbra Roche, Donna Volpini, Lorraine Longeri and Marsha Legg.

Missing from the team photo are Sandy Kerby and Debbie Philips.

An historical event.

The U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board has granted permission for T.C.A. to operate a service between Montreal and Port of Spain, Trinidad, stopping at Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida.

The C.A.B. does not consider that the diversion of business from other U.S. carriers will be very great, taking the view that, in any case, most of the travellers will be Canadian citizens. Protests against the routing of T.C.A.'s Trinidad service had previously been made by several U.S. airlines.


On November 25, 1948, a pre-inaugural fight by a North Star aircraft visited the Caribbean islands which included Nassau, Bahamas; Kingston & Montego Bay, Jamaica and Port of Spain, Trinidad.

(Source: “Between Ourselves” magazine issue January 1949)

Terry found this poem in a copy of the Canadan Maple Wings Assciation (CMWA) Newsletter dated February 2018.

Mrs. GPS.

I have a little GPS
Seems I've had it all my life.
It's better than the normal ones
My GPS is ...... my wife.

It gives me full instructions
Especially how to drive
"It's thirty miles an hour," it says
"You're doing thirty-five! "It tells me when to stop and start,

And when to use the brake,
And tells me that it's never, ever
Safe to overtake.

It tells me when a light is red,
And when it goes to green.
It seems to know instinctively
And when to intervene.

It lists the vehicles first in front
And all those in the rear;
And taking this into account.....
It specifies my gear.

I'm sure no other driver
Has so helpful a device,
For when we leave and lock the car,
It still gives me advice.

It fills me up with counselling,
Each journey's pretty fraught.
So why don't I exchange it
And get a quieter sort?

Ah well, you see - it cleans the house,
Makes sure I'm properly fed;
It washes all my shirts and things,
And - keeps me warm in bed!

Despite all these advantages
And my tendency to scoff...,
I do wish that once in a while
I could turn the darned thing off.


tmb cmwa ladiesAlso this photo of Louise Neagle, Eileen MacDonald, Elke Karsten and Joan Ryan taken at the CMWA Christmas lunch 2017 at the Lambton Golf & Country Club, Scarlett Road in Toronto. 


CP Air, Canadi>n People Gallery

CPAir/Canadian People Galler

CAIL replaces DC-10 fleet.

Canadian Airlines International announced plans to replace its DC-10 fleet with a combination passenger/cargo plane, in anticipation of the large increase in air cargo it expects to carry, especially on its Pacific routes.

The most likely replacement aircraft will be the Boeing 747 Combi, which carries 200 to 250 passengers and up to 40 metric tons of freight. CAIL now has 13 DC-10's in its fleet.

"In many of our markets, we would be better positioned with far bigger cargo capacity," says Ken Gray, CAIL's Vice President of Cargo. “The Pacific Rim cargo market is growing at a rate of 25 per cent a year and projections are that it will increase by an average of 13 per cent annually in the next decade”, estimates Gray.

"By 1995, air cargo will account for about 42 per cent of worldwide cargo movement in and out of the Pacific Rim."

(Source: AC "Horizons" magazine issue November 1987)

Wardair expands fleet.

Wardair announced the second phase of a major aircraft purchase that is bound to stir up competition in the already competitive market place.

It has agreed to buy up to 16 narrow-bodied aircraft for about $600 million to supplement a new fleet of wide-bodied aircraft. The smaller planes will allow Wardair to fly into the smaller Canadian cities that it has been unable to serve with its wide-bodied fleet.

The acquisition of the smaller aircraft is in addition to Wardair's purchase of 12 Airbus A-310 aircraft, which are to be delivered over the coming months. The A-310, which is capable of holding some 200 passengers, will be the main workhorse to help Wardair transform itself from a charter service flying mainly to Europe, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean, into a full-fledged scheduled carrier with regular flights between Canadian cities and international destinations.

Industry sources say that the narrow-bodied aircraft will be either the MD-80 or MD-88, two new aircraft planned for the market shortly by McDonnell Douglas. Both are well suited to compete against Air Canada's DC-9's and B-727's and CAIL's B-737's.

(Source: AC "Horizons" magazine issue November 1987)

tmb 550 wardair a310

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

The CP Air Operations Centre lives.

That exercise in logistics, phase 1 of the move into the $24 million structure, was completed on schedule December 1, 1969 nine weeks and four days after it began.

The military like manoeuvre, under the direction of Bill Regan, Technical Manager, Operations Centre, coordinated the move through a committee, who are assisting with the move, consisting of G. Allan of Johnston Terminals; W. H. Barby, W. B. Cameron, P. Christensen, W. A. Genereux, CP Rail; D. N. Ker, M. McConachie, W. H. Perry, R. Strom, J. W. Whiskin and E. Wilson.

It was carried out virtually without a hitch. Only one piece of equipment wouldn't fit through the doors and that was a piece of test equipment called a load bank. The problem was solved by cutting a couple of feet off one end and welding it back on later.

Additional info from

tmb tokyo bowlingBowling team from Tokyo office placed second in the local Interline Bowling Federation league.

Shown with their trophies are from left: Tomiko Sato, Secretary; Sam Chiveldeff, Regional Sales Manager; Kiyoko Uchida, typist and Teruo Yamada, Passenger Agent.

Mr. Chiveldeff also won the individual high average with 184 (ten pins). Twelve international airlines participated in the league.

(Source: CP Air Newsletter December 1969)

Neil Burton has sent this information regarding Beech A18A, CF-BQH, which at one time served with CPA and PWA. 

pdf download50x47Click the icon at left to view.

tmb 550 cf bqh

Graeme Shelford shares this information with us -

In 1990 the Federal Government sent Canadian Airlines a Request for Quote (RFQ) to overhaul CF6-50 engines for the USAF E-4B Command Post fleet of 4 B47's. These are the communications aircraft that follow the President around when he flies anywhere on Air Force 1, and one becomes Air Force 1 if the President boards it in an emergency. The RFQ specified bidders from the lower 48 states only, but Ottawa assured us we could bid as they owed us offsets from the CF-18 purchase for the RCAF.

Thinking that we stood absolutely no chance of winning such a high profile contract, we bid high to cover the extra administration and paperwork we were sure a USAF contract would involve. As part of the process, a group of USAF generals turned up to examine our engine shop. Their attitude clearly conveyed that we were nuts to even think that we would be allowed to overhaul engines for the presidential fleet. But after showing them around and explaining what we had done to improve the fuel consumption of our CF6-50's, they shook our hands warmly as they left, saying, “We’ll be seeing a lot of you”. We had won the contract. Before long, accolades poured in from the USAF for both the quality of engines delivered to them and the cost. Apparently we were 30% lower than their previous contractor, and it still proved very profitable for us.

Fast forward 5 years; the contract was up for re-bidding and the USAF had passed maintenance responsibility for the E-3 fleet on to Boeing, Kansas City. We were worried that Boeing’s attitude may reflect those generals at the beginning, so we flew down to meet them. We needn’t have worried. Boeing told us that the USAF’s instructions to them were to sub-contract as they saw fit, but to ensure that Canadian won the engine contract.

Fast forward another 6 years; Air Canada had taken over Canadian and MTU had taken over the Canadian power plant shop. After 9/11 most of MTU’s work for the Vancouver shop had dried up and MTU downsized the operation from an overhaul shop with 400 personnel to a module change shop with about 100 people. Why did they keep it open at all? You guessed it; it was because of that profitable USAF contract.

Graeme Shelford

Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Air Transat goes long with A321 LR

tmb air transat a321lrCanadian carrier Air Transat has operated an initial flight with an Airbus A321LR from Toronto to London Gatwick. The aircraft landed at the UK airport on October 8, 2019 and will be regularly deployed on the 3,100nm (5,750km) route from November, Air Transat says.

Additionally, the carrier intended to operate the aircraft to Glasgow on October 21, 2019. The airline received its first of 15 A321LR's in May and has meanwhile introduced a second of the type. The narrow bodies will replace a fleet of A310s, of which it has six in service today. The A321LR's are configured with 187 economy and 12 premium-class seats. 

(Source: Flight International magazine issue October 16 - 21, 2019)

British Columbia’s airlines - Victoria Flying Service.

Bill Sylvester, who in 1959 had established Victoria Flying Service (VFS), flying wheeled craft out of Victoria International Airport, made application to Victoria’s Public Works Committee to re-establish commercial seaplane service in Victoria’s Inner Harbour in 1966 after a 35 year absence. In 1968 Sylvester acquired a license for passenger service between Victoria and Vancouver with stops in the Gulf Islands.

By 1969 VFS was flying three round-trips daily. With the harbour re-opened to seaplane traffic, other airlines, including Norm Gold’s Airwest Airlines, began to compete. Initially the De Havilland Beaver was the floatplane of choice on the route, though as demand grew the splendid Twin Otter became the aircraft of choice.


New airline formed.

Regent Holidays, one of Canada's largest independent tour operators, announced that it is forming a subsidiary airline, Regent Air, to carry customers to their vacation destinations.

The announcement highlighted the unsettled state of the tour industry in Canada, where the lack of charter planes is forcing more tour companies to consider establishing private airline arrangements.

Earlier this year two other companies, Conquest Tours and Carousel Travel banded together to start Vacation Air in 1988 but discontinued during 1990. 

Regent Air, which was expected to begin operating by November 1987, will use two DC-10 jets configured to carry 320 to 340 passengers between Toronto and the tour operator's Caribbean and European destinations.

(Source: AC "Horizons" magazine issue September 1987)

(Note: We were unable to locate any information regarding Regent Air - eds)

tmb 550 vacationair

Moose Jaw Flying Club

The Moose Jaw Flying Club was founded and incorporated in 1928 by Howard Ingram, A. W. Macpherson and Richard W. (Dick) Ryan. The first president of the organization was T. J. Emerson K.C. The Government of Canada gave the club two D. H. Moth planes in 1928 as well as a grant of one hundred dollars per qualified student, who was physically fit and of British descent.

It operates out of the Moose Jaw Municipal airport.



Wayne's WingsWayne's Wings

wayne albertson articles

Military, Aviation and Computer Science

Although, quite appropriately, Remembrance Day primarily honours veterans of military combat, I would like to write about the role of the military for shaping so many young lives for decades in a variety of vocations. I have never served in the military myself, but I have always had great respect for those who have.

When I began my Air Canada career (in 1980), most of the maintenance personnel I got to work with had received their initial training in the military. Before the growth of community colleges, this is where the best education was available.

Not only were these people competent and professional, all of them seemed to have personal discipline and integrity that showed in how they went about their work.

When I began studying computer science, I leaned about people like American Rear Admiral Grace M. Hopper who was a pioneer, in the 1940’s, of much of the technology that is widely in use today.

Today, I spend a few evenings a week playing cards in a couple of Royal Canadian Legions in the Fraser Valley area of British Columba. Most of the buildings are old and could use a few upgrades but they are all full of friendship and pride in history preserved within their walls.

I found a short quiz on The Canadian Encyclopedia site as well as a very good condensed history of military aviation in Canada.

Here are the links:
Click Here for the Quiz
Click Here for the History article

 rcaf link


Terry's Trivia and Travel Tips

Terry BakerTerry Baker, co-founder of the NetLetter scours the internet for aviation related Trivia and Travel Tips for you, our readers, to peruse.

Travellers tales by Aureen and Jack Morath UK Pionairs Social Secretary -

Last year, 2018, Aureen and I took a Blossom Time cruise to Japan which included stops around Japan and also South Korea and China. Our Qatar Airways flight took us from Heathrow to Doha which was seven hours on an A380 aircraft, and after a two hour transit time, carried on the next flight of ten and a half hours to Tokyo airport on a 777 aircraft, arriving in the evening. A coach then took us an hour and a half drive to the Inter Continental Hotel in Yokohama, a total journey of almost 24 hours. The following day we travelled on the local underground train to the local Chinatown, the largest in Japan, and afterwards, on the way back to the hotel, a stop in McDonald's for an ice cream! The next afternoon we took a short taxi ride to the port to embark on the Holland America ship the Volendam with 1500 other guests. The next day was at sea which gave us a chance to explore the ship and attend lectures about the next ports of call.

At noon the following day we arrived in Amami Oshima taking the free shuttle into town on one of Japan's largest islands. In the evening we set sail for Naha on the island of Okinawa which became a famous US base during the Second World War.

We were able to walk from the ship into the city centre and explore the many shops and stalls in the market. They seemed to sell the same things in every shop. In any foreign country it’s always good to ask young people the way as they are most likely to be able to speak English. We asked two schoolgirls the way to the local market street, and they insisted on taking us there which was about half a mile away. Afterwards we took a taxi back to the ship. All Japanese taxis are spotlessly clean and the drivers dressed in black suits and wearing white gloves. The rear doors are opened by the driver at the front so we don't have to open or close the doors ourselves. Next day we were at sea before arriving in Shanghai, China, and stopping there for two days to give us chance to explore the city. We sailed up the Yangtze River to the port and then a free ship’s shuttle into the city centre where we took a tour of the city on a Hop-On Hop-Off bus. We returned to the ship late afternoon in time for an English Tea in the dining room. On the second day we returned to the city and took a 'cabin train' through an underground tunnel beneath the Yangtze River with murals and flashing lights on the tunnel walls.

We departed at 2:30pm for another day at sea during which we attended more lectures on future stops, and we also attended a Captain's Brunch at mid-day, and a special Gala evening show in the evening. All the evening shows on board were West End standard and the ship's theatre was just like sitting in a London West End Theatre. Our next port of call was Fukuoka and again a free shuttle into town; it is the sixth largest city in Japan and is on the island of Kyushu. Local musicians played on the quayside as we sailed away. Busan in South Korea was our next stop and again a free shuttle into the city. We explored the many shops and markets which were very similar to those in Hong Kong. Then back on board ship for an early evening reception with the Captain and Senior Officers.

Source: UK Pionairs newsletter #311)

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tmb StratolaunchSpace launch solutions company Stratolaunch has been sold. The future of Stratolaunch has been uncertain since the death of founder Paul Allen in 2018.

(Source: October 16, 2019) 

Ken Pickford adds: "The crew is in the right fuselage. The left fuselage is empty and unpressurised"

(Source: FlightGlobal article from April 13, 2019 at the time of first flight.)

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